IDE Flavor Concentrates E-liquids Flavors

Hi Everyone!
We offer highly concentrated flavors at reasonable price, please visit us at or and mention ELR to get 10% OFF on any purchase.
All our flavors are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl FREE!

Thank you!


Welcome @Ide_Flavors!

Hope to be trying a few more of your flavors soon; the six I have so far are pretty darn tasty. So far, I can say that all six actually taste like the name on the bottle, without a pungent chemical taste as most flavoring. Perhaps the steep time involved with vape mixes will be reduced with using IDE flavors! Your Irish cream is spot on and will sure to be a fav with many vapers.

Thanks for the discount and reasonable prices!

Always nice to have options. I can’t wait to try a few. Are there any reviews anywhere that anyone knows about? Guess I could order a few and give it a go. hehe Thanks for the discount code as well IDE!!

@Pro_Vapes started a thread with tasting notes here:


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Awesome ! Thanks for the discount code I’m excited to try out some of these ! And welcome to the forum :blush:

Welcome! I can’t wait to try some of your flavors. :smile: Thanks for the coupon code! Discounts rock! LoL

Here’s a big Thank You! to Ismael Ide of IDE flavors! @Ide_Flavors; The thank you is for providing a quality product at a $ Reasonable Price $ and awesome customer service!

I’m also Loving the fact that you provide your flavoring in totally recyclable and/or reusable glass containers w/ childproof dripper tops. Very cool!

Keep up the great work @Ide_Flavors. We mixers love what you’re doing for us!