I want a true mango flavor ...is there one

I want some juicy dripping down my chin fresh mango flavor. Is there such a beast available in a cape?

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I like Mango (FA) - Capella has Sweet Mango (Cap) - but I suspect that Medicine Flower has a good one (not sure): http://medicineflower.com/558mango.html

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Inawera Mango is also very good. Vaping a Mango Chai right now in fact. :smile:

Ahh, I would love a mango cape, perhaps some lavender accents. Would compliment my eyes I think.
All kidding aside, great question. One I would have asked soon, myself actually. I would have likely tried FA, they have become my first choice when trying new flavors. So thanks for asking and thanks to those answering.

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OK well TPA mango is not the beast I was hunting. :frowning:
Ok inawera just got some more of my money . try Daath and jojo

Holy cow MF product price s made me choke on my coffee! Yipes. That better be some awesome stuff. I’m in I’ll pay it if its worth it. I work hard to make great money . I can afford it but still…dang that’s high!

Flavourart to me makes some of the best fruit flavors I have tried, but I don’t have much yet to compare to. I have FA Mango, but haven’t mixed with it yet. I may throw it into something tonight.

What I have found with fruit flavors is they are usually better when you pair a couple together. Like TFA Blueberry Extra and TFA Blueberry Wild. I made a recipe with those two and FLV Yogurt that was very good. And FA Strawberry and Capella Sweet Strawberry go well together. Maybe Mango is the same?

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Yes, but it’s incredibly concentrated - You might only need 1% or even 0.5% :smile:

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Yeah, so it’s actually cheaper in the long run.

OK then it goes on the list ty @daath

Lol it just hit me …the star wars …play on words . duuuhhh I’m slow

Now I’m slow - What are you referring to? :smiley:

Daath …or Darth vapor. And lord Vader lord vapor

Aaah :smiley:

See, I misread Daath as Death for like the first two weeks I was on this site. Never saw the Star Wars connect.

Kept wondering why it wouldn’t let me PM you. :grinning:

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Funny thing is, when I signed up here I tried DarthVapor first. But our buddy Darth already beat me to it. So LordVapor it was. Funnier than that, I am more a Trekkie. But I couldn’t think of anything good. DarthVaporus would have been my next choice :blush:

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I mixed up a sample of my FA Mango. I will let you know how it vapes later today. And will update again in a week or so. I am expecting this one to be a good mixer.

@daath, did FA change the name of their Mango? I just got mine and it is called “Costa Rica Special (Mango)”.

Uhm, dunno - sounds like something they’d do - Their strawberry is called Red Touch (Strawberry) etc :smile:

Daath learn about hosting through a tor site and they can’t shut u down.

Moving ELR to the dark web is a bit over the top, I think :smiley: hehe but I like it :smiley: