I Quit Smoking, Now Let's Quit Nicotine

OK, you asked for it, you got it. Want to drop your nicotine intake? This thread is for everyone to share their views, methods, successes, and even your failures on the road to becoming a Non Smoker AND those no longer addicted to Nicotine…


I’m not sure if I’m really addicted anymore. I still use between 2 and 3% of nicotine in my juice but I only vape at home and I have no problem not vaping when I’m somewhere else. I had drastically cut down on my smoking before I quit and could go without a smoke for a long time too. I suppose I still like the TH of the nicotine and when I’m a little stressed I use 3% instead of 2. If the time comes that nicotine will not be available to the general public anymore I will happily vape 0mg, as long as it is available I will keep some in my juice. :slightly_smiling:


I’m working hard to get there as well. I may just stay around the 2-3 mg mark for a while but I’m feeling confident should it not be available I will be ok as well. I vape not subohm around 2-4mg now.


Guys - You mean 2-3 mg/ml :wink: Not 2-3% (which is 20-30 mg/ml) :smiley: I know, I know - I’m annoying. It’s my pet peeve. I can’t help it :laughing:


Sigh :weary: see, u know what I mean :grinning:


I too am at 2mg nicotine but my nicotine intake actually raised See the method I described to drop the nicotine I used when I was still using Non Subohm equipment. When vaping 2mg nic in a Nautilus you are indeed cutting down the nic, however, I now use a Uwell Crown. Vapor production is what, 3-4 times that of a Nautilus. So where is my actual Nic intake, 6-8mg compared to before? Probably need to drop down to 1mg if I want to be closer to nicotine intake I had…


I’ve gotten to low percents (1mg) at times and zero at times, but most often I just mix 3mg. That said, it’s really relative to how you vape. So a person using the Nautilus at 12mg is getting Xmg of nic intake vs me and my huge hits on 3mg liquid also getting Xmg. What is X? That would be a good thing to find out, and would we be surprised there is virtually no difference? I wouldn’t. When I take a hit on my dual coil builds I believe I’m getting more than 4x the vapor as off my Nautilus, and with the nic being 4x less for my “big” rigs it stands to reason I’m actually taking in the same amount. Just no way for me to gauge that. But I bet someone has insight!

Oh and by the way @ringling I started this post about 30 mins ago but got sidetracked by work. That’s a cool feature you can see posts that have been made while you’re composing!


ROFL I almost said something about the %/mg nazi coming…but figured it’d happen anyway so I’d just let it and watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I have no intentions of quitting nicotine. I’m happy at 2-3mg. If it comes to a point where I don’t have access, then I’ll quit. Until then, I like my stimulant trifecta: nicotine, caffeine, sugar. :wink:


[quote=“SthrnMixer, post:7, topic:45509”]
When I take a hit on my dual coil builds I believe I’m getting more than 4x the vapor as off my Nautilus
[/quote]Same here with my Kayfun but then I hit on the Kayfun a lot more often than I do when subohming so I guess my intake of nicotine will be roughly the same whatever the device I’m using. I use the same amount of nicotine in my juice for all my devices, 2 or 3 mg/ml @daath (happy now? :grinning:)


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Pfffffff, :sweat:

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My statement of course had my vaping habits in mind and the fact that I do Mouth to Lung hits. You guys who do direct lung hits are really upping the nicotine intake. If I had to guess at the difference I would venture to say you DLH guys are getting 6-10 times the nicotine that a Nautilus hit would produce…

Technically, I’m not looking to COMPLETELY get off of nicotine. Just want to get it at a very low rate. As some of you know I can not consistently vape flavors due to allergies. If I went to 0mg nic, what am I gonna do, vape 100% VG? That would seem quite pointless. I do feel it is a good idea to get the nic intake as low as possible just because of the fact we have no idea if we’ll always be able to buy nicotine as a consumer. At least if we are down to say 1mg nic then nicotine we have stored away would last quite a long time…


Is that based on my example of 12mg in the Naut and 3mg for the DLH? This is fascinating stuff. I think when I get back from my trip to the Keys I’m going to make some batches ranging from 0 to 3mg in 0.5 increments. Then I’ll do some nic fasting (2 hrs at a time) with my zero nic liquid. Wait until I get the cravings and start taking hits off my Nautilus with 12mg in it until the cravings are gone. Count the hits. Then repeat this with the other levels (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3mg). What’s the point? Well it should give me some insight into the difference of intake between the various atomizers and nic used.

And I’m not wanting to get completely off nicotine either…even though I’ve said I would a few times. But I suspect I (we) shouldn’t pride ourselves on 3mg if we’re actually taking in more than when we started :slight_smile:

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I started on 18mg strength and quickly went down to 9mg in steps throughout my first year vaping.I eventually went to 6mg over the next couple of years.I was pretty happy at that level and honestly would have stayed if not for my Nephew.He was the one who got me to try vaping and get off the stinkies.
My nephew has been at 3mg nicotine level for the past three years.He doesn’t mix , he did try it but he said it wasn’t for him.Anyhoo he has a few mixes of mine he likes so I always made two batches with one at his level of 3mg and one for me at 6mg.No big deal as you know but recently he joined a monthly juice subscription.Now I am the benefactor of the ones he doesn’t like but I am also given the job of “cloning” the ones he likes.It has made me realize that I am now comfortable going down to 3mg myself so I now mix everything at that level.
I apologize for the long story but I do feel I could probably quit nicotine if I had too.

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No apologies man, not for chatting it up. And yes I agree. We could all quit nic if we have to. I figure if you’ve been vaping more than 2-3 months you’ve broken the bond all the other chemicals in tobacco had on you and it’s just nicotine. I always said if they can make caffeine free coffee then nicotine free tobacco should also be doable, but hey, vaping is as close to that (and better) as we’ll obviously get. And being able to puff nic free means that’s way more than half the battle won right there.

Actually I’m not saying a specific nicotine value, more so a nicotine equivilent from DLH and MTL using the same nic value. It’s the fact that you take in so much more vapor with a DLH. Basically I’m saying the amount of vapor some of these people intake with a DLH just may be as much as 10 times the amount someone (with a Nautilus) doing a MTL hit intakes. Ten times as much may be a bit much but I sometimes wonder…

I agree. I can at least say I’m not vaping more nic than when I started but I think I can easily say I went from 2mg to 5-6mg when I switched to the Crown and subohm. It’s only that low because of no DLHs…

With the FDA scare in the US, I took the plunge and went from 1 mg -.5 mg to zero. To early to tell but no side effects or perceived taste differences to date. It only been a few weeks, so far so good,
I think I’m good to go if they ever ban the nic supply.


Smart man !!! I honestly feel like this is best for all of us with the info available from the FDA at present. Unless they are willing to give the Vaping industry a break I’m guessing we are gonna see difficulties getting nicotine. Otherwise they fuel the DIY industries and BIG Pharma and others still loses money and we all know what this is all about. I need to start dropping at least to 1mg myself. Just in case…

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