I think my bottles are breeding

The title says it all…I am getting glass bottles, flasks, jars and gods knows what else from all directions now.




Yes, you must keep the male bottles separate from the females…especially in dark areas.
They will also cross-breed and you will end up with different colors if you are not careful.


Those class bottles with the cork… very very cool!

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lol. I would like some cobalt and ambers…perhaps I need to deepen the glass bottle gene pool…

@authormichellehughes which corky’s are you talking about? I have the big weird shaped, repurposed monsters in the back and then in the front left, semi behind other stuff…I have some Bromex flasks that are 100mL and 200mL that I was able to find fitting corks for which I am stoked about. The Volumetrics Flasks (so pretty with their long necks)I have come with their glass decanter tops and are fine and all for when Curing time comes for finished product. The Bromex flasks are my workhorses, however…I use them to measure and mix the batch and then electric whip into the final concoction. Then they go into Volumetrics and into the Curing Cave.

I always appreciate people appreciating my “Custom Corked Bromex Flasks” and other oddities, so…thank you very mucho!

Wonder why they don’t make caps/corks

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My husband says my vape stuff is spreading like Ivy.


@UncleTopher You want corks ?









Rubber, wood, gum, plastic,…

\m/ bows to the newly dubbed and anointed Master of Corks \m/

awesome info Ozo, thank you, sir!

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You want bottles…shrink bands for the caps…?


Not sure…did you say ‘plastic bottles in colors’ to keep the light out…and be pretty…?


I’m a glass man but I ain’t 'fraid of nun of 'dem fancy cullerd bottles!


those are THE COOLEST!!! I am placing an order freaking ASAP…and I am reserving them for large batches of juice when I finally produce something worthy of a bottle that cool.

They have them in glass…

I saw…there are these 250mL round ball shaped ones with a “T” cork…cork like whats in a Wild Turkey bottle…2 bucks apiece…gonna buy 10…LOL.

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OMG exactly…

I had no idea this hobby would turn into an all consuming OCD that would branch off into several things. I see my family cleaning out my house after I am long gone and having to crawl over mountains of empty glass bottles and tanks and batteries…

Should be fit for an episode of “Hoarding”…

Not there yet thankfully. It all still fits on one work bench.:yin_yang:


I have almost half a closet now. Two shelves and a rolling cart with drawers, and a tool bag…

I am so ashamed of me… Ha! Kidding.

You should film it, bottle porn will sell.

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