I quit smoking by Vaping

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I first tried to use ecigs to stop smoking in 2014 after smoking for 58 years, having tried acupuncture, patches, gum and hypnosis.
The first 6 months were only partly successful using first the cigarette look- a-likes, then the pen type.
Having seen the larger replaceable battery models on a market stall and done some internet searches I rang SRVapes for advice and in January 2015 purchased a Vamo and haven’t looked back. I have since bought a pack of 10 due of breaking the glass on my atomiser on the way to an all day meeting. Ended up throwing most away.
Waiting for the arrival of my new HP Spectre 15 computer and a Smok R200 with Steam Crave atomiser bought with the savings, may even be able to buy something for the wife!!


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