I think i have to give up on DIY

im in the hole well over 100 dollars! i cant get any flavor out of my juices! i bought only TPA flavors maybe that is the problem? i bought liquid barn nic, vg and pg. the pg base nic (48mg)was so harsh i replaced it with vg base (48mg) the vg base is just as harsh or worst. ive even ramped up the flavor % to 30 still no flavor! im out of ideas and i am not willing to waist any more money. man i was really hoping DIY would save me money and i would be able to control what i vape.

are u making established recipes or trying to do your own?

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what nic level are you vaping at and what recipes have you tried?

both ive pretty much tried eveything

3mg to 6mg ive tried a munch of recipes
thats just a few recent ones

2 very common mistakes that will make your stuff taste bad and harsh:
#1 Not shaking/rolling/stirring your nic base before dividing, bottling, and dispensing. You can end up with higher nic than intended, and you will get big throat hit.

#2 Flavor percentages too high. Usually less is more.

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ive also just tried single flavors with and with out nic and all are awful

i always shake everything ive tried low % 10% and high 30%. i tried 30% because i read that sence im using a tank higher % might help

I have 2 and 3-flavor mixes that are as low as 4-7%. Don’t assume 10% is the flavoring floor.

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Those recipes look like they’re your own since they are private. Have you tried any recipes from this site? Not a good idea to start making your own right away because they won’t be good. I’ve been mixing for over a year and I consider 80% of what I come up with to be basically unvapeable without lots of tweaking.


4-7 that low huh?

i know its a lot to ask but can you recommend a flavor? and they are privet because i just copied the the flavors and used tpa because i dont have any other flavor vender flavors

These are all the recipes on the site. It’s sorted by rating, so the most popular ones are listed first:


Best thing to do is find 3 or so recipes that look good to you and get flavorings for those.

You should find recipes that use the TPA flavors you have. Keep in mind that if a recipe calls for something like Strawberry Sweet (CAP) and you substitute Strawberry (TPA) you’re not going to get the result intended. Percentages may vary greatly between different vendor flavors.


that means im looking at least another 30 dollars because my nic is so awful and my stash cant make any flavor with enough ratings. i mean single flavors wont even work…im just in way over my head and fell completely defeated.

yeah seems i have found that out the hard way i thought if i got the same flavors they would be close enough to be at-least vapable

Have you added your flavors to ELR and tried the “What can I make” search?

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Do you like fruity like I do?
Lets see your flavor stash and your recipes but…
You may already have Grape Candy TPA, Peach Juicy TPA and Strawberry Ripe TPA?
the max single flavor recommendation for these flavors is 15% 17% and 15% respectively
suggest you try these as SF mixes and then try mixing them for peachy strawberry, peachy grape and strawberry grape.


Have you added all of your flavorings to your flavor stash? If so, you can get a list of all the recipes on the site that you can make.

Flavor Stash:

What you can make:

The links are found under the User menu at the top right side of the Recipes portion of the site.

Keep at it and make some recipes that are rated high or have positive comments. It’s normal to be overwhelmed when starting because there are so many flavors, so much information, and it’s so easy to mess up. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be glad you did. You’ll save lots of money even though you feel like you spent a ton already.

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yes and the best has 8 ratings and most have crazy high nic levels