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Congrats @Laberythm and welcome to ELR


Probably you mean to wellcome and cograts @dunskoy? :grinning:


Yes my mistake


I smoked over 20 years. Tried quitting many times many ways, cold Turkey and with meds. Nothing worked. We had a new home built & we have 4 kids. I didn’t smoke in the new house. I got real tired of running outside in the freezing winter cold or blazing summer heat to burn a butt every half hour.
One day I was enjoying a day off work, cruising back home from the store. Chilling. It had rained & I hit a wet patch of road & began to hydroplane. Off the road I went right into a utility pole breaking in half & totaling my truck. I unbuckled, opened the door & walked away without a scratch. I took this as a sign that I got a second chance & I should make wise use of it. Needed to change something. So I picked up Vape starter kit & never looked back. 4.5 years later, here I am!
BTW, few months later, I also quit my job of 18 years & went into business for myself. Best choices EVER!


@GSAutoTech Hehe, I think this is in almost ALL of the quitting stories.

WOW, that’s a good reason to change up. Welcome to the quitters club.


Now I’m making a go at mixing my own juice. Having a blast gathering my stash. Excited to try new flavors & share them.


im 26 ive been smoking since i was about 14 ive tried quitting with the patches, gum, lozenges and inhalator thing none of thsoe were effective. i quit for 6 months using champix ( doc prescribed meds) but that made me severly depressed and i almost lost my partner in the process didnt last long tho and the alure of the analogs got to me. nearly a year ago a friend of my partner and i were hanging out and he showed us his vape my partner tried it and loved the banana juice he had so off to the tobacconist he went and got his first ego battery mod that worked for him for a while but the satisfaction for me wasnt there ( he was a social smoker and i was 30+ a day kinda girl) around that time i foundout that my sister and my BIL vape for fun and that his mother quit analogs with vaping and was mixing her own juice. my partner and i decided to get 2 subohm devices from the tobacconist but they were a complete failure ( poor quality and leaky AF) so my partner got on the internet and ended up ordering a revenger kit a week later someone at his work stole it. :frowning: so he ordered a smok mag kit he was chuffing away on that for a good 3 months, mean while i was smoking “rollies” trying to cut down the cost of my habit i didnt want a big bulky thing weighing down my bag so i was trying to make a vapresso drizzle work for me ( in conjunction with the rollies ) finally i bit the bullet and realised that pen mods arent going to help me. i picked up my own revenger and havent had an analog since june 1 2018

edit: im also just starting to learn to mix hence being on here, in those early days my sisters MIL was a god send helping us with juice a resources.


Great story @emiilee, and welcome to the not smoking club !!!


thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:


Nearly 7year ago I put my last cig out day after doc told me I had a TIA (mini stroke) I started on ego batts lol vivi nova tanks now I’m fully advanced I build my own coils.use mechs and box mods .i diy my own liquid . I’ve learnt everything about vaping in those 7 years I could open my own shop if I had £££😂 Quitting and staying off cigs getting the correct tank is key best advice I can give a noob Is get the correct tank I recommend protanks for beginners to get used to vaping then advance your way up .i don’t drip I prefer RTAS I own most on market my vaping story has become a hobby now I have so much vape gear I need to downgrade some


this doesn’t sound big but after vaping on and of for years and trying to cut out the rollies and ciggies I am now over 36 hours with out a smoke. A work colleague introduced me to mixing and this site and think this will make a difference. First mix was some nightshift at 18mg and I got some Red Astaire concentrate from T Juice and done some 18mg strength of it On Tuesday night when absolutely craving a smoke I started on the Red even though it hadn’t had any time to steep and since then haven’t even thought about a cigarette. Think that the correct strength of Nic and a flavour you really like is key now after all the attempts I have had in the past. Actually mixed some other flavours and have dropped the nic to 12 for them as I think I may be over doing it with the Red and Nightshift at times. Hopefully this will last.
I just have K1 aspire tanks on an old iTaste pen and a small eleaf mini iStick so nothing fancy but really have hope it will get me of the stinkies now


Welcome to elr @David_Ross . And congratulations on the first 36 hours! Any day without cigarettes is a win!


thought it would be :nauseated_face: but actually :tada: just now


Welcome @David_Ross. For the record ^^^^^ that IS a big deal.


Welcome to the party @JillG !!!


keep it up. 36 hours and every hour is a big deal!!!


Hi all,

I smoked for 22 years, give or take, mostly cigarettes and the occasional pipe or cigar. I recently started working from home and was worried I might start smoking more that usual, since I don’t have to go outside to smoke like I did at the office. 3 weeks ago I decided to give vaping a try. My local shop set me up with an Innokin T20-S and a bottle of Halo Tribeca. Next morning I put my pack of smokes in a drawer and decided to try and go the whole day with just the vape.

It worked better than expected, actually. Tonight it will be 3 weeks since my last smoke.

In the meantime, I dove head-first into vaping. Upgraded my kit with a Tesla Nano 120w Steampunk (mostly for the looks, really. I do MTL and I don’t need that much power, but it does give me great battery life), and two Ammit MTLs, one RTA and one RDA. Doing my own coils and dipping my toes into DIY e-liquids, got two juice recipes steeping in the closet and inspired by the NET topics here and in ECF, I got the last of my pipe tobacco soaking in PG for the next couple of months.


Congrats on quitting, and welcome to ELR!


Way to go!!! Three weeks is jut great. Keep it up.


I started smoking since i was 16. I smoked for 11 years, a pack a day, until one of my friend introduced vaping to me. I still remember the first time vaped, the flavor was sooooo good i was like “why the hell did i smoke this very nasty tasting cigarette all this while?” :rofl: then i found this website, and it became better! Better in taste which i can tweak to my preference, and it’s way cheaper then commercial ejuice/cigarettes.

But then i was so busy with things, i don’t even have time to recoil/wick, let alone to mix my liquid. I started smoking again, until my daughter was admitted to hospital due to asthma. Then only i know that even if you don’t smoke in front of anybody, the smoke stays inside of your lung for 8 hours and that would effect anyone who have close contact with you.

Thanks to the doctor who advised me to stop smoking for the sake of my daughter few months ago, here i am again!