IJoy captain PD270 no lcd readout 😱

Like new ijoy captain pd270, maybe 2 weeks old. I believe the lcd is went out but the mod still fires. My local vape shop thinks its in stealth mode. I cant figure it out. Has anyone heard of this happening or knows how to fix it? I’ve tried updating the firmware with no avail. replaced battery, tried different tank, fussed, cussed, and stomped. NO LUCK…


Con: No stealth mode

So I kinda doubt what your local vape shop is telling you. But double-check the manual to be sure.
I’d contact the seller and see with them what to do. 2 weeks old -> warranty. Don’t mess with it yourself or you’ll lose the warranty.

Once it’s fixed/replaced, you may want to consider putting ArcticFox firmware on it so you’ll get functions like profiles, proper TC and stealth mode.