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Hey, Bro. So proud for you!:sunglasses::icecream:


My last cigarettes was back in '11, although i started vaping since '09 when i get my first cigalikes kit. I always alternate between cigalike and cigarettes. Though cigalike taste shitty, it does cut down my 2 pack a day to half pack. I finally stopped smoking when i upgraded to vape pen, i can’t remember which come first the ego C or T. Since then, i totally quit smoking. It has been a bliss for all these years smoke free. I am now though struggling to cut down my nicotine intake to zero.

But i had problem with anything lower than 2mg. I am brewing my own juices, everytime i tried making it 0mg, I always fallback to my 2mg juices. I wish, and hope that someday i will be nicotine free as well.


How vaping helped me to finally quit smoking after 30 years!!

I’m speaking from personal experience. I starting smoking at age 12 sneaking a cigarette here and there. At age 14, I would go offshore lobstering during the summer. I would buy 2-3 cartons on each trip and each trip lasted 3-4 days and sometimes longer. Over the years, I tried to quick over and over again. I would be fine, then I’d get pissed at something, stressed out, or be at a social event having a few drinks and be right back to smoking again. I tried the gum, “OMG that was horrible!” dip “which is far worse than smoking & absolutely DISGUSTING!!” The mass market e-cigs “Blu, Logic, etc” and they did NOT work and they are also owned by the BIG tobacco companies! Hated the taste and went right back to cigarettes smoking 1.5 packs a DAY, at $10.25 per pack. That is 10.5 packs per week, spending $107.63 per week! Now $107.63 times 4 weeks, that is $430.52 a month, which is a car payment on a nice vehicle! Grab $430.52 and multiply that by 12 months and I was spending $5166.24 and year! Kinda makes you sick thinking about it.

In the Fall of 2014, my good friend Joe introduced me to his brother John who has been vaping for a long time. He told me about it and I thought to myself “this way to complicated and a pain!” So I just took it with a grain of salt and blew it off. As the months went by I started asking local tobacco shops about vaping or as they called it “advanced e-cigs” and they had little to NO knowledge about it and all they cared about was the all might dollar!!

January 2015 I decided it was time to quit, so I asked John if he could help me and order a setup for me. On January 24th I quit cold turkey due to a bad cold that I had for over a week and was out of work sick, but I knew as soon as I felt better I would just startup again. On February 3rd, my friend John told me that my equipment was in “I was VERY thankful, considering I was getting very jittery and snappy from quitting”. My setup: IPV Mini 30 Watt Mod, Sony VTC4 Authentic Battery, 2 Lemo RTA’s & a sample bottle of blueberry e-juice/e-liquid that he game me from his stash. After he showed me how to setup & configure the equipment, I took my first drag, excuse me “inhail”. OMG I was in heaven! I knew right there and then that vaping was my answer and haven’t touched a cigarette since January 24th and nor have I even had a desire for it.

Ask anyone that vapes and you will pretty much get a story similar to mine. Vaping does work on helping people quit smoking. Cigarettes have 18mg of nicotine, as well as thousands of other harmful ingredients, including the chemical on the wrapping paper that extinguishes a cigarette that is left unattended for “safety”, yeah right! You can vape as high as 24mg and as low as 0mg. I personally vape at 6mg, 3mg, or sometimes even 0mg! The ingredients in e-juice/e-liquid VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), Nicotine, & Flavoring THAT IS IT!!!

Speaking of flavoring, I have never heard of anyone complaining on what flavor I was vaping. If anything I get, “that smells amazing!”

Now that I don’t smoke:

I feel great & have more energy.

Helps you increase your water intake, which was always a problem for me!

My taste buds & sense of smell have improved.

More money in my pocket.

Don’t have to go outside to smoke, but will from time to time to keep others at ease.

No more smelly cloths.

No more burn marks on clothing, upholstery, etc.

No more cleaning ashtrays and picking up cigarette butts.

On personal forms when asked if you smoke? You can simply say NO!

Always have a small kit that contains extra bottles of e-juice/e-liquid, extra atomizers, batteries, cotton, coils, tools, mod, etc.

You should have a backup mod, just in case one should fail.

STAY away from smoke detectors. Vapor will trip them regardless if they are photoelectric or ionization! I have tried this myself & it’s a great way to test smoke detectors. LOL

I have been vaping for over 3 years now & have never had a cigarette or a desire to smoke a cigarette. What other alternative option can say that?

So you decide what is better? After smoking for 30 years & finally quitting for good, I can personally say “Thank you to all the men and women that has made vaping possible!!
– ComputerJohn, Massachusetts, USA –


This is spot on!!! I have only been vaping for 2 weeks now and everything you said I agree with 100%. I came back from my break last week and was told I smelt like strawberries. This is the first time anyone at my workplace had not smelt cigarettes on me. I smoked for 23 years a pack a day and within 2 weeks, I only have a cigarette at night time because of some other chemical in there. But to go from 20-30 a day to ONE try and tell me that vaping is not a great quitting tool and I will tell you
"You’re a FOOL!!!"


New member here. I was a 35+year, pack a day smoker and I knew I had to quit but never had any success. I did try the cheap cig-a-likes but those were just nasty. I discovered Avail and made my first purchase of a pen and some tobacco flavored juices. I liked it at first and thought that maybe this was going to work but to no avail. (sorry, couldn’t resist) Then a friend at work explained a few things about nicotine levels and showed me what he used. He saw a starter kit and encouraged me to buy it. He said that if I didn’t like it, he’d buy it from me. I placed my order, received it June 15, 2017, ran out of smokes two days later and never bought another one. I didn’t consciously quit, I just forgot to go buy any more. No cravings, withdrawal symptoms or anything that had happened to me before in numerous attempts. Now I can’t stand the smell when I walk by a smoker and I think “that’s what I smelled like”. I can smell when someone has smoked before they get to me, something I used to swear was all in peoples heads when they said that to me. Now 2 mods and 2 RBA’s later, I am joining the DIY crowd and now have fully come over to the dark side. I am anxious to get mixing and see if I can do this.


I live with a smoker but I’ve been off the stinkies for about 4 yrs now. That’s how powerful vaping is, imo. Good luck and congratulations! Stick around, Char, welcome.


I love hearing stories like yours. It never lets me forget how powerful vaping is. Congratulations!


Congratulations, John, well done! I live in your neck of the woods. Happily vaping away in MA.


2 years ago I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D., I tried to stop the stinky’s every possible way, but couldn’t stay stopped. A friend & nurse who vapes, got me to try it! Today my lungs are clear, no more inhalers and feel blessed. So may your batteries be fully charged, your tank be full of great juice and your vape clouds be tasty☮️


Congrats @Carol3! I hope you enjoy the forum with a intro like that I can tell you will be great to hang with!:grinning:


Great to hear, congratulations, & keep it up my friend! It’s only going to get easier “minus the FDA trying to ruin the industry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Though get ready to educate people when they tell you "that’s worse than smoking, you’re just picking up another habit, vaping is dangerous, vaporizers explode, it causes cancer, etc). Though in the same sense I have had people ask me (that smells amazing what is that, does that really work, how long have you been doing it, how does it work, where can I or a friend get one, etc).

I try to educate people on both sides of the fence. Especially die hard smokers. I’ll laugh and tell them, here I’ll bet you that you will need to smoke before I even have an urge to vape. :joy::rofl:


Thank you my friend. Where about? You can just PM me if you want.


I’ve already experienced smokers that are anti vaping. I’m a registered nurse on an Ear Nose & Throat ward and even the consultants agree that vaping is so much better than cigarettes. Also after just 2 weeks I don’t get edgy if I haven’t had a break for a while. But I live in Queensland, where even having nicotine is illegal and I have heard of people getting $450 fines after having their e-juice dip sticked. But I’m not worried I’ve saved $500 in a fortnight. Stuff the haters!!!


So, so happy for you. Glad you joined us, welcome!


I’ve spoken to 6 or 7 top ear nose and throat surgeons this week and they all agree while vaping isn’t perfect it is a hell of a lot better than smoking ciggies. I see everyday at work the damage caused by years of smoking, yet I still smoked there for 10 years copping it daily, then I found vaping and goodbye ciggies.


I quit january 2017, Never thought I could and never really intended to, I used to buy and sell ecigs when the egoT come out about 3-4 years ago, I would buy wholesale from alibaba and sell them on ebay and to people locally. “But Still Smoked” , Even though I was reasonably fit " Started kungfu with my kids and family 3-4 days aweek and keept it going 12 years" Paying for it now though lol.

I used to always cough “Which I know alot of people suffer with , but its only tempory” if you cough then turn your vape down to a level that doesn’t have this effect, now some people will use the excuse that any level will make them cough, “This is a cop out” I know cuz I used to say this,

I use a smok alien which is the cost of 2 x 50g packs of amber leaf “So it is affordable” Once I started taking it consistantly after 2 days having the odd fag, "Or bullsh*tting myself I need one in the morning, one at midday, one before bed, I went a whole day… then another , then before I knew it , it was a week, then I told myself im not wasting a whole week of work just for one cigarette.

You will be amazed how proud of yourself you’ll feel " No matter who you are" and when you get that feeling you will realise on important point "You Packed Them In For Your Self " and not for the doctor or family or what ever, it’s a selfish pleasure, and I believe you need that frame of mind to keep off them, I smoked 37 years and I cant remember 1 day Where I never had atleast 1.

The smell of them becomes alien to you and I was convinced by my friend in the pub to have one while my vape recharged, I had 3 drags and it tasted like I was chewing a paracetamol , “Bitter As Hell” .

I didn’t like the prices of the juice so I started making my own, “It’s So So Easy” and you can make a litre for under £15 and that lasts a long time , or even better get a good flavour going “I do strawberry cheesecake 6mg nicoteen” But what I also do is supply 4 people theirs, 100ml for £10 so that more than pays for what i spend because they will have at least 600ml off me,

I would not be without my vape now and I probably use it too much but you know what? I can breath in all the way “Without a weeze at the end” and all the way out " Without a Weeze" , I also have asthma and once looked at a pic of me holding in one hand “My Tobacco, My Lighter And My Inhaler Lol” ridiculous.

People you can do it , I would not go to 12mg nicoteen if you can help it for a few reasons, 1, it will effect the taste of the vape and is quite a strong throat hit, 6mg is so much more than normal cigarettes are so you will never crave nicoteen, but it makes the taste so so much better, and if someone offers you a cigarette knowing you vape and persists , then give them a bollacking, if they are friends they should be helping you not pushing them in your face because they have not got the strength you have.

I love my vape and i love thats its free “Ha I even got them to lift the ban in the pub I go to once a week”

Good luck all, and to any C.O.P.D sufferers or asthmatics, Remember my words, “It’s Great Not Weezing And No Matter How Far Gone You Are You Will fee A MASSIVE Difference, And Still Have Your Devilish Nicoteen, And You WILL Love Your Vape More Than You Ever Loved Tobacco” I Believe In You.


No Marsh855 These anti vapers are just smokers who are too weak to quit mate, I know, I was one, I would say " No one knows what side effects a vaper may encounter in the future" But you know what? I knew what damage real cigarettes are doing to me day in and day out And I still Foolishly Did It" Good Luck My Mate And I Pray You Have The Strength To Continue.


Well done @Ragz67 - we should maybe make it our motto -
Life wasn’t meant to be wheezy.




I’m a spinner so here’s my spin “Life’s to short to wheeze about”:wink: