I'd like to start my journey in the DIY e-liquids world :D

isnt flavour art an italian company ?? if its possible to buy direct from them its where i would start overall its probably my favorite company , for VG and PG and NiC i wouldnt know


I think you are correct. I do feel @overspin89 needs to find something similar to nicotine river, wizard labs or bull city vapor where many company’s flavors can be purchased. He should not limit the recipes to only one company’s flavors as a beginner. My opinion of course…


i think you are correct as well :wink: it seems from reading there is a company named darkstar that seems popular in europe allow me to call on @Lolly or @norseman @DrChud for a bit of help they also guide you on laws and new regs that seem to be looming


Looks like Pink-Mule can be a good place to start out for you. Danish company, but they ship from Spain.



What an exciting journey you have ahead!! ALWAYS remember: making juice is an art not a science! Oh, and get a notebook and a pencil with a giant eraser!


Could check out:


Don’t forget to start off your DIY and even ELR journey on the right foot. Here are some threads to help…

That’s a lot of reading. But take your time, take a step at a time, and you’ll soon be whipping up magic.


Here I am!


https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/ Do a very wide range of concentrates and ship to Europe.

https://www.darkstarvapour.co.uk/ Now ship to Europe but the nicotine is now in the TPD size of 10ml/18mg/ml strength.

http://www.lubrisolve.com/ Do great vg and pg and also some concentrates of their own (not tried them personally).

Shipping charges I am unsure of as I am based in the UK, so local postage applies.

I know @Norseman orders from Chefs Flavours so he may be able to assist.

And @DrChud is definitely our resident TPD Guru so any questions you have in relation to the new regulations, I am sure he will be happy to assist.

And finally…welcome to the best place on the net! Good to have you here :grin:


You can join but you may never leave…


Yeah i order from chefs among others for flavors and i have had absolutely no issues with them. They might be real slow to answer any emails if they even reply but besides that i always get what i ordered and in a decent time frame.
Shipping costs for me is £3.75 and thats not tracked. Tracked shipping would cost you more.

I also use http://www.flavourart.co.uk/ for pure FA orders and i can get anything in 10, 50 and 100ml bottles.

Never used Darkstar so i can’t say anything about them and they kinda got to be of non interest to me now since i can’t order nic in proper sized bottles and high MG due to the TPD bullshit.


Wow, thank you everyone for your replies I think i’mma read every suggested thread and visit every site you suggested me and as soon as I have any doubt you’ll hear me again (surely :joy:)
Thanks everyone!


As @Brotherbob1 said; check out the resource page there are also discount codes you can use for a couple of places.


Yeah, POTV gives you 10% off at https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/
Forgot to mention that.


Before you buy your concentrates find a recipe you want to make. Do you like fruits? Drinks? Desserts? Custards? When I first started I picked a highly rated recipe from here and made it. I found jumping straight into creating my own juices was not the best approach.


I didnt do single flavor recipes. I wasted lots of juice because I was basically guessing at percentages for each flavor. I took the long route to perfecting recipes. I have to agree that starting with single flavor mixing is more organized and helpful for starting out.

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i always forget your in europe , i dont know why but i always think your here in the states

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That’s totally fine - you can place me wherever you’d like @fidalgo_vapes But I think I like it better over here though lol :slight_smile:


Hello overspin89!

  1. Do what @SthrnMixer says.

  2. Get to know how to use this database and read the notes on the flavors for your percentages.

  3. Before you spend any money, buy the flavors you need to make 2 or 3 recipes that are highly rated by many people in your flavor profile. If you go off trying to make your own recipes before you understand basic things you’ll just get mad for spending the money, throw your mod across the room … well you get the picture.

  4. There are no stupid questions. 99.9% of the people on this site will help you and not make fun of you.


Everything that she said. You picked a great group here with this lot. Some amazing people and very helpful! Be patient, learn what you can, listen to these fine folks, and you’ll be impressing yourself before long!

Almost forgot, @anon60225325 prefers to be called sir :rofl:


Hi everyone I’m here again :sweat_smile:
I did some research and I found out that flavour art gives out nice flavours with quite cheap expedition (5€), so I started to search for some nice recipe and I ended up making my own one (with some inspiration of course). I loved this one e-juice I used to vape 70/30 Fresh Mango and also I love tropical fruits so I got this idea:
75% VG
15% PG
5% Mango [FA]
3% Pineapple [FA]
2% Polar Blast [FA]
I like 0mg nic for best flavour and low throat hit
What do you think about this? Should I adjust some percentages? Thanks again
Also: should I use higher flavour percentages with a higher VG ratio to keep the flavour all right?

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