I stick 100w

Iv got a weird rattle with my istick, yeah the buttons shake, but iv tried many things, push all the buttons in so they couldn’t rattle… basically there’s something inside thag kinda rattles, and iv held it at an angle and slowly moved it down/up and felt something inside slipping up and down etx. … It feels like a screw that’s loose I wouldn’t know, I just know it’s defently not the buttons, has anyone else has the same issue or anyone know what it is/how to sort this out, thanks Nathan

All first batch 100w Istick have this problem. As far as I know it is more of a annoyance rather than performance or safety problem. I’m sorry but never took one apart to tell you exacts but I’m guessing it’s some kind of insulator piece that was not tied down. I feel if there were wires attached it would not shake near as much. Just a theory though…

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I believe @cloyce had the same problem and it was a small sheet of plastic or something that goes around the buttons. Doesn’t effect performance, just super annoying. Mine doesn’t do that, only the buttons and the occasional fire button sticking

I have that problem with one of them. If you press down all the buttons at the same time, really hard, it doesn’t rattle so it is a button thing. I’ve used it with no problems.

Thank you for the help guys!