I want information on Chipsets

OK, so I’m in learning mode again…I’ve been trying to do some research on mods and feel I need to learn about chipsets first…can anyone point me in the right direction? Feel free to give views and opinions as well…I really feel like this can and will be a pretty serious thread…I will stay tuned as much as possible, but I am at work and my schedule is pretty packed over the next few days…

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I’ll give ya my opinion,in an attempt to get the ball rolling.

DNA200 it’s a well rounded chipset, thing is IMHO it being only upgradable/ presets ,etc , are from a computer interface ( that’s a con).
Evolves chip having the ability to conform to new material/ wire coefficient makes it market stable.

Yihi 350j
Is a great chip, that’s been getting updates for sometime via firmware also is great and makes it market stable,after all who vapes at 120-200 watts non-stop.

The big difference IMHO is in the temperature limiting/control feature of each chip.
Evolves chip functions a bit more smoothly in temperature control ,when hitting target temperature.
Yihi’s Chipset has a pulse modulation feature when reaching temperature.
If you pay close attention you can feel the limiting of the Yihi chip.

Do these differences matter very much in vaping, not really.
Market hype sells more chipsets than function & feature.

That’s my opinion.


Well, thats def a start…they are both great chips, with firmware upgradability, be it thru PC or what have you…do they have wattage caps? As in, whats their wattage range??
And, to completely complicate things, during my research today, I found many other chipsets, but of course getting both sides of the information isn’t always easy…
Chips I found today:
TX TI430
Have you heard of all of these??
I really wish more people with experience, knowledge and opinions would chime in…where is everybody? @daath @pro_vapes @jondamon

Just outta curiosity, looked at the chip in thwarted IPv4s…its a:YIHI SX330-v4SL
Another to add to the list

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I wish I had some info to contribute, but I don’t. There is no perfect chip… only which chip is the more accurate at limiting temps.

If you are looking for a TC mod I’d suggest doing a lot research before you buy it.
You should search youtube on TC mod reviews or TC in general.

I was all for the IPV line of TC mods, but I enjoy the Snow Wolf and Cube II more for my style of vape.

I’m very interested in the DNA200 chip and I probably will be getting one of those in the near future.


YIHI SX350J-V2 is another chip to look at.

I’m a lot like @Pro_vapes though. It’s not the chip itself that concerns me it’s how the device performs in real terms.



the asolo uses a proprietary chip called the
IW 200TC-V01 boasts flavor control as well as
temp control…

code -asolo 89.90


and don’t forget the coming soon cloud maker proprietary Ares chip on the new white out OS version ???


Ya know the thing is that above “chipset list” are chips manufactured, BUT:

Most of them are YIHI chips, that are propriety of manufacturers .
Yiki, makes chips for Pioneer 4 you & asmodus/Snowwolf & I’m sure a few more manufactures ,which are propriety chips made by YIHI.
DNA/ EVOLE doesn’t make chips on a giant volume like YIHI does, which to me is a plus.
Yihi manufactures so many, that it’s propable their research is probably more “on point” stability wise more so than innovation.
A few chips are made that aren’t able to be researched,other than threw user experience of the actual mods because their proprietary.

Some on the list are circuit function like OKR,Raptor…etc.

Just my opinion here but we all should group them accordingly ‘mentally’ so none of this information gets confusing.

only 2 companies sell chipsets Yihi & Evolve & of the 2 companies I trust YIHI more than Evolve,however when it gets down to chipset stability & safety & longevity I’m #TEAMYIHI :smiley:.

For an example the Sigelei 150 t.c. & IPV3 LI have the same Yihi chipsets, however Sigelei didn’t market firmware updates for their chipsets when they contracted/purchased them from YIHI so their yihi chip didn’t get any further research for future updates,which in turn made the Sigelei 150 t.c. obsolete before it was available for retail, IPV did contract Yihi for future updates firmware wise, which made the ipv3 li a superior product.


Good research… now I’m really glad I passed on the Sig 150 TC.

I hope Sig step it up in the future. They make a solid mod, but lacks the functionality of where vaping is going.

IMO anybody that hasn’t made the switch to Ti is missing out on the best part of vaping.

I do understand everybody has a preference… but nothing compares to vaping a Ti coil controlled by TC… NOTHING!


I agree & but really think Uwell Crown changed the market with stainless steel & stainless temperature control was born.l


I can’t dispute SS. I had the Crown before it was popular. IMO Ti edges it out. It’s all about user preference and trust in the end.

Kanthal and Ni is old news. Any wire that has that much influence on taste can’t be good. I’m just glad I saw the light.


IMO there was/is such a paranoia about Ti wire that Ni200 was deemed the best wire for TC. I think TI just stumble into the TC arena because it just happen to work with no technology involved. Advanced vapers are realizing it works better. Now it has become popular.


I agree aswell & like you said Titanium kinda stumbled into the T.C. arena, now Stainless is doing the same.
@Pro_vapes if you get a bit of 316L try twisting the 2 they really work well together.
I tried 1 nickel coil & was like hell no I can taste metal so strong,it can’t be right…lol

Then Grim Green made a statement in a video log & the reviewers on YouTube followed his lead & in 3 days ALL OF THEM deemed nickel questionable & no longer use it & speak negative of it…“sheep”.

I do believe follow your good sence, be I g that titanium & surgical stainless has been used in implants & Titanium super heated for welding, these 2 exposure scenarios are our best guide of harm reduction.
Doesn’t that make sense?

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I read a description the other day on a mod that reads platinum???


I’ll see if I can find it???

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I saw that too! What the?? Is that like high end snobby wire?

hey don’t forget the hohm wrecker with the FSK intellichip

Not that I can afford High End Snobby but I just love that…

High End Snobby Wire

Who’d Thought…


The one that reads platinum is the project subohm freakshow tiny…and the hohm wrecker fsk box mod is very high on my list, I’ll own it one day