I need wire and spool holder

OK ELR family, I need guidance…I just did my first titanium build, so now I’m hooked even further…
I have already like 10 spools, I will need a spool holder that will hold like 20+ spools and I need to know the best place to get titanium wire…I am usually an Amazon guy, but this time I’ll ask first…
Please and 10-Q

Don’t know about the spool holder, but a few of us have used the Crazy Wire Company: http://www.wireandstuff.co.uk/products/Titanium-Wire-1.html :smile:

I’m in the USA…thats UK isn’t it?

It is, but I know @Pro_Vapes (who is State side) ordered from them anyway :smile: I bet there are good places to get ti-wire in the states as well - I just haven’t found any (apart from the odd online vape shop)…

I am positive there is and thats why I’m asking the experts

Try this place…CLICK

So is this it? This is the place? I have 26g…what gauges world you recommend I stock up on? Whats good to use?

I’m using 24g and that is all I’m using. Are you planing on doing any of the elaborate build some of these guys do on ELR? If so you should wait to talk to at @Pro_Vapes. As you know he is our resident Coil guy also @Jondamon Knows his stuff too…Speak to one of these guys for more elaborate wire needs…


Thanks for carrying the ball @ringling. I work third shift and I just got 10 hrs of some much needed sleep.

@ringling is right with his link. It’s a large assortment of gauges. Your gauge size depends on what ohm range you like. If you want to vape single coils below 1 ohm, then go with the 22g. Dual coil 24g and 26g will also go below 1 ohm depending on the amount of wraps. To stay above 1 ohm I suggest 26g and 28g with several wraps.

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you can get a fly tying bobbin from cabelas for like 10 bucks or even e-bay… for a spool holder
Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=350541861721&alt=web

Kinda meant something that’ll hold all my spools at the same time…

ohhhhhhh I get it duh…

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Try searching for some type of thread spool holder like this:


Oh my…now that is a beauty!! Thats more like what I’m talking about…thanks!

No problem :slight_smile: It looks like, even with ten thumbs, one should be able to create a functioning spool holder :smiley:

Tippet spool retainer
Vertical and horizontal available…you can also get these things to put around the spool to keep the line(wire) from unravelling…cabelas.com has them…they look PERFECT!!
I would add images, but I cant figure that out now and I’m impatient right now.

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I will go to my local cabelas this week purchase one and post it for all to see

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Paste an image URL on a line by itself :slight_smile:


Oh, daath, what ever have I done?? Lol