Ice cream, sorbets and other frozen desserts

Hey nice people, we seem to like to make our own stuff here and we are all sitting on a metric ton of food safe flavourings (actually, even VG and PG have their place here).

So, obsessive little me got an ice cream maker – one of the cheap frozen bowls type ones – for my birthday, and we (the ice cream maker and I) are experimenting.
See, as I internally process lactose in a manner not dissimilar to mech mod on a wet day*, the options are a bit limited for me otherwise.

I have been reading quite a lot on the subject and know that hydrocolloids are complicated** but fun ***. And my first attemts do show the need to research bases and techniques; taste is surprisingly easy to achieve but texture/scoopability, refrost properties after scooping hard.

Anyone gone the same route and experimented with flavours/additives on this front ?
I take any general recipe advice as well.

*explosively outgasing :tada::hear_no_evil: – completely free jab at the mech mod people, indeed




One of my favorite “additives” on a good plain vanilla ice cream is a dash of Angostura Bitters … it won’t change the recipe, consistency or anything like that, but it’s like a little angel peeing on your tongue.


How intolerant of you! :wink:

I tried making some ice creams in the past but i have a hand crank device and can no longer crank the dern thing. I had three of four attempts at an eggnog ice cream using Lorann in one, TPA in another and a combination of both. Never really liked it is much as using homemade or store bought eggnog.

Hard candy tho, i love to make hard candy with this stuff.


Intolerance to lactose and mechs might be linked ?
Give us a recipe for the hard stuff. I am curious now! This thread is hijack friendly and I can edit the title!
I am eying starch based loukum as well. The whole stabiliser game is lots of fun.

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