If FLV is Mercedes, then what is FA, CAP, FW, INW, VTA?

Is anyone else relating DIY brands to car manufacturers? Note: this is purely my vision; my ratings may differ enormously to yours; i rated brands based on my own experience, hundreds of hours spent on forums, youtube and noted.


Medicine Flower – Bentley, Electric powered

  • extremely expensive, but extremely reliable, most flavors are a step or two above the competition
  • extremely low amounts needed for a ride, but they need a very experienced driver (hard to mix) and a very patient driver (long steeping).
  • note: avoid if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing and why exactly would you need them


FLV – Mercedes hybrid

  • expensive, but very reliable, lots of their flavors are best in the class, most are way above the average
  • very low amounts needed for a ride
  • not ideal for newbies, but experienced drivers can’t imagine having many of them.
  • they would be 5 stars in my book if their flavors would be more diesel rather than hybrid (not so concentrated but rather easier to mix and more affordable).
  • go for it if your budget allows and if you’re making 80k km per year; avoid if you are a weekend driver or a newbie (unless you’re under supervision of a very experienced driver like @anon84779643 ofc)

WF – Mini Cooper benzin self-driving

  • cheap, quite reliable, most of their flavors are way above the average
  • higher amounts often needed
  • note: i added a half star on top because they are cheap and they offer a safe ride for less experienced drivers, flavors are very forgiving and many WF’s are good enough for vaping solo (self-driving).
  • not that many totally indispensable flavors for DIY-ers, but lots of their flavors will make your driving much more enjoyable.
  • great for newbies and pretty useful for experienced drivers; great entry for those coming from one-shots


FA – Volvo diesel

  • price above the average, reliable, several top flavors, most of their flavors are above the average
  • low amounts needed
  • note: quite reliable, does what it supposed to do, very solid rides, but not that spectacular these days

INW – Range Rover diesel

  • price under the average; several must-haves, most of their flavors are above the average
  • low amounts needed
  • note: interestingly, they drive best on the most difficult terrains, where others fail (vanilla, custard, strawberry, cheesecake, tobaccos), but often they don’t shine that much under easier conditions


MB – Jaguar convertible benzin

  • overpriced, not that many must-haves
  • high amounts needed for a ride
  • note: funky, wanna be a star, but often not delivering all that
  • ok for rookies, but keep in mind the high cost per 1km drive. More experienced drivers will not desperately need many of their vehicles

VTA – Opel benzin

  • price above the average; several winners
  • higher than average amounts needed
  • note: they offer some spectacular drives, that others don’t
  • not best for rookies, but pretty useful building blocks for more experienced drivers

CAP – VW Benzin

  • cheap, some top flavors, most of their flavors are below average
  • higher amounts needed for a ride
  • note: fairly good overall, but too often the competition is better
  • great playground for newbies; easy drive in almost all directions, but eventually you will want to reach for more spectacular rides; experienced drivers would probably use about 15 of their flavors


FW – Fiat benzin

  • very cheap, some top flavors, most of their flavors are below average, lots of misses
  • high amounts needed
  • great entry for newbies; easy drive in almost all directions, experienced drivers would use about 15 of their flavors

TFA – Renault benzin

  • very cheap, some top flavors, most of their flavors are below average, lots of misses
  • high amounts needed
  • great entry for newbies; easy drive in almost all directions, experienced drivers would use about 15 of their flavors


OOO, SA, LA, RF – Buggy, for adventurers only

  • cheap or very cheap (except RF), only a few flavors are top, most are way below average, lots of misses
  • high amounts needed (except RFSC)
  • note: be picky, be very picky. Know what you’re buying and why.
  • not best for rookies, experienced drivers would use up to 5 of their flavors

This thread is just for fun. Don’t take it too seriously.


That’s what I love the most about DIY mixing. How wholly dependent and dynamic it is based on one’s own preferences. And it’s also the singularly most frustrating aspect as well because it absolutely mandates individual user testing. Someone’s Bentley is another one’s Fiat. Neither is wrong to have the opinion either!


:coffee: :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue::racing_car: haha

Actually I find that I can teach a newbie so much easier than a mixer with even a couple years experience… I am going to say I assume it is due to lack of hang ups… assumptions is what kills the black cat crossing the street :stuck_out_tongue:

cute thinking tho… pretty much spot on! :slight_smile: :+1:


Thx Smoky. I totally believe you that teaching newbies is easier. I was also using my flv too high (but almost all of those flavors were still exceptional, so i thought i am doing it right. probably not the only one. lol). I plan to buy some new toys soon and the first thing i plan to do is to make extensive solo testing and try some of your recipes. Thx for sharing your knowledge.


You are not… but if you can remember to do your solos and take notes… remember this, even one drop can and will change a recipe.

More than welcome, I hope you will have a lot of fun, @Mikser … if ya need any help, just post up! :tada: :crazy_face:


Do your have a flavor concentrate for Ford, just kidding I vape a Chevy😎


Well… There are quite a few things wrong with your car analogy but electric Bentley? :sneezing_face:
I suggest you watch a couple of seasons of top gear to get your cars lined up properly :grin::+1:


But ofc. That could be Purilum (benzin ofc). :grinning:


I should explain what i meant with the brand and what power is used.

For the brand i tried to find an equivalent among the car based on how we often visualise them (like bentley something extra luxurious and expensive, mercedes reliable and comfortable, range rover for the most difficult terrains, volvo for safety, etc); plus had the price of cars in my mind while comparing with the price of concentrates here ofc.

Benzin means you need very high amounts for your mix, diesel low amounts, hybrid very low amounts and electric powered extremely low amounts of flavor for your mix.

Adding brands there is just for fun. I’m watching top gear here and there, but not sure what you meant with electric bentley. What’s wrong with this one?


It’s not a truck :stuck_out_tongue: (haha) :crazy_face: :racing_car:


Truck? Not sure what you mean Smoky? Bad_Influence was questioning electric bentley there.


You need to add a truck category lmao… or make the flv a truck :stuck_out_tongue:
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I dont know much about cars, but I agree with the placement except I would switch the FA with WF LOL


And he continues to do so…


Judging by the results of some of my recipes, I’m riding a bicycle here😢


Is ok Rocky… fruits are not really my forte… I do have a few good ones, but my desserts, nuts, creams and tobaccos… I should have a big big truck lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a banana nut butter custard atm… I am currently all sucky sucky empty the bottle hurry up before I post recipe oh no cant post recipe but this is just too good not to talk about its got that slight nana taste the nutty bit and the sticky caramel that just glues itself to the roof of your mouth while oozy cream goes down the back of your throat begging for more more more!! :crazy_face: ooops… there it goes!! :coffee::grin::crazy_face::racing_car::+1:


Well I’ve always been kind of fruity, maybe try some desserts once I take the training wheels off😎

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