IJOY Combo RDA review by Mjag...Are toolless posts legit?

I received the iJoy Combo RDA from www.efun.top for the purpose of this review. When logged in the price is $16.99 and can be found here: https://www.efun.top/25mm-ijoy-combo-rda-rebuilding-dripping-atomizer.html

Doing reviews is fun, you can spend a lot of time on it but as long as I am still having fun and helping others it is worth it. I really do enjoy recommending great products but sometimes you get products which can test your patience…Enter the Ijoy Combo RDA.


  • 25mm Diameter
  • 810 ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Screwless two post deck
  • Double O-Ring Secured
  • 24K Gold Plated Deck
  • Bottom Airflow control
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Deep juice wall

What’s in the box?

  • You get the RDA of course with a very good Ultem drip tip
  • (2) extra springs (your gonna need them)
  • (3) spare o’rings
  • (2) strips of cotton
  • (2) Fused Claptons
  • Compression tool for the posts

First impressions

Never tried a mounting system on any tanks that just uses compression posts via springs so thought this would be interesting.

At first glance I liked the deck and how the airflow soles on the side have an upward angle to direct your airflow up towards the coils.

The top cap is also domed inside which helps with flavors, nice touch.

Comes with a tool to make compressing both at the same time easier, good idea.

The 510 has a healthy 1mm so hybrid safe, I like to see that from a safety standpoint.

I could have went without the large graphics on the tank but that is subjective, just not my preference. I really liked the 810 ultem drip tip, just the right height and comfortable to use.

Builds and Performance

If coils are included I always start off with them first, give the whole kit a try before moving on to my preferred coils.

The included Fused Claptons looked decent, maybe about a dual 26g core with a 32g outerwrap I am guessing. They don’t list what the material the coil is made from, wish they and other mfg’s would do so. Kanthal of Nichrome or a mix of both would be a safe bet.

Installation was somewhat easy, I installed the first coil to where I wanted it, clipped the extra leads off, removed it then clipped the second coils lead the same. If you try and install both coils clipping the leads after is tough if not impossible.

So far the posts were holding good, not great on one lead though but eventually I was able to get my coils straightened out to then dry burn and remove the hotspots. My first thought though, this really isn’t easier that just using screws unless you are someone who doesn’t have any tools.

Wicked up and ready to go I started off with the Lava Flow juice I use on every tank at first, I am really familiar with this juice and when a tank gets it right the flavor flows. Right off the bat the iJoy Combo RDA did pretty well from a flavor standpoint. Not the cloudiest tank due to a slightly restricted airflow but the flavor was good, not the best I have had but I could definitely live happily with the flavor I was getting.

After going through a few re-wicks and trying other flavors I was pretty confident that this was a good flavor RDA…then it was time to try other builds…ughhh.

After getting out the old build I noticed the posts had some play, being that is was about 4 to 5 days I thought maybe it was like that already. I was going to use my favorite quad core fused claptons in here but an initial test showed it might be too wide with both coils so used a triple core fused clapton instead.

I got the coils in with no problem but trying to adjust these coils was a nightmare, they moved or just slipped out of the posts easily. I am a determined bastard though so decided folding over the ends so that they work as a hook to keep the coils in place might just work.

I had to wind up shortening the hook from the above pics, proved to be too much of a pain to get all 4 leads to the outside so hooked on the inside would be better. Finally got them installed and situated, man that wasn’t fun.

I would say slight flavor increase but this is just off of memory, using the same coils in my Goon produced much better results and was faster to build on. The original Goon is about 3 to 4 times the price of the iJoy Combo RDA though so there is that.

Tried one more build but the springs were shot as this point, had to replace them with the spares. The spares took away the play so my next build was good but after taking out those coils the play was back…bummer.


  • Good flavor
  • Deep juice well
  • Comes complete with coils and cotton strips so can be used right out of the box
  • 510 is hybrid safe (and no, I don’t mean a Prius)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Domed inner top cap
  • Bevel to redirect airflow upwards


  • Springs get weaker over time
  • Installing wide dual builds can be difficult to impossible
  • Movement of coils when trying to align them, move one side and the other side sometimes moves
  • Rather large gaudy graphics, this is subjective but didn’t do it for me


I will say I would have liked the iJoy Combo RDA a LOT more if it just used screws to properly secure the coils. I can see that this is not necessarily made for a vaper like me though, it seems to be aimed at beginners. For a beginner who doesn’t want to spend too much to see if they like an RDA the $16.99 is a good price for that. They may also find it easier to build with the compression posts at first, I could see that being the case when I first started.

While I am not a fan of the screwless posts and would not recommend this RDA to an advanced vaper I can see the appeal to someone starting out. The flavor is good out of the iJoy Combo RDA, I had no complaints there but longevity of use will be a problem with how loose the springs get over time.

I wanted to thank efun.top for sending me the iJoy Combo RDA, you can only learn from experience and am happy to have tried it. They also have a pretty nice price, $16.99 as of this review (must be logged into your account to see the discounted price) https://www.efun.top/25mm-ijoy-combo-rda-rebuilding-dripping-atomizer.html

If you’d like to check out http://www.steampugs.co.uk/ you can see how the Panda RDTA scored against other vape gear and meet the Steam Pugs team, awesome set of people and excellent reviews.

Here are some pics of the iJoy Combo RDA on various mods:

Smoant Charon TC 218

Asvape Lucifer

Tesla Nano 120

Asmodus Minikin V2


Great review. The spring going bad that quickly is good to find out.


Great write up!

I’ve been looking hard at some of these spring loaded devices and think they are the next wave. TygerTech with the Springer X may have started it. After reading your issues with the springs it has made me rethink. But all I’ve heard from the Springer X and the ampus have been good. Maybe a few more RDAs to test and see how the spring life is.


I too have been curious about these spring loaded decks but I was thinking that the heat would takeaway some of the strength of the spring. Looks like that’s whats happened here.


Thanks everyone.

@TheTinMan1 I have heard good things about the Springer X but have yet to try one. Could just be I went too big on my coils but when seeing the fused claptons iJoy included I figured they accounted for that. Could also be that I am a picky bastard that has to have his coils just right and heating up evenly, for a lot of people I bet they won’t fiddle as much.

I am not chomping at the bit to try another spring loaded clamped tank but would would be happy too if someone finds a way to do it without loosing tension over time.

I don’t think I mentioned it in the review but I have actually had the Combo RDA for about a month, if I would have written it after a week this problem may not have arouse.


Another nice one @mjag, you brought up a few things I didn’t think of. Nicely done.


Thanks bud.


Great job beaut, keep up the good work! :grin:


Thank you my dear

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Great review, I don’t know how I feel about springs holding the legs of the coils, springs don’t stay springy forever and as some have mentioned the added heat won’t help either.


Yeah, my thoughts as well. I have done a lot of metal work over the years and annealing was always done to to make it more manageable and also make it softer for forming. That effect on springs has to be accounted for.


Yep, I worked in a wedding ring factory for 12 years we had to anneal gold and platinum to make it more malleable, especially platinum, what a tough bugger that is! Don’t even get me started on titanium :smile:


Nice review dude! I can see myself wanting a spring loaded deck for a single coil (if they could get the spring situation under control so they don’t wear out so fast) but that dual coil setup does seem like it could be difficult. Glad I read this, I’m gonna keep watching to see what other spring loaded decks start popping up (see what I did there? :roll_eyes: :laughing: ).


Thank ya thank ya VM :smiley:

For single coils it worked well but if using a springy material like SS it is good to tie that knot shown at the end of the leads. This way you can work it into proper place without the leads slipping.


Awesome write up brother, still got the combo II on the back burner but this isnt making me scramble to grab it ive gotta be honest lol…back of the queue… shame on them springs coz I actually love the look of the deck 🖒 nice job as always though :ok_hand:


Nice review bro! I will say I don’t think a spring loaded deck is a good idea for the simple fact that when the springs get Hot and they will, they will soften and deform, thus leading to other issues such as ohm jumping and possible shorting depending on how loose the springs get.


Thanks again brother, always appreciate it

Is the Combo II the one that has interchangeable decks? If so then looking forward to your review on that, I have heard it is decent.

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Thanks bud.

Yeah, that was my thought as well and was hoping I was wrong and they figured out a way to get around that.

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I would imagine it will have yeah ive not opened it yet but its got the same deck as this one, which…oddly…I seem to remember it being an option on the V1?..was a while ago though

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Yeah, very thorough as usual @mjag!

Especially interesting about the weak Springs. And such a shame. Hopefully they get it resolved in short order! Great job pointing it out though, as they can’t fix it if “they don’t know”! :wink:

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