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Stay away from the good deal 2018 thread and the new flavors hype train thread then, otherwise I worry that this goal might not be accomplished soon or in the near future :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Welcome to ELR, glad we getting some fresh meat from time to time lol.


I totally expected to spend money in the short term to build up my stock pile of flavors. i was dumb and threw away all my glass bottles last year though so i’m annoyed at myself for that. but otherwise i should be able to save soon. i’m only doing 30 ml batches till i get good at this .


I was a smoker for a better part of last 30 years. I started smoking at 13, just because i grew up in the balcans, and pretty much everyone around me smoked, and I thought it was awesome and cool so I just had to do it.

First time i ever tried to quit was when I got married. My first wife (long story) was an ex smoker, and she didn’t want me smoking. I managed to quit for about 5 months, i gained somewhere around 10 kilos (which never went away) and after that marriage started falling apart, i went back to smoking just to spite her.

My second wife (even longer story) was a smoker. I had no reason to quit, never thought about health issues, and I happily puffed away for a few more years. Little bit of time passed. I got divorced yet again, dated smokers exclusively, never thought about quitting. Then i met my third wife (yet another long story) who never smoked. Once we moved in together, we made a deal that I will only smoke on the balcony, which worked great for me.

I started approaching the ripe age of 39, my wife was pregnant, and I decided that when the baby comes, i’m quitting, and I did it. I had two whole years without cigarettes, gained another 20 kilos (which are still here), in the meanwhile our son was born, we bought an apartment, and everything was peachy.

One thing I forgot to mention is that each time I quit I just went cold turkey, and it was terribly difficult for me. I had constant cravings for a cigarette. I used to dream that i’m smoking. I tried to find company of smokers all the time to get a little bit of second hand smoke just to get the edge off, and I was a very heavy smoker. My average was 2-3 packs of camels per day.

When everything was nice and peachy, the terrible thing happened: i got fired. I know that it won’t be a big issue, that I will find a new job really quick, I got my severance package which covered us quite well for at least 6 months, but the fact that I have a family and mortgage managed to drive me back to smoking again. I was at a friend’s place, took one cigarette from him, and then another one, and another one, and suddenly I was back to smoking as if I never quit. This time around I was 43 already, overweight, barely able to walk up a flight of stairs.

About three months ago we were on vacation in the US. Our kid is very active, we went to a bunch of amusement parks, and I just couldn’t keep up. I was out of breath all the time and felt like crap overall.

One day wile driving back to our lodging, I saw a vape shop on the side of the road. I knew about vaping, I heard of people who replace cigarettes with a vape. I stopped the car, told my wife to wait for me, went into the shop, got myself a started sub-ohm kit and some (rather nasty) tobacco/mint e-juce. I still had a pack of smokes in my pocket, I threw it away and never looked back.

Since that day I got myself another kit, and another kit, and an RDA, and another RDA, and a squonk mod. I found what e-juices i like, which I completely hate (i have a rather unique taste perception) and I never looked back.

What’s different this time around is that I have absolutely no cravings. I don’t think about cigarettes, i don’t dream about smoking like I used to have, and since I started vaping I actually lost weight so this is definitely a winner in my book :slight_smile:


Welcome to ELR, and to more insanity (of the fun kind), if you decide to start mixing your own juice!


Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: I already am mixing. Just following the recipes I found here for now, but I already have a few ideas for originals :slight_smile:
No need to mention that e-juice is sort of insanely expensive around where I live while DiY supplies I can get locally are dirt cheap.


I too find vaping a much healthier option than smoking cigarette plus it is not hurting my pocket like the cigarette does.


I quit analogs in 2012, but Thomas went back to them, I ended up doing so, too. I’m not proud of that, but he was my life. He went to the hospital Jan. 27, 2017. He died Dec. 4, 2017. Dung the year 2017 I had, at most, 4 cigarettes a WEEK. I moved back home April 27, 2018, and can honestly say I’ve been free since before the move! The cat is great company for me, I am living in the house that I grew up in. My husband was not my only loss last year, there was a friend of 55 years and my mother. All things considered, I am doing very well. My brother is eight years my junior, but is a dear person. I can’t imagine my life without him. He takes me to doctor appointments. I could take the bus. Anyway, I am finally, completely off cigarettes. I have made my own juice for many years, and will continue. Baked Cinnamon Roll, from One Stop DIY is my favorite! There! I have been honest!


Dude, almost my story… From the Balkans, started smoking at 10… everybody was smoking back then, so i had to do it also.

Now I’m 31, and i can say that vaping probably saved my life.

Like you Adary, my women, were the same - first one (heavy smoker), second one also, however my current wife has never smoked in her life and is a heavy ANTY smoking.

The things went south very slowly.
At 20 the doctors were asking me if i smoked, at 25 they stopped but my lungs started to screech when i took a deeper breath in or out. I had no air whatsoever, stopped riding a bike and changed it for a car.

At 31 sometime 6 months ago i woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air, and something stuck inside my throat choking me. I’m coughing for over a hour waking up both my wife and kid. My lips turned blue and can’t make a call for an ambulance or anything, I couldn’t speak only cough. She got up, went to the pharmacy and got me some black as tar cough syrup, she made me go under the shower with hot water. After a while, my breathing went from grasping for air to heavy but it slowly calmed down and I managed to cough the biggest, blackest ball of sticky shit i have ever seen. maybe 2 cm in diameter, and when i did, i stopped coughing and went to bed.

I used the first eGo cigs that came in 2012 but they were only making me want to smoke more, and some trial and error, i gave up on the idea and never looked back at the ecigs again until this year.

The day of my ordeal, we went to a vape shop, because i thought that if i will stop, probably i will have to substitute the death sticks with something so i don’t murder anyone, We went inside, talked to the guy at the register, he was such a jerk and a know it all, that i mustered all my strength not to kill him, but since this was the only shop open at Sunday that i know, i clenched my teeth and remembered everything from vape videos on youtube that i had watched and bought an Eleaf iStick Pico with Melo 3 tank (the cheapest option i found) started with a 12mg juice, but switched quickly.

Same day and the day after that, as i call them were “abstinence” days, because i was sitting in the living room the Aircon was blasting 16* C air and i was sweating like a pig.
But i did’t light a death stick, I only vaped the juices i bought, and it was heavy, but i wasn’t very sure why was it so bad. I started reading some forums, watched some youtube videos and i understood that 70/30 PG/VG 12mg juice that i was snorting was clearly a VERY bad idea for a noob. After a week, i finished the initial 3 bottles and went to a better vape shop and bought some weaker juices some new coils and stuff, and from then on life is a dream.
I started smelling things i never have smelled before. Started playing with the kid for hours, not only i can make a 10m dash and die but i can walk like i’m 15 again. Everything is getting better, now 6 months in, I can say it all stopped, no whistling from the lungs and throat, no grasping for air. Sometimes i cough some of the black shit again, but i think it’s normal. I managed to get into DIY and make my own juices, started getting into RTA’s (My job is such that i can go to a job site with a small mod and a small RTA, but i can’t go full out with a giant sqonk and a 30mm RDA on top) The wife is happy because i’m a walking air freshener, the apartment doesn’t smell of smokes, and best of all, i can be with my kid longer.
Guys if anything, i’m thankful to the guy who invented this, because i tried everything under the sun so i can stop smoking. When i tried i got my kilos up, i was a nerve wreck, and generally i could think that it would be nice if i had a cup of coffee and a cigarette, it was the most persistent thought in my head, i was doing poorly at work, at home, with friend was nasty, because everybody was getting on my nerves.
Thanks for sites such as this one that provides some interesting juice combos and general info on mods, coils, tanks and etc.


Welcome, glad to see you here :slight_smile:


Great story @Daemor


I Started because smoking was getting way to $$$, so I switched to cigarillos, and then they started to get $$, so I seen a Groupon for V2 that seemed like a decent deal, I like them almost enough, although it it did not do the trick. Like most of us that started in 2013 or earlier it was egos and protanks and if you had money, Provaries and Evics and the new Hanas ,then came the innoklin MVP by then I new I could do it, every step forward reaped a better outcome, started with a Sigelei 100, thought I lost it so I bought the newly released 150 Sigelei .2015 rolled around and I got tired of paying for over priced juice, that’s when the world of diy opened up, and learned my ohms law and started building, because when trying out a new juice creation was way to much to waste pre-built coils on, and after about 15 -20 mechanical mods later, the boxes started coming out daily, always yearning to try a R.E.O but never having the cash I bought my first Kanger drip box, now after 50 or so regulated mod and at least 15 sqounks, a basement full of VG,PG, NIC and 500+ flavors with a few great recipes under my belt, I can call it a hobby, and it is still cheaper and more exciting. Not to mention a way to a “debatable”* healthier life
style.^*The reason I say debatable is because we all know it still is in the early years of testing and my results of the last 5 years are very positive that this is a promising alternative to being a slave to tobacco,and drug companies that pay off politicians and Doctors to keep me hooked. I Learned a world of knowledge in the last 5 years and helped others to switch. Especially with a little (Lot) help from friends here and a few other forums. I also love to cook and have a interest in basic chemistry, and electric, I think these interest combine to make this a fun and interesting combination. With that long and drawn out story I still never tire of trying to bringing more people to Vaping and cutting the cord to expensive, harmful. stinking way of the old that was just a vice that left
you with a bad taste in your mouth,empty wallet, and burn holes in your clothes. Thanks in advance if you read this long dribble of my story.


QD = 4th December 2017

This was after 40 years of smoking and up till then, various health issues including a heart attack in June 2016.

A no-brainer really. I now have far better health, more money, I smell better, can smell and taste things better, have more energy but I still need to retire to fully enjoy my new found life.

All thanks to my Aspire Odyssey mini kit :slight_smile:


@Grey_Wolf congrats! and welcome to ELR!


That is awesome. Congrats


congratz that’s fantastic.


Hello everyone here at ELR! I am Mamoto I live underwater, feed on music and breathe PG/VG. I am now a full blown Alchemist with an almost 200 flavor stash, mixing delicious concoctions for myself and others to help them quit smoking. This is the story of how all this happened and how I quit Nicotine, because I not only quit smoking but I was also able to get rid completely of Nicotine and then I was forever hooked on flavor!
I started smoking as a teenager but only sporadically, however when I entered college I was already a heavy smoker, puffing on almost a pack a day! I’ve been a professional scuba diver for almost 25 years now and smoking was not helping me at all. In 2008 I decided in conjunction with my wife to finally quit this filthy habit. Wow! It was sooo difficult and manage to almost quit entirely, since we where smoking only a few cigarettes per week. I probably manage to stay for a couple of months without smoking anything. In 2009 we traveled to Asia where people smoke like chimneys and cigarettes are stupidly cheap, so we started again! It was till 2017 when my wife became pregnant that she was able to quit definitely and forced me to try. However I was unable to do it entirely and the fact that this time I had to quit for good since my son was coming soon, made me very nervous and started smoking more than ever! I had tried the vaper (ego T claromizer) together with my wife early in 2011 because we saw the devices for the first time in China. In those days vaping did not helped us much as we both continued puffing tobacco alongside vaping, but it made me think of it like an option whenever the devices became better and more reliable. This is just what had happened in 2017 when My wife gave me a Wismec venti to try to quit forever. I remember vividly that night in march sitting in the garden ( I had to smoke outside as far away as possible to the house not to disturb my wife and son) smoking all the cigarettes in my pack so that the next day I would only vape on my delicious halo liquids (I had some left from the previous try), prime 15, belgian cocoa and tribeca where the ones I started with. For my surprise I was able not to touch a cigarette ever after that night. I started with the remnants from our first try with 12mg but quickly went down to 3 because that way I could vape for longer to enjoy the flavor. Very fast I found myself mixing my liquids with only 1mg so that way I could enjoy my recipes for longer periods of time (I had to put down the vaper if vaping higher concentrations of nicotine). I realized my body was fed up with nicotine and that I not only needed to get rid of it but I also wanted it very badly. So I started mixing just the flavors only to discover that I’ve had really enough of that substance and that the recipes taste way better without it! At that time I had already a stash of about 100 flavors and was mixing heavily for myself and others. That did not make my wife very happy since she gave me the vaper to quit entirely not to become an avid mixer! Ja! Now to prevent her from starting again I got her a penguin and I am mixing 0mg fruit recipes to keep her happily a non smoker.
I want to thank everybody here for sharing all these delicious recipes specially the ones a started with and be sure that whenever I concoct something good I’ll share it with the community, this site was essential to convert me from a smoker to a mixer, thanks again to all the creators and founders, you are making a lot of people happier and healthier.


Great story @Mamoto, and welcome to ELR !!!


I QUIT Smoking by VAPING.
Hello everybody! I begin my story by the fact that I’m 28 years old, started smoking at the age of 15, and maybe earlier (I honestly do not even remember when it started … I was accompanied with cigarettes everywhere, on vacation, at school, at work, at home, at I did not notice how they took me into slavery.In the beginning of summer, this year, I tried an electronic cigarette, and I liked it.It was difficult, friends and acquaintances could not tell me, because they do not believe in Vape.
Through trials I began to study electronic cigarettes. I practically do not smoke tobaccos (1-2 cigarettes a week), at the beginning I completely refused tobacco. Now I realized that I need MLT tank, because my AMMIT 25 is boring for me, there are a lot of clouds. Now in search of your MLT tank. Vape is very interesting, it has a lot of things!)
In conclusion, I want to say: QUIT Smoking by VAPING - REAL! But you need to try.


Congrats @dunskoy and welcome to ELR!


Thank you very much @Laberythm. I’m glad to be in your ranks.