I want to give a shout out to the whole forum

Shout out to everyone thank u all for helping me become a better mixer and teaching me about flavors and single flavor test. There are to many name of people and really everyone helped me at rather I got help on forums or just checking other peoples recipes to see percentages it was the whole diy community so thank u all


I’ve seen some of your recipes on the other side. Looks like you got a good grip on things! :+1:


I would like to do the same, tis a great forum with some pretty awesome guys and gals !!!
I have kept every recipe since my start here Jan 2018, a grand total of 414 recipes… I did that so I could keep a track of my journey, good and bad, and learn from my mistakes.
I have slowed down , because I needed to vape the juice I have mixed. Some of the juices, recipes where 6-8 months old, alot of them tasted like crap, and some where just mah !!, I seem to like my juice fresh or 1-6 weeks old. But with alot of these new flavors, fresh is good to me.
But my mixing journey is far from over, still learning and mixing. Also it has become a hobby, one I enjoy very much, Thanks to this Forum, a big Salute ELR !!!


Thank you sir