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All aboard the vape train express! I only jumped on 3 weeks ago, where it’s stops I don’t know. 4 kits now, I’m impressed!:steam_locomotive:



Well today marks a month since I first tried vaping. What a ride!:biking_man: I love everything about vaping, it has a bit of everything and as much as you put in you will get out. There is the creativity of coming up with recipes from scratch (I have not tried anyone else’s juice, except for that first day). But also the technical aspect of building coils, which I love also.
Then I got the squonk (what a word), no turning back now. I will get my magnifying visor in the mail today, so I will actually be able to see what I’m doing when I’m making coils and such.
I have quickly found myself becoming a resource in the hospital, there are surgeons, nurses and patients that all want to know about it. I think partly because I have been there 10 years on a ward where most of the patients are smokers and I always said I loved my cigarettes and came back from holidays a non smoker.
But I’m a vapor now! I’m in whole hog, hook line and sinker.



Congratulations! And keep on spreading that love in the hospital. :slight_smile:



I forgot! February 26 was my 4th vaporversary. 4 years, no cigs.



My doctor was thrilled when I stopped smoking cigarettes and has no issues with vaping whatsoever. The tremendous improvements in my health speak for themselves.



Congrats Muth!



Hello, I am relatively new to the forums. I hit my vaporversary February 26, its been 4 years since I have had a smoke and never looked back. When I started to vape it took me 6 days to transition from cigarettes to just the vape which was the 26th when I said to myself im done. I was a 2 pack a day smoker, coughed all the time or coughing up stuff all the time, something had to give after 15 years of smoking.

But the best part to me quitting and starting vaping, I was able to convince my mother to quit smoking and she was smoking as long as I could remember and she has been smoke free for about 3 1/2 years.

Right now I am down to 1mg of nicotine and she is at 0mg, vaping has helped immensely, I feel better and sleep better, vaping and the community’s that it has created I could not thank enough.

Thank You



That is so awesome @marsh855 , congratulations !!!



Thank you @Blazer55 for sharing your story!



Wow, we have the exact date, year. That means that on Feb 26, 4 yrs ago, on the same day, you and I quit! Yep, that was my last cig. What are the chances?



I said enough is enough around 6PM while having some brews, the exact time and date would be cool, even having the same vaporversary is awesome. :smirk:



The ENT surgeon told me the other day after 10 years of not smoking it’s almost like not smoking ever, congrats @Blazer55 you are nearly halfway to that figure. There would be other factors at play, but the main thing is not continuing to cause damage from the smoke. I hope to make it there some day, but my journey has just begun. Another day smoke free though, took less than a month, love the vape!



Since I started Vaping four years ago, I’ve pretty much been a MTL
only devotee.

Low watts, Kayfun lites on a mech was the ticket.

Just recently, I got 2 Kangertech Toptank mini’s and altered my recipes
to reflect sub-ohming.

The .5 head included was nice, even gave the .33 coil in the RBA a whirl.
( just a tad bit too warm for my taste ).

Ordered more wire to build the RBA just a little bit higher ohm.

Not sure, but I’m thinking that the switch I made a while back to DIY, has helped in the transition.
Have nothing against store bought juice, just couldn’t find one that filled my need.

Having some fun reworking recipes I thought were too complex for low watts.

So, 4 years ago this month I quit smoking.

Just wanted to write something to remind myself the journey has been worth all the
leaking tanks, misshaped coils and not too tasty DIY attempts.

To those just starting, keep at it.



Well I turned up to work yesterday and everyone asked how the quitting was going? I replied “I’m a vapour now!” Mind you I’m talking to non smoking nurses with ages ranging from early 20’s to late 50’s, no wonder I got some strange looks. Once again I found myself on the soapbox, blowing the vaping trumpet.
I made the statement that I no longer carry cigarettes or lighter, in less than a month. I did leave out the fact that I had 2 different mods and 2 different flavours with me. I’m gonna need a little vaping briefcase, I’m sure there out there in this wondrous vaping world.



Oh, this is just one small example. Most vape shops carry cases. UD has a line and I’m sure you can find that and many others on Amazon, too.



This is my favorite thread in the entire forum. I never get tired of hearing all the success stories. Maybe part of it is there’s no room for debate, or my way is better than your way. How can you debate someone’s pride in their successful conquering of one of life’s most difficult challenges? It’s a 100% positive vibe & feel good thread!

My own ‘story’ is a couple of years up that-a-way :point_up: Still cig free, not even a taste, in almost 3 years, and still as proud today as I was then. Smoking is one tough monkey to get off one’s back. Congrats to all, and to those still struggling, don’t give up! I never thought in a million years, I could quit smoking, after 45 years of 1 to 2 packs a day.

Like @StephanMark @Kinnikinnick, and @Laberythm, my son (in law) had a hand in my switch to vaping. He and my daughter would come over for Saturday dinner, and I would tease him ‘So, what kind of jelly donut are you smoking today?’ While I puffed on one of my RYO smokes.

Well, long story short, I eventually tried it, and it was a very positive life changer for me. Sometimes us old farts really can learn something from our kids.

Well done, to all!



More ammo belt - bandoleer shape and less Merse (ManPurse) please LMAO



I like your belt better ('sgotta be the leather).

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Thank you @Brandolf, I’m so happy to be here and I must say, this is without a doubt the best place on the web for vapers! :smirk::dash:



The one war that hasn’t really been started yet! LMAO

Viva la Revolućion!! :tada: :confetti_ball: