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Congrats on quitting



Congrats welcome to elr



Congratulations @fidonasir and welcome to ELR.



So, since I’m browsing random vape stuff anyway, I might as well post here.
Started smoking at 13, mostly as a kind of revenge-ish symbolic act to my parents, who didn’t quit although I was telling them for years that it would harm them (“hey folks, I’ll show you how it is to have someone you care about harming themselves”). Soon after I found some classmates who would smoke too, and of course the people that are one or two grades above you in school… finally I was allowed to smoke at home.
From there it just went on until I was 31 when I decided to “turn things around completely” i.e. go running, eat healthy, become disciplined about professional forthcoming or so.
The non-smoking part lasted for four years and I took some pleasure in allowing me a controlled fag every now and then, maybe a total of 30 cigarettes over those 4 years. This was exactly how I imagined a disciplined person to be :-), way better than just quitting forever, but to exercise control over the “addiction”.
Went on a week-long holiday with old pals from school, bought a pack, another, went for a fag on the balcony, in the kitchen… finally there I was, smoking again at home in my kitchen like so many years before.
I wouldn’t even heve cared about the health related consequences, but during the years I had quit, I got a sense of how much everything actually stinks for cold smoke when you’re smoking at home, but I had no control over it, anymore.
So I went into quit-relapse-quit-relapse-cycles, but as vaping became more popular, I met more and more people that I knew who switched over. One of the most important “final straws” however was seeing a random guy walking to the supermarket in front of me, blowing clouds.
Started research and watched A LOT of youtube videos (which for some irrational reason I still do, although it’s literally the same content in every video ;)), got an Ammit and a Griffin 25, and some cheap liquids.
What kept me vaping was the idea that i picked up from a swiss youtube that, if you crave so hard, why not smoke a cig? One has smoked thousands on thousands, so, a fag every other day in the morning is a joke compared to that. I keep it that way, every other weekend or sometimes even at home when I just feel like it, I smoke a cigarette, but I’ll never fall into the cycles of “relapse” again because of vaping. That, to me, is the most beneficial thing about it. I just don’t have to worry about “never ever again smoking a cig, even on a special occasion” or the whole relapse shit. If I feel like it, now it’s my choice to do it.
I get it that I haven’t got rid of “the habit” since I vape as much as I used to smoke. But it doesn’t smell bad or harm anyone, so… it’s still a somewhat pointless and stupid thing, but a lot better than constant smoking.
Cheers folks.



Welcome to ELR Forum!



I met the electronic cigarette (pre-historic) in 2008 and it was a simple model, without any attraction it seemed more like a toy and ended up forgetting.
But after 50 years struggling to quit smoking …
every day I worried more
I then remembered that experience of ten years ago and decided to research. What I found from information and testimonials made me happy.
To decide how to start, I first analyzed my addiction well:
I saw that my problem was not nicotine because I got used to an analog cigarette brand with a low nicotine content and smoked only half the cigarettes.
But as they were two packs a day he concludes that the act / custom of lighting and puffing quickly but constantly was the most important.

So I decided not to start with POD, but with a good tank RTL siren2, polar and liquid with 6mg of nicotine.

Well, I started less than 30 days ago … so far zero analog cigarette! Every day more excited that I will get.
I already make my first Juice recipes with the help of this excellent site.

I must register how grateful I am for the help of everyone contributing to my testimony.
I apologize for my English (made in google).



After smoking for 45 years I finally made a serious attempt to quit. Patches, suckers and a hypnosis app brought a 2 1/2 pack a day habit down to 1-3 a day. One day I went to buy a pack, I was beginning to fear I was about to fall off the wagon. On a whim I bought a mark ten. At that time I was so craving the throat hit that I thought it was the best thing ever. That was the beginning of the end. I gave my half pack of cigs to my daughter and told her to hide them and give if I was desperate. I think I may have asked for about three. On October 27, 2018 I smoked my last cigarette. I’d never gone more than 9 days without a cigarette in 45 years! And that was only because I was in a hospital bed and could not get outside.

The Mark Ten led to the Innokin T18 and T20S, a budding juice lab and a squonk/RDA that I’ve not had the courage to attempt yet.

No more cough, despite COPD, my old skin looks a little better lol and I have a new hobby.

I wish more people could understand what an impact vaping can have and stop bashing it. It may not work for everyone but I think it can help many.



CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ll give you a brief story and hopefully some encouragement. After 48 yrs. of smoking my wife had SEVERE C.O.P.D., and after 8 months of Vaping (3 yrs. ago) the c.o.p.d. is completely cured! Hang in there.



Congratulations to you and your wife! And thank you for some wonderful encouragement!

Happy New Year!!



Great stuff @terrimac58



The Mark Ten led to the Innokin T18 and T20S, a budding juice lab and a squonk/RDA that I’ve not had the courage to attempt yet.

As Ben would have said - “You’ve just taken your first step into a larger world” :slight_smile: Congrats!



I quit 6 years ago in June after a 25+ year habit of two + packs a day of Marlboro Reds. In beginning I was hooked on vape I have a drawer full of old but working vape stuff…which I give away to smokers who are trying to quit. To date I’ve converted 5 people mostly family. Vape probably saved my life my lungs feel great no more coughing. I look 10 years younger going on 61 in July and I will vape till the day I die :slight_smile: Now thanks mostly to this site I’m starting to mix my own juice ( we have 4 people here that vape about a 1000 ml a month) so mixing is going save us about 300$ a month :slight_smile: its all good.



Thank you!



Yup! That pile of flavor and paraphernalia keeps getting bigger lol.




I quite smoking cigarettes about a year ago, transitioning to commercial juices in tank-based vaporizers. Was a long road though. I’ve been a smoker for about 23 years prior, between a half and full-pack a day. For a while I tried various off-the-shelf ecigs and vape pens. I then moved to SMOK and Vaporesso tank-based systems with commercial juices. Having considered myself a “light” volume smoker, I often got 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength juices but they never did it for me really and I was both smoking and vaping. I suspect a lot of convenience stores know this is probably common and they choose not to stock stronger juices so they can increase their sales of weak juices and continue cigarette purchases by their customers. I’ve often had to order the stronger juices direct from the manufacturer (Halo being my #1 go-to, for their awesome SubZero extra-strength menthol). It really wasn’t until I tried the 12mg strength juices that I was finally able to drop cigarette smoking altogether. Over the course of a few months, I stepped my way down to 9mg (often by mixing a 6mg and 12mg bottle of the same flavor and shaking thoroughly) and then down to 6mg, where I am at now. Over the last year, I’ve sourced my nicotine and flavorings and now mix my own juices and vape them almost exclusively. I enjoy that part as a hobby, and I feel 100x better than I ever have than when I was smoking cigarettes. I have zero desire or impulse to ever go back to cigarettes, and frankly I now find cigarette smoke heavy, stinky and bothersome. Never thought I’d ever say that. Good luck to y’all who are still on your journeys, it’s worth the trip.



Congratulations @MooseFly! And welcome to the fold!



Do you have a good recipe for a menthol Cig type of taste!

Congrats to you!



I can’t speak highly enough for Ice Ice Baby! - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/138151/Ice%20Ice%20Baby!

This recipe is just the bomb and in my regular ADV rotation. A very versatile recipe that you can accent it with a few % points of your favorite flavoring. If you want tobacco flavor in this menthol juice, I’d start with adding 3% or so in a small batch and tweaking that flavoring’s strength until it’s right for your taste buds.

Getting away from the flavor of tobacco helped me kick off the regular cigarette now and then as I transitioned. When I felt I wanted a “heavier” flavor than something fruity, I leaned on chocolate and coffee flavored vapes as I felt these were closest to tobacco without actually doing a tobacco flavored vape.

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at the Halo Sub-Zero clone here - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/74997/Halo%20Purity%20Sub%20Zero%20clone, because I love this Halo juice so much being an extreme-menthol very close to a menthol cigarette, but I’m still going through a huge bottle of the real stuff and Ice Ice Baby has just been so good to me for my menthol fix.

Thanks and good luck on your journey!



Awesome! Thank you so much!

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I think you can quit again and here is why. You have been successful at quitting in 2 occasions already. You should be successful a third time.

Try to find the right set up and get back on that horse.

Welcome to ELR!