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I didn’t start smoking until I was 25 years old. I picked it up quickly and smoked for 2 years before finally attempting to stop the first time. I had been cigarette free for over a year before I moved to China. Mostly the cost of smoking was a big enough deterrent stateside. Once in China though I lasted about a month before picking it up again. Culture shock and the fact that just about every stranger here will offer a foreigner a cigarette spelled my doom. I started smoking again mostly because the cost of cigarettes in China are staggeringly cheap. I smoked for a little over 3 years here and ended up smoking nearly 3 packs a day. I ended up with the consequences of a habit like that. I couldn’t even laugh without going into coughing fits. I ended up looking up vaping and decided to give it a try. I picked up an EGO pen from Taobao and some 18mg nic liquid on May 14th 2013 and I haven’t had a cigarette since. It was the best decision I have ever made since coming to China.


My last day was 6/4/2017, the day I got my first order of flavors. 2 weeks almost, not much but I quit for a year once (and I kicked several illegal street drugs and have been abstinent off those a few years) - vaping to reduce my nic intake dramatically and lose the tar & carbon monoxide has been tough but it’s doable. And all of my extra asthmatic issues are gone! (Disclaimer-YMMV, my results are not typical and I don’t know what will happen in the future!) That’s nice while it lasts. The DIY ejuice community here & on Reddit have been invaluable and welcoming, and I’m grateful.


Fantastic job! Keep on going - it only gets better!

And good to have you here :grin:


Good job welcome aboard @Kahnsfury @veiledvenus


It’s incredible hard to to this, in my opinion those who did it are true heroes


Great Job! Welcome.
I was always smoking on weekend, which annoyed me really hard. Got into vaping and than started my own blog. Really helped to not go back to them stinkeys on the weekend having the AiO ego in my pocket. Vaped for a while and now slowley trying to quit vaping too. Just healthier I think


I quit smoking after 18 Years about four months ago. I began smoking at 12 years old because the smoke “looked cool?” I decided to take up vaping because it was a way I might spend less, taper off my habit and it might taste a whole lot better. BTW, vaping is delicious! I bought a small box mod kit and started vaping. Haven’t looked back! I’ve gone from 12mg down to 7mg on my e-liquid so far, began making my own liquid (thanks to ELR) which is much cheaper, and began making my own coils.
I am in the US Army stationed in South Korea. I recently went on leave and convinced both my wife and best friend to switch to vaping. I am more than excited that one day I will not need any of this as a habit, only a pastime.


Keep it up Venus! I hope you can stay away from those drugs too!

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I hope your cancer is gone!

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Smoked for 40+ years and was going through 3 packs a day when I started to vape. It’s illegal here so vape shops only cater for cloud chasers with mods, RDA’s and 0mg liquid. Have a few batteries and even more tanks. Even with nicotine liquid, none of them could take away the craving for a cigarette.

To cut a long story short, I needed specific criteria for an ecig. Such as handling, draw, nicotine strength, throat hit and no f*****g button to push. Make it as close as possible to smoking a real cigarette. After 6 months trial, error, searching and wasting money, found Halo G6 cig-a-likes (good quality, re-branded KR808D0-1 devices). Haven’t needed to smoke since.

My primary issue with automatic KR808D-1 batteries is the draw, no resistance, like sucking air through a hollow tube. Used a tiny ball of Blu-tack to block one of the air holes in the battery, Perfect!

Been a year since my last cigarette. Can’t say I’ve quit smoking, just exchanged it for vaping. If I wasn’t vaping I’d be smoking. That said, today I can breath, not go into coughing fits when I try to talk, have energy and can even smell stuff!


Welcome to all the recent additions!!

Where on earth are you?

Also, you absolutely can say you’ve quit smoking!
Especially when it’s been a year since your last cigarette! (unless you’re cheating with a pipe or such ;P)
There’s a huge difference between taking in something that’s been lit on fire, and that which is merely heated. As your lungs have already told you I’m sure! :wink:


Live in Hong Kong.

Suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. I know I’d smoke if I couldn’t vape, therefore cannot say I’ve quit 100%.

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Just one more point, I think is important…

I’d tried lots of times and ways to stop smoking. Gum, patches, smoking cessation center, etc, etc, etc. Try sleeping with 3 high strength nicotine patches stuck to your arms, impossible.

But, once I worked it out whats right for me, vaping was close to PAINLESS by comparison.


I quit smoking by vaping, but not the first time. About 4 years ago my friend and I tried a ‘pen’ style vape to try to quit smoking and it failed horribly for me within a day or so. He went back to it, did some research, chose different products and experimented and very quickly he quit permanently. He’s a logging truck driver, spends 15 hours in a truck and all he’d do is smoke. He went from about 4 packs a day to zero in just a few days, and that was years ago. He recently moved into my neighbourhood from up north and offered to help me try again. With his advice i got the right products and flavours and on june 1 2017 i quit - never looked back and i’m not craving cigs in the slightest, even when around other smokers. So i guess the moral of this tale is, if you’re going to try to quit using vaping it WILL work for a lot of people, BUT - get advise and ask questions because it’s a little different for everyone and it’s as much art as science to find what works for you.,


Well done on giving up the stinkies!

And welcome to ELR! :grin:


Thank you kindly for the warm wishes and welcome :blush: Having tried to quit before i was absolutely stunned and floored at how easy this was in comparison, once i got some good advice and picked the right stuff.

Amusing side note - i hadn’t heard the term ‘stinkies’ for cigs before and it took me a second to realize what you meant. My FIRST thought was “My God - how does this woman know i’m doing my laundry right now?!?!?!”


Haha! No, I’m unfortunately not gifted with a sixth sense :laughing:


Given the state of my laundry, that’s probably for the best :wink: Should have done it days ago but i was so busy, but I figured i’d better do it today before it evolved to the point where it developed language skills and demanded squatters rights.

Back to the topic at hand - i forgot to mention how thankful I am for forums like this and the help i’ve gotten learning to mix my own juice. That was the final component needed to remove both the health AND the cost threats to my life. I’m spending about a fifth of what i spent on cigs and i’m already feeling so much better. You guys are really helping to actually save lives in a very real way.


/stands and applauds

VERY Well said.
And finally, welcome to ELR!!


Well, she is… She just can’t discuss it in public is all!! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: