I sometimes get a "plastic" taste when I vape

I have noticed a plastic taste sometimes when I try some new juices with extra flavor shots…can anyone relate? Can anyone explain?

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How long has that juice been steeped?

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i tasted it immediately and got the plastic taste…so now its been steeping for at least 2 weeks and i havent tasted it since i first got it…
are you suggesting that it needs steeping to get away from that plastic taste? thanks for responding

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I used to order eliquid from EC Blends all the time, with extra shots of this and that included. So, yes, when you order juice from a vendor with custom shots included, letting the juice steep for a week or two really does the juice justice. Got to let all those molecules of flavoring shake hands and get to know each other! ; )

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Might be a good idea to take the lid off and let it breathe for 3 days as well. Some flavorings are made using an alcohol and it needs to evaporate off.

I’m getting this exact same tasting off-flavour/effect on 2 completely different recipes and it’s doing my head in:

Lychee Ice v1.1-(CAP)

2.50% Koolada 10% (TPA)
10.00% Sweet Lychee (CAP)


Vimtonic Sour 1.0

1.00% Sour 20% (TPA)
8.00% Vimtonic (FA)

The juices have both steeped for about a week (ie, just left sitting at room temperature with the lids on). They are in different bottles, from different manufacturers (although perhaps those bottles were not cleaned out before first use).

I’ve not let them “breathe” though, but I’m doing that now…

Any further thoughts/experience with this? Has anyone else had it?

I’m hoping its just a steeping/breathing issue, but it might be that there is some component in these juices that causes this.

Any further thoughts on this topic?



Coconut, some Strawberry flavours, watermelon, bubblegum all give me a plastic taste at high %'s.

No idea what causes the plastic taste though :confused:

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Coconut sometimes gives me a plastic taste but much more often a soapy taste.

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I aint been frothing my shit… Gonna try that and see if it blows off those perfumy aspects…

Will report back…

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