I want information on Chipsets

I apologise I was afraid I posted in the wrong area…
hypothesis I’d like to present:

Ya know the FSK Intellichip , hmmm well.
I’ve yet to see anywhere what that chipset does that is new/innovative or actually functions better or worse, than a run of the mill YIHI board compatible to a ipv3 li.
The reviewer’s that boast of it,can’t tell any functionality difference either.

It’s sad but it really ‘seems’ that if Quitter,Pro_vapes and I could contract a large scale , small electronic board manufacture cough cough YIHI
Of course with none competition clause & disclosure agreement.
We then hire the “hip Youtubers” to review these items as PROFOUND INNOVATION.
We could call it:
Is our chip stable longevity wise & is our design more “trustable” h& innovative than the Manufacturer we had to hire to produce these for us?
I pose this question because it’s a possible scenario,where in the consumers don’t seem to challenge us on our innovation, is our chipset profound and innovative or did we simply fool a consumer base to profit from Hype?

A YIHI chipset can be programmed with a splash screen and the current limits set per mode & then be a ‘proprietary chip’.Knowing this couldn’t all boards actually be made from one company ‘theoretically’ ? Example:
Sigelei 150 T.C. (yihi sx 330 v.s)
Ipv3s (yihi sx 330 v3s)

This may seem crude,but with so many devices being introduced as ‘new features/technology’ every 2 months,you dont have to be innovative your HYPE has to be innovative.
If any details of this post are mistaken, (minor number & spelling) I apologise


A good place to ask these kind of questions might be : https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenPV#subs

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It is good if you are going to learn about the chipsets. Many chipsets are available. Also they have multiple applications. Can you please specify your requirements? Where you have to use this chipset? Also for what kind of chipset you are looking for?

pcb assembly

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well, this all started for me when i saw 2 different 200 watt box mods, one priced at $90, the other at $160…i figured it must be the chipset, so i wanted to learn, but when i looked, there just wasnt much to be found…
so thats it, i wanna know what makes one chip so much more expensive than the other…i wanna know what the best ones are and why…
thanks for responding!

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Sometimes it’s not the chipset that makes the mod expensive.

It’s the craftsmanship and development time that’s gone into the ergonomic casing.

What metal alloy is used for the housing, what price the plasma cutter or CNC machine was that’s been used to manufacture the box, how much the guy making the boxes has to be paid per day etc etc.

So sometimes it’s not the chip but everything else that can cause a massive price difference between mods.



I’m bumping this because of a recent VapeMail post where someone mentioned buying some extra boards for their mod. As we approach the likely Vapocalyse I see lots of hoarding of cotton and wire and glass and nicotine, but where to shop for replacement boards (in advance) for your mod?

Not sure I’d recommend revisiting all the information above, but this topic may rear it’s ugly head in 2017 when your Cuboid goes …how you say …Tango Uniform :smirk: (TU) How can we be prepared?

In 2017 you should still be able to buy it. 2016 they just can’t introduce new products any more without FDA bribes/blessings. You’ll have another two years to actually buy whats on the market.

My understanding at least.

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Actually 3 years IF within 2 years a PMTA application is filed with the FDA…

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I’ve bought four of these for the looming fda regs.

I’ve yet to install them but with the seven good reviews it has i’m not to worried about performance.

Also there’s this chip avil: https://m.fasttech.com/p/3763901

It doesn’t have as many reviews but the ones it does are great. If you read through the form for it there’s a couple guys that seem to know what they’re talking about that give it high marks also.