Icing On Top

I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on adding an ‘icing’ type of flavor to a cinnamon roll. I’m new to DIY and stock is still limited so I know I should look into some type of sweeteners. I’ve tried a few combinations to give the icing type flavor but I feel like I’m muting the cinnamon more than anything. Would a sweetener help this? I’ve tried a few combinations of blending marshmallow CAP and sugar cookie CAP. I mixed up a variation of a sugar bear clone came out great. Tried to up the cinnamon and wasn’t sweet enough but seems the more I try to counter the cinnamon the more muted everything becomes.

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I have heard good things about LA Cream Cheese Icing! :wink:


Try using either the LA cream cheese icing 2-3% or Meringue FA typically in the 1- 1.50%

example ( although I used a bit more meringue)

Lemon cake icing

Ingredient %
Butter Cream (FW) 0.5
Custard (FA) 2
lemon delosi 3
Meringue (FA) 1.7
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) 4

Flavor total: 11.2%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

This taste just like lemon frosting I swear I could cry when I first tasted it lol :smiley: I’m a flavor fanatic so it’s my fav of the week. crazy sweet though

As far as the cinnamon goes most cinnamon flavors ( cinnamon roll LA , cinnamon danish swirl TFA are weak in the % department and actually your right any further addition of flavors tend to mute the original top note of the cinnamon most of the time I add a tad of cinnamon ceylon FA it is a hardy true cinnamon and stands up well to other bold flavors. ) you may look into getting it so you can more freely add what you like to your cinnamon mixes and not worry about the cinnamon being buried.


I think Flavorah’s Rich Cinnamon has dethroned Cinnamon Ceylon for me, which is crazy cuz I loooooove Cinnamon Ceylon. But, you can’t go wrong with either and if you’re looking for a true bakery cinnamon, like @Amy2 said, that’s the way to go.

As for icing, I can’t really help ya there. I don’t have anything that’s really even close to icing, although I’ve been meaning to get some cream cheese icing. FA Joy might work in small amounts…it gives kind of a powdered sugar vibe, but it can quickly get overpowering so go easy if you go that route.


Hi what is lemon delosi I never heard of …ant substitute ? Thanks so much

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Need to check out:

I did not know either. This site is well written. Strike that, brilliantly written. Went to:
Recipes >Resource List >Flavors on the drop down and typed in “lemon delsi”.
It told me it was a flavor by a blender.
One of @JoJo 's tips was to learn the site backwards and forwards. It’s a somewhat steep learning curve but pays off handsomely. I’m still finding tons of info and I thought I was getting pretty close to know all the sites capabilities. Many thanks to JoJo’s tips. :blush:


Hun thank you very much . Never heard of it​:scream_cat::scream_cat:… But looking interesting.
Have you tried other flavors beyond this. I’m looking for a great lemon hope this does it… Jojo is a blessing !!
Thank you again Karen


Hey Karen ! Lemon by Delosi is a very bold zippy lemon very very rich awesome for your bakeries ! You can also get them at Nicotine labs



Have been so much help to me thank you…
I will deff get it. An try off other sight…
But what is difference of these flavors are the more a home made blend from company.,

Plus one more question. Say if I’m making recipe that just needs a nice creamy finish with out over loading ending flavor of vanilia or . Custard notes. What’s good base to bring out creaminess for any desert…,
Thanks for much appreciated help…

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well meringue always will bring out a cream note as well as marshmallow in the 2% range as well as any creams like sweet cream Cap’s, TFA, FW they’re all really good. Custard FA is more of a lemon custard and fresh cream FA is just a cream note without any flavoring added just cream so this will most likely be of best interest to you if you do not want any flavoring in the cream. And thank you, that is nice of you but I am just helping I was once new myself :wink:

oh you said bakery…dulce de leche , tres leche, orange cream, cream cheese icing, cheese cake all these help with creaminess I love Hangsen’s Italian cream it is a sharp stern cream that has been referred to as mascarpone it is a heavy heavy cream note, also Taro could be used in a bakery or ice cream type bakery as well.


Do I get the lemon lime or just the reg lemon one

I didn’t get rich cinnamon I got cinnamon crunch :frowning: oh well something to look forward to trying! Thanks 4 the tip.


just the lemon.
while your at it if you have the means …their honeydew, watermelon, strawberry and mocha are top notch. I really like their banana too but TFA’s banana is very good as well as FA’s.

**** I am sorry my link went to the lemon lime, I meant for it to be the Lemon flavor. ( fixed it :smiley:)



Thank you I’ll have to try the cream cheese icing and see how that goes. I’ve noticed the meringue pretty often and its definitely on my list of flavors. As for cinnamon I’ve heard the flavorah is a must. I love cinnamon vapes so anything to help bump the flavor is worth trying. Thanks everyone I will definitely try and see what I can come up with.
I’m not sure if anyone has tried The Shrine by The Originals but it really reminds of a fresh bakery cinnamon roll with icing. I’d like to be able to do something with even half as good of flavor it’s some really good stuff!
Thanks again for the tips!

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Any you have been so inspirationalal. I’ve been doing well . I’m now trying to get the strawberry to come an shine. I’ve tried passion fruit which seems to help bring the strawberry out. It’s such a mild flavor . I have the sweet , ripe . I missed the one at wizards for 1,29 . All strawberrys were gone.
But there must be a way to make it pop besides the passion fruit.
I’m going with strawberry yogurt. I have yogurt. Adding fresh cream, maybe vanilla swirl. I know strawberry needs to sit. But is always left behind in end. You know less us better.
Hope all is going well with you .
Maybe send me right direction on where to look …
Ty Karen


Hi Karen I didn’t notice this post until now. There is a trick to strawberry juices in making them " pop " the general rule is use a sweet strawberry at your percentage and then follow it with ripe at about 1/3rd of what you used the main strawberry.

Strawberries are 1 of my favorite profiles ! Sweet, sweet strawberry flavors are :

sweet strawberry capella’s
Strawberry natural By Lor Ann
Strawberry delosi
Strawberry Northwest flavors ( ecigexpress) All VG based
Strawberry FW

I also have found that adding lemon will make it more bright as well as Pink champagne FW (love it )

Sorry so long I just love strawberries !!!


FA Vienna Cream is an absolute must have flavor for me. I love it. And I am kinda surprised it wasn’t mentioned already. I could vape it by itself, and I have actually.

This is a good thread. Amy, lots of info I needed to know on the strawberries and other stuff. Thanks!

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When i want to help my strawberries i add a smidge of pineapple to it very little. As ripe strawberries have a slight pineapple note to them, but its easy to overdo the pineapple as strawberry is a fragile flavor more so if they are with some creams.

I think I noticed you like strawberry​:strawberry::strawberry::strawberry:
Found Tfa ,caps and inw strawberry with dragonfruit
Taste like a fresh strawberry fresh clean…
But you knew this
But I’m working on these …:strawberry:

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Yep you know me well so far ! I love all strawberries and dragon fruit n with them paired I’ll generally throw in a melon of sorts and sometimes a lime or lemon good stuff. I can’t wait to see what you come up with now that you got the correct syringes and have it down to where your feeling comfortable.

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