I want to go RTA

I’ve been vaping on a Triton Mini tank and a 1.8ohm coil and I vape (loose) MTL. Quite happy and content with what I get from it and the coils are not too expensive, they handle my liquids well. So it is all well and good.
However, I see there is an another world to explore. I want to buy a new RTA and start coiling myself and get a taste of it.
I’m looking at buying the Griffin 25 RTA Mini. I don’t want to start off with sub-ohm coils.
I need help and advise regarding what items to buy.

  • Coils - which one? clapton, kanthal. There’s plenty out there which makes it a very daunting task for newbies like me to choose whats good.

  • Wicking cotton - which one and why?

  • building accessories,meters, guides etc.

I usually buy all my stuff from Fasttech and being UK based I don’t know where else to get from.

Thank you all very much.

The Cleito to me is very good, virtually idiot proof… and cheap but is sub ohm. (I only do idiot proof so I don’t set myself on fire)

Can I ask why you do not want to go sub-ohm? I was afraid at first but am much happier with my whole experience at .5 ohm and around 30 Watts.


The Griffin won’t suit you if you have been a MTL vaper up to now, it’s a definite direct lung airy device. It’ll be easy to build on, and you could turn the airflow down a lot to restrict it a little, but that’s a bit pointless.

The Cleito with the RBA section is great, it’s not really suited for MTL either though. But it is easy to build, and you still have the option to use pre-made coils. The whole set from scratch can be dearer than a dedicated RTA though.

I would suggest something like the Mage, it’s a tidy little RTA that’s more aimed at flavor chasers than ‘clouds brah!’ - it’s easy to build too once you get the hang of it.


The Augvape Merlin is a pretty nice mtl tank and easy to build on. Suitable for one and two coils. If you would like a direct lung hit you can unscrew the airflow adapter at the bottom so you’ve got both options. Once you get a tank that you like, just search for it on Youtube and you will get plenty people reviewing, building and wicking on that particular tank.
Just start with simple coils to get the basics. Building a coil is the same no matter what wire you’re using. Once you get the basics down you can go for the fancy stuff if you like :grinning:
Uk wire shop; http://vape-atomizer-mesh.com


I agree with uncaged…if you really want to stay around the 1.0 to 1.8 ohm range and MTL you may like the kayfun v5. The authentic is spendy and would not recomend at that price point if you are not sure. But there are some clones out there that can get you started.

They say you can do a direct lung inhale that is restricted…but oh boy is it restricted. So that is probably the route you may want to go. Plus there is enough space to fit a Clapton build in there. And build a 0.5ohm coil as well.


I agree with @Chrispdx the Kayfun v5 is easy to build Check out … Best Kayfun Clone…thread and look at the videos :+1:

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Because I am not sure if I can handle a lot of cloud that sub-ohms produce. Also being MTL, I want to push towards sub-ohm gradually if I have to rather than dive in the deep end straight away. Hope it makes sense and my thinking is right.

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As always I really appreciate the info by you all. I’ll take a look at the Kayfun v5.

I think I read or saw somewhere that one can put in an air flow restrictor in this tank to aid MTL vapers. Is that right? And what do you guys think of the Kayfun v5 mini vs the kayfun v5 standard. I am used to small tanks so I am leaning towards a mini clone.

@Rob62 thanks sir for sharing the link to the Kayfun v5 clone thread too.
I’ll take a look at this video too Best Kayfun Clone


Personal choice…have you tried it though?

I have to say I highly rate the Ijoy Tornado Nano. Its compact, has loads of accessories and the deck is really nice to build on. Its my first time building and wicking coils and I have had no issues using the tornado. There is no juice control but with the right wicking I’ve had no real leaking issues.
The vape from it is excellent and I chain vape all day and I’ve never had any dry hits, so much so I’ve another on order,
Hope that helps!!

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I was tempted by that one, but went with the Coilart Mage RTA, I believe they have very similar decks. All I know is the Mage is great

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I just watched a review for the Coilart today and I have too say it looks like a great atomiser. It seems to be very similar and I will get one, but the Ijoy was my first RTA and will now be my second too as I’ve another on order lol…the Mage will be my third!!

Everyone has to do what they feel is right and the truth is recipes need adjustment when you go sub ohm. I had to re-mix all my staples but now… wow better, better betterer.

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I have a few Rta’s and I have two that I always seem to go back to. The kanger sub tank mini, and the UD Bellus. The kanger subtank mini is a great little tank for carrying around going down the pub with. I have a little Clapton coil on mine now and it vapes great on just 18-20w, so you can use it all day long. The bellus is another great tank IMO, it’s easy to build reasonably size duel coils and has great flavour