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I started smoking at age 14, by the time a quit (quite recently) I was a 30 a day smoker.
I got a eGo one for christmas last year which I used along side my normal smoking habits. It wasn’t untill new years that I did what every smoker says every year(this is the year I’m going to kick it)
However this time I meant it. So on the first of January I got rid of my last stinkie and while I was at it decided to give up booze as well.
Since then I have amassed quite a collection of juice, mods, tanks, and others goodies(go big or go home).
Now I’m just waiting for my vape mail so I can dive into DIY.


Ooooh… Double whammy!
Best of luck, and welcome to the fold!!

Wishing you success with both goals!


Congrats @Holly_North that’s how I kicked them to the curb.


Congrats @Holly_North


I started smoking at 15 and was smoking for 17 years before I decided to make the switch. Partly for financial reasons, but mostly as a result of watching my Granddad die from cancer.

On 1st January 2018 I decided I wanted to quit smoking and went to my local Stop Smoking Service and they gave me patches. I soon discovered that these weren’t going to work for me, as after 5 minutes I developed a very painful rash on my arm. I decided to try vaping instead and bought a basic 50watt Box Mod and a Nautilus X Tank.

I still attended the Stop Smoking Service, using their weekly Carbon Monoxide tests as extra motivation to not smoke. I found the first month or so difficult while I tried to find the right juice and nic strength to suit me, but since then I got on great and have never had a single craving to smoke.

5th January this year I celebrated my 1 year VaperVersary and have made a lot of great friends within the vape community, both online and at local vape meets, who have been very supportive and helpful. As someone who suffers from Social Anxiety, the community and social side of vaping has been a massive help for me and I believe that switching to vaping has improved much more than just my physical health.


Congratulations welcome to the rabbit hole :slight_smile:


Congrats on your one year. Great story! Welcome to ELR.


Yeah, I always think that it comes down to money. Especially in this greedy society where money is more important than people. And that’s why big tobacco companies are jumping on the vape wagon over here. Juul stock is doing better than big tobacco stocks. I bet that gets their knickers in a knot :smirk:


You go girl! :grin:


You did great! Congratulations.


Wow, you’re doing great, congratulations! I’m so happy for you.


Woot woot!! :tada:

Welcome to the horde! Bring a flashlight and a safety rope! The rabbit hole runs deep!!


just in case you need one I have a spare for you :wink:

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Ladder optional but highly recommended :wink:
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I have had nicotine coursing through my veins from the moment of my conception. My mother smoked while she was pregnant with me and continues to smoke to this day. I made the conscious decision to smoke when I was 15 years old and was completely and hopelessly addicted by the time I was 16. I always hated the fact that I based decisions on whether I could smoke, how long between cigarettes I had to go, and how I smelled. I hated being controlled by nicotine and how it limited my life but I was terrified to quit smoking. I was afraid to gain weight, be angry while withdrawing, and/or the other withdrawal symptoms.

I tried patches, Chantix, cold turkey, and cutting down…all to no avail. Then about 3 years ago I developed a particularly nasty case of pneumonia after I was exposed to a chemical at work. Due to the fact that I have asthma that, up to that point, was so mild it only caused problems when the weather dipped below 15 degrees. After the chemical exposure my asthma became so sensitive and I ended up in the hospital with chemical burns on the inside of my lungs and fighting for my life. Luckily enough I had quit smoking just a few days before and had already been through the withdrawal. After surviving the chemical exposure I stayed off of the cigarettes for 6 weeks and discovered that I could have a smoke free life. That fear was no longer a reason to not quit smoking. Unfortunately, I started back smoking and was quickly back up to 2 packs a day…while struggling to breathe due to the chemical exposure.

Then, about a month ago, I finally got my head in the right place and put the cigarettes down. I knew I was done. I quit and haven’t regretted it. Three days after I quit I was admitted into the hospital for another case of life threatening pneumonia that if I had waited another hour to go in, I wouldn’t be here typing out this post. It was so severe that the doctor commented that he did not know how I managed to walk into the ER to begin with, much less how I survived each day while my stats were so low. I came home a week later and have gotten stronger each day. I have also stayed off the cigarettes because I no longer want to smoke more than I want a smoke-free life. What has made the biggest difference is my being able to vape openly and without shame. I am enjoying tasting my juices (and foods and drinks too), breathing deeply (for the cloud…I like the cloud :smile: and breathing deeply works my lungs to expand more than they have in years), and having more energy than I have had since my early 20s.

I have been smoke-free for a little over a month and even though it’s not that long, I’m proud to say I have no desire to smoke cigarettes. I’m enjoying my life today. There have been times where I’ve craved a cigarette, but that’s quickly satisfied by vaping. I’ve realized that most of my cravings are more old habit than anything else and I’m developing NEW habits today. I’m also very happy to have found this forum. I’m currently in the process of ordering supplies to start making my own juice and have been reading voraciously to learn as much as possible before beginning the mixing process. Thank y’all for the time and talent you have given freely with the recipes and sharing of experiences.



Thank you for sharing such a moving story!

Congratulations on hitting your one month mark, and may it be the first of many (rightfully) celebrated milestones to come!

That’s so awesome!!
Plenty to read as I’m sure you’ve noticed! :laughing:
Should you ever have questions, or need for clarification, don’t hesitate to ask!

Sounds like you’re well on your way in this wonderful journey! Do bring a flashlight though, as well as a rope! The rabbit hole runs deep!

Many great folks within the bounds of ELR, and most always willing to lend a hand!

Cheers and welcome!


I QUIT SMOKING allmost year ago, because i have problem with health(
Now i vape (zero nic) and i don’t have that problem)
That’s all)


Just realized I quit smoking just over a year or so now. I also started exercising about the same time. I’ve gone from (5’7") 298lbs, extraordinary high blood pressure, chronic reflux, couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath and on all sorts of meds…to 203lbs, bp 100/60, walk 4 miles a day 6 days outta 7. Med free, Feeling great. Feel alive.


Me too awesome! Good luck :slight_smile:


Congrats on hitting the year mark of being smoke free. Also, the weight loss is incredible!