I ordered a gallon of 50/50 VG/PG base, was that a mistake?

So, I’m fairly new to this diy and this is the second time I’ve ordered base for my flavors. The first time I ordered max VG and this time I ordered 50/50. I’m more into flavor than clouds and I hear that PG carries flavor better, does that mean I should reduce the % of flavoring in my mixes because there is more PG? I also just got my flavors today to make @Alisa bust a nut and wanted to make sure I’m not going to mess it up with my 50/50 mix. Any feedback is appreciated. :confused:

What kind of piece are you using?

If it is a tank, 50/50 will be just fine.

It will even be fine if you have an RDA, just may be a little throaty.

Why do you think you made a mistake and what was your reasoning for buying 50/50 at the time?

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I just forgot that I ordered max VG the first time and figured 50/50 sounds good to me (black Friday @nic_river) lol. I use a couple TFV4 tanks, a wotofo conqueror tank, a goon rda, el cabron rda, flawless dinghy rda.

Oh and the reason I questioned my choice is that it seems like a lot more people use the max VG.

Hate to inform you but yes, you may have a problem. Once you add 20% ratio PG based Flavor then your PG side goes way up. Not sure if this is correct but 30 VG - 70 PG. If you are adding say 12MG 100% VG based nic then that still is 42% VG - 58% PG. One hell of a throat hit. I highly recommend you buy VG, PG, and 100% VG based Nicotine, all in separate bottles. I prefer 100mg VG based nic but you can buy lower, but, always buy at least double the amount of nicotine concentration than your desired ending nicotine juice strength. Hope this helps…


What @ringling said.

Don’t throw it away though, if you buy VG it can be diluted (but do the math!) and can still be used.

Hopefully it wasn’t too much. If you are doing this like the rest of us you should have another order coming in next week :wink:


Usually… unless I ‘know’ the VG used, I order 100 mg Nic in PG solution. VG taste (due to method and ingredients used) can vary from one vendor/manufacturer to another.

Assuming you ordered your 50/50 mix at 100 mg Nic, then there should not be a problem. My process is 2-step. First I make a large ‘working’ solution of 40/60 PG/VG at 32% Nic. Being the majority of my mixes typically range around 40/60 and between 6 mg to 12 mg. If I go radially outside of my ‘norm’, I revert back to the 100 mg Nic… and don the gloves one more time.

See http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1024651/Solution%20100mg%20to%2028mg%20/%2040pg/60vg


I ordered mine at a 6% nic mix and I’m not too worried about it now because my first mix came out fuggin delicious. I’ve only used it in an RTA but I’m satisfied and that’s all that matters. Thanks to everyone who replied you all rock :sunglasses: