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Well, she is… She just can’t discuss it in public is all!!

Oh, I totally understand. The judge keeps slapping that on my court orders as well.

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I’ve got a couple of quit dates. I tried vaping about two years ago after trying everything else except medication. Nic gum is Nasty and I could never keep those patches lit! Lol. Rolling my own cigs saved me lots of money but 3 packs a day for the last 25 or so years does’nt weigh easy on the mind or lungs. Desperately, I wandered into a tobacco shop to check out the new “e-cigs”. I went home with an overpriced pen and some fairly nasty juice but I could see the potential. If only it made more vapor and tasted better…a couple mods later, I had my vapor going but still had to rely on the kids from the vape shop to hand mix the flavors for my juice. Seriously. Thats how it was done! Just a squirt of this and a few drops of that. Needless to say, results varied depending on who was working that day. I gave up trying find a flavor I could live with and started smoking again after vaping for nearly a year. Gave all my hardware to a friend that I had gotten into vaping! Fastforward to 2 months ago… This same friend needed some juice so I rode along for company to a new vape shop. Couldnt help but give a few flavors at there sample bar a try for old times sake aaannnddd…came back the next day for a mod and tank! Havent smoked since the way home from the shop.
I guess my point is, even if vaping doesnt quit work for you the first time, try try again!
As I sit here now, i’ve got about 50mil of overpriced juice left and a Nic River starter kit on its way. With all the support and good advice on this forum, I KNOW IT WILL WORK THIS TIME!


I LOVE your story.


Thank you! Coming up on my 2 year quit-aversary! Literally couldn’t have done it without y’all!


I quit a 25 year smoking habit with vaping. Started smoking on my first trip to Las Vegas turning 21, drinking, smoking and gambling, fun times! You could smoke anywhere, and we did… smoked anywhere from a pack to 4 packs a day depending on the activity, eventually whittled it down to 3/4 of a pack a day, but couldn’t get any lower.

On 4/15/2012, a friend gave me an Ego-Twist with a clearomiser and haven’t smoked a cigarette since, eventually just gave away the almost brand new carton of cigarettes I had bought the day before. Still have the 1 pack of opened cigs on my dresser as a reminder… but haven’t found the desire to light one up. After the first few days, the smell of cigarette smoke was disgusting, and I couldn’t be around it.

It was a bit of a struggle at first, but with time, things got better. Newer equipment, lower nic, and now DIY. Placed my first order for DIY flavors in May of this year, joined ELR a few weeks later, and now, just mixing posted recipes that I think I’ll like, mostly good, some great, some ok, but still much better than store bought.

Don’t have a very large collection of equipment, bare minimum actually, since I just used what I had until they fall apart and die, or I can afford a better atty. I’m very absentminded and knock over or drop stuff all the time. haha… call me frugal, or cheap, don’t care, I’ll agree to both!

Anyways, thanks to everyone here for being such a wonderful group of like minded, yet open, people, I have much to learn (still) and I’ll just be over in the corner reading and learning as much as I can here…

Oh yeah ! Enter as many contests as you can, there are companies here just giving their shit away ! If I had known about this, I would have joined ELR, A LONG TIME AGO ! Since I found about the forum and the contests, I entered 3, and actually won the Heaven Gifts iJoy Captain PD1865 box mod (now I have 3 mods in total ! woohoo) ! Wanted to say thanks to everyone, but JoJo had locked the thread already, so a belated THANKS EVERYONE !


That’s a great story @DaveDave glad to have you here!


Congrats ! I quit 9 days after you! after 43 years of smoking cigarettes cigars and dipping Copenhagen!


Great thread with some wonderful stories here! I guess I need to add mine…

I smoked a pack a day for close to 20 years. I quit once for about 6 weeks but fell off the wagon after the typical stressful situation. Honestly, I wanted to quit for a while, but it was the money that concerned me over the health risks. Odd I know.

I have a 4 year old daughter, and a little over a year ago she commented that “I needed to quit those stinky things”. That was the final kick that I needed. I was familiar with vaping and had a few friends that did it and my mom had recently quit smoking with one of the gas station pen style e-cigs. I left work one day and had 1 cigarette left in my pack. I decided to head up to the local vape shop right by my work to check it out before stopping to buy another pack. Needless to say, I never bought that pack because I walked out of that vape shop with a simple starter kit and some juice and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been smoke free for a little over a year and now mix my own juice, build my own coils and I am healthier than I have been in 25+ years. It’s become a total hobby for me, while also improving my quality of life.

I breathe better, I smell better, I have far more energy with less stress, and I can’t even remember the last time I had a coughing spell. Like others in this thread, I vape at work with the smokers and I’m always advocating for vaping. So far I’ve converted 2 others at work and I’m slowly converting a 3rd.

VAPING WORKS, period. If you want to quit smoking and you get the right setup for you, it will work. It takes time, and everyone has a different situation which this thread proves.


I’ve been a smoker since I was 13y.o. off and on. The longest that I I was able to stop was about one year. I’m 46 soon to be 47 and about 2 weeks ago I woke up (normally I take the morning walk to purchase a pack of cigarettes.) and I was tired. I wasn’t physically tired I was mentally tired and upset at how I allowed my cigarette addiction to rule over me for so long. That was the day I quit smoking mentally. I decided to look into vaping yet again. At first I tried the Blu Plus brand and found out that it was extremely expensive! I already had an old regulated mod that I purchased back in 2016 that’s a Vaporin Sub-Ohm Series. It was my first experience into vape so I purchased some liquid and I decided to use it. It was very strong – it was so strong back then in 2016 that I put it down and didn’t pick it up until two weeks ago! Once again I found that the strength & taste factor was extreme! In my mind in fact so extreme that I was like who needs a cigarette?! Because I’m used to smoking menthol cigarettes I need to develop a new technique to inhale vape properly on a sub-ohm. I also need to find the right strength of menthol that isn’t too powerful. I’m working on it I purchased some liquids from Liquid Barn along with some flavors that I’m about to try out. I’ll tell you this I’m not going back to cigarettes!


Congrats @LEGION_ONE on quitting the cancer sticks. You’ll find lots of useful info and helpful people here. GL on your journey into the rabbit hole :grin:


I see I’m reading now there’s a wealth of information on this here board. I’m looking at the different regulated mods that everyone has gotten and been successful with or not…:blush:


I smoked 2 pks/day for 40 +yrs… starting @ age 13…by the time I knew I needed to quit after pills, gum, patches failed me …I was using inhalers…Aug. 2010 is the last stinky I had… When my Riva kit arrived is the day I quit… SMOKE FREE FOR 7 YRS!! Vaping works and saves lives…Started @ 24 mg and now @ 3…and I realize why all other above quitting methods failed me… it is the physical aspect , that hand to mouth movement … Vaping works… period!



That’s AWESOME!!
And yes. Yes it does!! :thumbsup:


Here’s my story. I started smoking at the age of 21. My sisters and mother smoked at that time as well. So I had been breathing in the second hand smoke for a good chunk of my life and was essentially already addicted well before I started. My mother and I had tried to quit several times together. Nothing worked. She even tried Chantax…I couldn’t. I have had a history of depression.

Anywho, 8 years ago we heard about vaping and my mom decided to get a little starter kit. It arrived some time in November and she waited until Thanksgiving to demonstrate it for the three of us. We weren’t impressed. I mean we thought it was amusing, but it didn’t appeal to us. But these were the early days, the days of the cartomizers.

She only used it for about a month. But later that year, Summer I think, she heard about a Nuvo kiosk in our local mall. She sent me in to get her a starter kit and since it was cheaper than the kit she had previously bought I decided to get one as well. The flavor wasn’t great, but it was better than the previous kit. She stopped smoking that summer and I put down my last cigarette the following fall, I think it was sometime in November. At that time I had been using the e-cig to replace almost 90% of my smoking. I haven’t touched a cigarette in 7 years.

On a side note I have a second vaping anniversary coming up. October 15th is going to be my 2 year anniversary of when I started mixing.


I started smoking when I was 14 years old. I’m 39 now. I had gone back and forth between a half pack a day smoker to a pack a day smoker and sometimes even a 2 pack a day smoker. I had tried quitting a few times over those 25 years cold turkey or using patches and it never worked. For the past few years I’ve hated smoking because I finally got it into my head that I was killing myself and I got mindful enough that I could feel the negative effects of it. Always lethargic, bad complexion, empty wallet, all the stuff that comes with cigarettes. Most of all, it just wasn’t satisfying anymore. I liked the routine of going out on the porch every morning with my coffee and cigarette. I just didn’t like the cigarette anymore. I liked the routine.

My father was a lifetime smoker and one of my best friends. Last year he was diagnosed with stage four esophageal and stomach cancer at the young age of 66. I knew I didn’t have much time left with him so I ended up hanging out with him a lot more than I ever have, even when I lived at home with my parents. We both knew that his smoking was likely a major cause of his condition but never really talked about it. I kept on telling myself, kept on telling my wife, that I would quit because I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps and get a way-too-early death sentence. But how could I quit when most of our good talks and interactions involved sitting around smoking cigarettes? Cigarettes were a large part of our father/son bond, and they had been since I was 17 when he caught me smoking in the garage one night.

He passed away on July 13 2017, almost exactly a year after he was diagnosed, after a hard-fought battle with an unwavering foe. I didn’t have my smoking buddy anymore and I went up to nearly 3 packs a day for a few weeks because what do you do when you are grieving and don’t know what else to do? Sit on the porch, think, cry a little, and chain smoke. Then was my chance to quit but the habit just got worse. I felt like shit, I lost weight because I was smoking cigarettes instead of eating meals, and it was putting a burden on the household.

My wife and stepson were away for four or five days in August and I had a lot of time to think (and watch cartoons and eat junk food and drink cheap beer) because there weren’t any distractions or big responsibilities. I decided I had to quit right then but was terrified of going cold turkey. I had no idea how to quit but I knew I had to do something immediately.

I was out of cigs on August 9 2017 and went to my local tobacco/beer/vape shop for a couple more packs. I passed by the vape display and thought nothing of it because I knew nothing about vaping other than those awful blu ecigs I had tried a few years back. I asked the clerk for two packs of american spirit light blues and told him it was hopefully my last couple of packs ever. He guided me to the vape section and educated me about how it works, the benefits, the dangers, the ejuice flavors, everything. I walked out with a Smok Alien 220 kit, 60ml of Cloud9 Squatch Call 6mg, and one pack of cigarettes.

I traded off cigs and vapes for the next couple of days until my cigs were gone. I smoked my last cig at around 7:00pm on August 11 2017.

I quit smoking cigs in about 48 hours because of vaping. I’m down to 3mg of nic in my juice right now. I can taste, breathe, and smell. I have energy. I’m not hacking up a half pound of garbage every morning. My skin looks good. My hands and feet don’t look green because they have actual blood circulating through them. I’m happier. My allergies have gone from crippling to only mildly crippling. :slight_smile:

My wife loves that I quit cigs but she’s not a fan of my vaping because she hasn’t educated herself. But I’m okay with that. She’s seen the improvement in my health and general outlook and that’s fine with me.

Vaping made me a happier, more productive, healthier person. I have a long way to go until the smoking funk gets out of my system, but I’m comfortable saying, even after a month off cigs, that vaping saved my life.

EDIT: I’m already mixing and want to start building coils. I feel like I’m in too deep after only a month, but hey, I’m a tinkerer and want to see what I can do to both save money and improve my vaping experience. :smiley:


Awesome awesome awesome share!

Thrilled that you’ve made the leap to vaping, but very sorry for your loss. Brought a tear to the eye just reading and remembering similar…

Anyways, wonderful to have you here, and you’ve got plenty of reading ahead of you to help take your mind off of things. If you have any questions, give the search bar a good throttling, and if it refuses to offer up good suggestions, you can always holler!

Welcome to ELR! We’d be proud to share the virtual front porch with you!


You got me all teared up over here! Thank you so much for sharing your story. :heart:


Good for you. Some people are sensitive to the propylene glycol (PG) like me and/or a chemical in fruit flavors like my son in law. There are vegetable glycerin flavors available and, of course, non fruit flavors. Just in case you should have asthma symptoms in the future. Both of us have successful, despite our issues, vaping and not resorting to cigs.

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Hi Everyone, what a fantastic community !!
My friend invited to me to a vape conference here in South Africa about 3 weeks ago…
…A Vape conference, for people that Vape ? No Ways !! Man, I had no idea how big the vape community was …
;;’;Mind Blown:":":"’’;’

Anyway I started off having 1 cigarette in the morning and vaping throughout the day and today is my first day just straight vaping.

I have also tried my hand at a few E-Liquid Recipe’s from this site and man-o-man - this is going to be dangerous !!
So many recipes to try out, I have about 36 ingredients and have made 4 x clones so far - loving it !!!


Yay! Well done you! Great to have you here :grin: