Iceland parliament had a meeting today about the TPD

It looks like they are going our way (hopefully)

They do speak English, don’t worry :grinning:

I got word from my friend Dr Guðmundur Karl Snæbjörnsson MD that the parliament of Iceland could potentially reject the corrupt TPD regulations in Europe that were pushed by the Big Pharma industry lobbyists.

Today in less than an hour, we will have our Iceland Premiere with multiple members of Parliament in attendance. Afterwards, there will be various health experts speaking, including Prof John Britton, Prof Peter Hajek, Prof Linda Bauld, and Mr. Clive Bates.

The discussion will be streamed live here on this website starting at noon in Washington DC and 17:00 in Brussels.

If we can get the truth to these legislators, the first domino will fall in Europe. We already saw New Zealand reverse course, and I’m confident we can do it again.

The first parliament in the world was created in 930 AD in Iceland. I’m confident this parliament will be just as forward thinking today.

You will be able to take part and ask questions by joining in on the discussion via Twitter and Facebook. Follow us here on Twitter to get updates.

Wish us luck!
Aaron Biebert


It is refreshing to see a parliament asking sensible questions about vaping before they start implementing regulations.


I got that email about it earlier but I wasn’t around to watch it live. I’ll catch up on it tomorrow.


I missed the whole thing, but wouldn’t it be great to see the TPD fall on its ass before it kicked off really well.
If Iceland could achieve this and put something in motion, that would be bliss


Fingers crossed for all of you. Hopefully this will be the first domino to fall.


Thank You for sharing this. It was the best 1hr and 10 mins I have spent at my computer as of lately. I live in Germany and am a new Vaper. 46 days ago made the switch. I just hope that the TPD does fail as this has been the ONLY thing that has helped me quit smoking habit of 23 years. There are times where I just want to scream from the mountain tops in frustration about government trying to save me from myself from things that MAY be harmful yet do little to nothing about saving me from things that CAN harm me. As I said Thank You for sharing. :wink:


Congratulations on making the switch and improving your life right away and welcome to the forum too. You’ll find this to be one of the best and most helpful forums there is, and with some of the best people.
If you have the time I would urge you to write an email to your minister for health and your local government representative. Tell them what you just said and include the link above in your email.
I spent a lot of time last night emailing every single member of our Joint Committee for Health here in Ireland and got a reply a while ago the it will be raised with the members today.


Thanks for the idea. As German is NOT my native tongue I think I may ask my husband for a bit of help and do so.


All that matters is that it gets done, and by as many people as possible :wink: