I really am a noob to forums

What is the easiest way to link to a recipe, or to quote someone. … is there a place with all the little instructions im looking for that I’m not finding?

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To link a recipe I just copy and paste the recipe URL straight into my message.

As for quoting I haven’t done that I generally just reply to people like I have done to you.


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http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/141826/Jayzerz+stuff ok, I just feel a fool now, I guess if I was on my pc. I would have figured it out, but I didnt see a full u.r.l. on my phone until I actually tried to copy it,duh .Appreciate your help!Wait. why does it show the full u.r.l.?

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To quote someone you can highlight their text and hit the reply button.


[quote=“Ken_O_Where, post:4, topic:18647”]
highlight their text and hit the reply button.

Just having fun :blush::clap::star2:

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Ok, that cool ! And easy ! But why does my full u. r.l. show when I am linking to a recipe?

That’s the only way I know to link a recipe is to use the url. That’s out of my league. Daath can help with that question as I’m not computer savy. :confounded:

no need to get down, :smile: these are just silly questions that I’m sure plenty of people have answers for! Definitely not something to pull Daath away from what ever it is he is currently preparing to marvel us with! :smile: