iJoy RDTA 5 First Impressions

OK so I picked up an iJoy RDTA 5 from VaporDNA with a $5 Off promo. Came to $32 after shipping. I got it yesterday and I really like it.

The build quality is top notch. It was very clean with no visible machine oil and no odor but I gave it a hot soapy bath anyway. This thing is super easy to build on. I put a dual coil Flat Clapton build in it and placed the wicks about 1/3 of the length of the wicking channels. It vapes quite nice. It produces thick flavorful clouds with no spit back and no dry hits. I vaped two tanks of my ADV Blueberry Cheesecake and it reproduced every detail. I will say that this thing is a beast when it comes to power and juice consumption but I expected as much.

Build Spec:
Dual Coil SS 316L
Two 0.3x0.8 Cores + 32g Clapton
7 Wrap 4.0mm ID
0.18 Ohms

Mod Specs:
Wismec RX200s with Arctic Fox Firmware
100 watts with 25% Pre-Heat at 1 second

Great flavor
Dense vapor
Massive airflow capability
Easy to build and wick
No spit back
No dry hits

Chuff cap is too short
Phillips head screw are crap
Hard to see top air flow position

I can honestly say that I would recommend this for anyone that likes to blow big clouds that have great flavor. Not the best flavor ever but still great.


blueberry cheesecake you say ??? is that public ?

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I’ve vaped at least 10mls a day of this stuff for the last 4 months. I always have a tank or rda filled up and ready to go.


i see a lot of people use those two BB i never have , ive also never had any luck with BB i wonder if its because im not using at least the BB extra

Those two are the only BB that I have used. I love the combination. It has a very BB Syrup type of flavor.

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I use bb extra time tpa along with billberry FA. I think for along steep I do 5%tpa to 2%fa. 6 week steep min (no air’ing and no heat…just time). This combo will not be good for most people in the first two weeks.

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ya i see bb extra used a lot , have either of you combined this with MF BB

Not yet. I’ve been just ticketed pink by my blueberry custard that I think I don’t need to tweak anything.

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is it public ?? ive tried so hard to like blueberry and its just never panned out for me with my own recipes im going to try others now

No not yet. But when I get home I can pm it to you. If I remember. Lol.

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I have not. I am perfectly happy with the BB Candy & BB Extra combo. I use it in a Blueberry Custard and a Blueberry Pancake as well.

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thank you id appreciate that

i will get both flaves thank i appreciate it

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I tried extra, but not tried candy. Have been only using Blueberry Wild with good results, might have to branch out.