I need your help for my new recipe

hey guys…I need your help as I made my new recipe but I feel like the falvour is so bold and like need to add some sugar but I dont know whether i’m correct or the recipe is not matched together and that’s why it gaves me like bold taste with no feel of sugar.
I did all the recipe from FA as below:
2% apple pie
2% vienna cream
1.5% caramel

is this recipe okay or need add some FA sweetner like honey , meringue, marshmallow,…etc

If you dont have sweetener FA meringue will sweeten go easy tho 3-6 drops per 30ml.

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Personally I have those flavours, and I think each needs at least 3 days just to lose some of the chemical volatiles if that’s what you would call it. A week they will be even smoother. Sweetness will mute that too. Try 1% sucralose type.


Thanks for ur reply to me…I kept them steeping for 2 weeks and I dont taste any chemical,I can taste the flavour but not so strong and I feel like this flavour need something to be nice and acceptable …may be need to be sweeten,so I wonder whether I need to adjust the % for each flavour in the mix or need to add some sweetener …actually this is the first time to me in DIY and what I feel that I have failed to do something good …really I need ur help to let me know what I need to do …may be the flavour mix is not right , or may be need to add some sweetener or may be need steep more …what’s ur recommendation to me?

Pear (FA) at 1% might boost sweetness without changing the flavor too much


I would have put the Apple Pie at 3% (at least) in that mix.
I would add Pear (FA) or Cactus (INW) at 0.5%, even 0.25%
If you use sucralose for sweetener, I would start at 0.25%

Just a guess from experience with these flavors…without tasting yours…
and from the %'s you used of each…
I think your Apple Pie is getting smothered by the other two.
Also, I use straight creams for most desserts, not flavored creams
like Vienna or Bavarian, etc.They have other undertones that pop up.
I like Bavarian Cream, Vienna Crean, etc. but for fruity mixes, Tropical
drinks, and similar. [Sometimes in nutty mixes]


i like vienna cream at 1 pct , bump apple pie to 3 and add mm .5 for a little sweetness and some thickness i think a lot of people say mouthful ???

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  • Mouthfeel - haha that could be in the wiki!
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Try adding a couple of drops of cinnamon, then let steep (sit around doing nothing) for 72hrs. and try it out.

I’d add a little Fuji or whatever apple flavor you have. Some amber might also help with the apple flavor. Add some Meringue, pear, a little butterscotch, and maybe some cinnamon. You could also add a little cookie or sugar cookie to bring out the pie notes.

or like most have stated one could look in the. flavor notes section ha lol smh #wikinotneeded

all your comments are valuable and I thank you all but actually I dont have many flavours , I mean I work with limited resources…so based on what I have I try make it more acceptable liquid…so how about adding ethyl maltol to this recipe to make it more sweety or adding other sweetener stuff from flavour art like meringue or marzipan or honey? which of those are better to this recipe?

Most people on ELR would not add sweetener, but if you like or your customer(s) like sweet juice then it is your call. Most people here have found that the sweetener acts more like a mask that mutes the flavor somewhat (while yes, making it sweet), and sometimes that is even desirable (tart fruits). Oh and “Honey” is not a sweetener …but I use it in (almost) everything :wink: @ 0.5%


Thanks all for helo, I will try and give u the result , by the way this recipe should steep for how long?

Steeping is the most time consuming part of DIYing E juice. In my opinion all juice needs to be steeped about a month, E liquid that contains creams needs to steep at least 6 weeks. If the juice stays clear after steeping on the next batch you can just steep 2 weeks. But as with all aspects of this hobby, your own experimentation will decide for you the proper steep time.

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