I try to mix e juice Drops only Help me please

I have a 500 ml PG" 500ml VG" 15ML nic" 20 ML sweetener " nutella 30ML" Ry4 30ML" … i’ll mix ry4 and nutella how many ml for each flavor thanks

I wish I could help you. I tried adapting mixes by drops and found it very inconsistent…so I never learned. I would recomend, if you can’t get a scale to mix by weight, get some syringes…they are cheap.

That being said…someone may be able to help you. What are the brands of the flavors you are using. Cap, FA, tpa? Knowing that someone may be able to help you.

Go to the recipe side


Click on “Create Recipe” and enter the values you want. [button at very top]

You can adjust it back and forth to your satisfaction, edit, adapt, save, etc.

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especially with the different tips on bottles like cap vs needle tips etc NR twist tops also lol using drops is not a great ideas especially with higher concentrates

You could try:

Nutella - 2.5%
RY4 - 4%
1 drop of sweetener per 10ml