IDE Vapor Tasting Notes

I have a question for the more experienced mixers. While doing my tasting notes on the Dragon Fruit - All Natural @ 5%, it was way to perfumey. I’ve been diluting the cotton with straight VG and the perfume taste is leaving and the flavor is gettitng better and better. This flavor is great and I have saturated the cotton 5 times. I’m figuring this to be a 1 or 2% standalone. Does this sound about right to you. I’ve been vaping about 15 min on my initial flavor drip that has been saturated 5 times and still going.

Edit: I steeped this for 1 week, 50/50 pg/vg @6mg nic… I test as I vape
After 8 dilutions I"m down to no perfume and just flavor. Real good flavor on this one.


Sounds good to me - I’d say around 1.5% as well!


IDE Vapor Tasting Notes
Packaging: Glass bottle and dripper, plastic and rubber childproof cap, white printed label.
Test Parameters: Dark Horse RDA, .3ohm Staggered Fused Clapton with organic cotton wick @ 42w. I test as I vape daily.
2 Hr Hot Ultrasonic Bath and a 1 week steep
50/50 pg/vg 6 mg nic

Email from IDE Vapors:
Thank you Mr Gregory!

We look forward to your feedback!

We are trying to change this game by providing the safest product to protect our customers.

Unlike our competitors, we manufacture our flavors which give us the ability to tweak a flavor or tailor new flavor for a specific customer or provide any technical support a customer may need.

As I mentioned on the website our flavors are free of the following:


Acetyl Propionyl

Aldehyde or Formaldehyde


Acidic acid

Formic Acid

Methyl Sulfide

And 30 other negative ingredients for inhalation that we can disclose for competitive advantages.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our flavors.



#Dragon Fruit All Natural - tested @ 5% ?/5

Used in a mix and it came out very perfumey. Retesting and will post results later.

Blueberry-Pancake – tested @ 5% 3/5

Finger Taste – Blueberry and Pepper
Color in Bottle – A light pinkish orange
Smell – Blueberry Mapley

1st Taste Some Blueberry and Maple. Slightly sweet and maybe pancake or something. A little pepper taste
2nd Taste It’s mild @ 5% blueberry and maple is dominant and still a slight pepper… I’m just not getting pancake.
3rd Taste Increased to 7% - full blueberry and maple with a little sweetness… pancake isn’t very noticeable and still a little peppery not as much as before. This may steep out.

Recommendations – 7-10% single flavor 4-7% mixer. Add waffle or cookie to complete the mix.
Enhance with cream or custard for a better mouth feel.
A hearty blueberry maple mix with a pleasant taste.
Steep Time 1 week

#Strawberry Cream-All Natural – tested @ 5% 5/5
Finger Taste – Very Tasty… Like S&C should taste
Color in Bottle - Light, Light Pink… Almost Clear
Smell in Bottle – Very good strawberry smell

1st Taste – A little light on flavor, may be good for those that don’t like a heavy flavor vape… I’m the opposite. Good ripe strawberry flavor with an ample cream background. For a blended mix this % is good. Excellent cream in this flavor. Mouth feel is on point. No extra cream is needed for this one. No candy flavor… Real Strawberry.
2nd Taste – increased to 8% - Flavor at 8% is where I like it. This is definitely one of the better strawberries I’ve vaped. No off flavors and excellent mouth feel. This is the taste of a fresh ripe strawberry and the cream is right on point. This could be a strawberry lovers ADV. 5 Star Flavor. Some S&C I”ve tried need an extra shot of strawberry to boost it… this one doesn’t. Even @ 7% this can be standalone vape. Congrat IDE for a proper S&C I love this one.
3rd Taste – not needed.
Recommendations – 6-8% Standalone, 3-5% as Mixer. Use as you would any other S&C. I don’t see a reason for any boosters or enhancers for this flavor.

Steep - 1 wk or less. This may be a shake n Vape… Test for yourself.

#Pink Guava – All Natural – tested @ 5% 3/5
Finger Taste – Pleasant Guava taste, not overpowering
Color in Bottle – Clear
Smell in Bottle – Strong Guava scent. not chemically

1st Taste – Slightly mild taste at 5%, a little milder than I like. Good taste, no chemical taste. Sweetness is on point. Again another fresh vape. I can see this paired with melons.
2nd Taste – Increased to 7% - @ 7% I do get a slight chemical taste. The flavor is a little much at this point. 6% should be the sweet spot.
3rd Taste – reduced to 6% and the flavor pops here. It may require a 2wk steep. Just the slightest chemical note that should steep away or get lost when mixed with other flavors. Just slightly above average flavor. Not my cup of tea for a standalone but should make a good mixer.

Recommendations – 6% Standalone, 3-5% as a mixer. Should go well with melons or other fruits.

#Blue Raspberry – tested @ 5% 1/5
Finger Taste – Mild Raspberry dominant Taste
Color in Bottle – Clear
Smell in Bottle – Strong Raspberry smell

1st Taste – I’m not impressed with this flavor.
2nd Taste – I tried it @ 10% and I just don’t know where this is going. It’s just not good.
3rd Taste – increased to 15% - I am getting some flavor but it doesn’t remind me of Blue Raspberry. I do get some Blueberry, but the Raspberry is off IMO.

Recommendation – You figure this one out.
I’ll leave it to steep a while and see what happens. If it changes I’ll post it later.

#Fruity Cereal Tricks – tested @ 5% 2/5
Finger Taste – I’m getting Orange and Strawberry
Color In Bottle – Caramel Color
Smell in Bottle – A nice smell but I can’t separate the flavors.

1st Taste – A little mild but I can taste flavors well. Orange is leading, with a dash of strawberry. I know there’s more to this but I place a finger on them. It does remind me of Trix Cereal but only mild.
2nd Taste – Increased to 7% - Taste is still a little mild but it’s a good taste. No off notes still.
3rd Taste – Increased to 10% - It’s lacking some flavor. Not much change between 7 – 10%.
4th Taste – I’m @ 12% and not a lot of difference from 7%. At this point there is no value to this flavor. It’s not a bad flavor but there is no WOW factor to it.

Recommendation – It had a lot of promise @ 5% but I’m not getting any more flavor as I increase %. This flavor need support to make it pop. I do get Orange and Strawberry but not much else. It’s definitely lacking something.

#Birthday Cake – tested @ 5% 3/5
Finger Taste – Strong taste of an Iced Birthday Cake also a peppery note
Color In Bottle – Light Pinkish orange
Smell In Bottle – Fresh Cake with Icing

1st Taste – Again weak @ 5%. I’m getting a Birthday Cake note
2nd Taste – I increased it to 10%. Flavor is much better. The cake and icing is prominent now and very good. IMO the FW Yellow Cake is better though. It may get better @ higher %, but 10% is beyond my limit. I use FW @ 3-6% and I’m happy with that.

Recommendations – FW Yellow Cake

#Milk & Honey – tested @ 5% 5/5
Finger Taste – Strong Cat Piss
Color In Bottle – Pinkish Orange
Smell In Bottle - Strong Cat Piss

1st Taste – No off taste that I expected. Very pleasant vape. A mild milk taste and sweet honey background note. Much better than I expected. 5% is good with this one. Smooth flavor that’s not overbearing. A nice sweet creamy note.
2nd Taste – Still the same as the first. I really think this would get even better with more steep. Most honey that I have read about required and extended steep. IDE did right by this flavor.

Recommendations: 5% Standaloe, 3-5% Mixer

2 week steep minimum. Steep well to avoid the dreaded cat urine vape. This could be used as a standalone, but it would be better as a mixer. It will make a good mixer for bitter fruits, a creamy sweet honey note to bakery and tobacco mixes.

I have two more to review … I get to them later.

I do highly recommend :

Dragon Fruit All Natural is the best I’ve tasted and the % is super low, 1-2%

Strawberry Cream-All Natural is winner in my book. This is the only S&C I’ve tried that can be a standalone at 5%. It has a the best strawberry flavor I’ve had with a custard mouth feel. I will be ordering these two.

Milk & Honey is an excellent mixer when you want add a creamy sweet note to a mix. Also it’s a low % flavor.


From emails I’ve received he says they make their own and are will to customize flavors.

I placed my first order with IDE to see how the shipping goes. I recieved my other samples in 4 days. over the weekend. If this is the same Strawberry that’s in their Strawberries and cream I’ll be very happy.

they are in greensboro I think.

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IDE Vapors, LLC
2702 Zola Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27205

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Do you think his line is similar to flavorah.

Great notes! They’re free of all the usual suspects - but do you know if any of them contain butyric acid?

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I just emailed the company a few minute ago about this exact question. We’ll see!

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He seems pretty open… Send an Email.

Well, quick response:
Dear Jim,
Thank you for registering with us, here at Ide Vapors you will receive no less than excellent customer service!
Our Vanilla Custard does not contain Butytric acid; Diacetyl or Acethyl Propinyl.
Please let us if there anything we can further assist you with.

Best regards,

From: Contact Form
Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2015 8:31 PM
To: Ismael Ide

Just curious if the vanilla custard contains butyric acid? I have had a few TFA flavors which revolve around the custard family and the butyric acid in the product kills it for me.

Warmest regards,

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I sent him another email concerning his nicotine. It’s EU sourced; kinda wondering if he sells the same ChemNovatic nicotine which Vapers Tek sells. The pricing structure points in that direction.

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Nicotine question answered:

Hi Jim,
Thank you for you inquiry,
The nicotine we are using is also European grade but the Interchem brand.
In the wake of the new NC law and for safety reasons,we can only sale our Nicotine products as wholesale, we will require that you provide a tax ID#.

Thank you,

Oh well, too bad, I was hoping for someone in NC to sell me nicotine. Not so much anymore!

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@Josephine_van_Rijn…I’m so weak! ; )

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you make me feel sooooooo strong, haven’t ordered a single thing today!

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:sob: So :sob: Am :sob: I :sob:







Thanks @JoJo for reminding me I didn’t have anything Yummy in my stash. I held out one lousy day!!

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LOLOL I mean…oh @Josephine_van_Rijn I’m so sorry to have tempted you and led you astray. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Your weakness is my gain. Muahahaha.


You assume I will put a review up, now what if I don’t! Muahahaha :smirk:


#Vanilla Custard - All Natural – tested @ 5% - 10 day steep 4/5
(My rating may change with a good steep. I will test with other flavors)

Finger Taste – Sharp Peppery Vanilla
Color In Bottle – Caramel Color
Smell In Bottle - Very Mild Slight Vanilla

1st Taste – @ 5% - I’ve never made a standalone VC so it’s hard to judge. I don’t get much flavor at all. Which could be good or bad. At 5% if you want a flavorful Custard then you won’t get that. What I get is a good Custard mouth feel with some thickness to the vape. Just a little harshness which will probably go away after a good steep.

2nd Taste – Increased to 8% - At this level I can taste a mild Vanilla with just a little lemony back end. Actually a good flavor. No peppery aftertaste or off flavors at all. Mouth feel is more prominent and it has a thickness creaminess to the vape. I could vape this alone but not an ADV. It seems to do what custards are intended.

The more I vape this ,the more I llike it.

Recommendations: 8% Standalone, 7% or less as a Mixer. Use as you would any custard.

2 week steep minimum to smooth the slight harshness.