iJoy RDTA 5S

Cool! I won something. Cooler, I won something that’s working great. Thanks Efun.top
Ok, I’m no @Steampugs and there are existing reviews of this thing in major detail, but I’m going to show some pics of the color I chose (Gun Metal) and explain what really makes this great. Let’s just start with the DJLSB video and I’ll tell you to jump to 3:10 to see the middle juice hole which I have enjoyed filling effortlessly with an eyedropper without taking anything apart. Also I like the Bottom ± Top airflow options which allow for some big differences in vape experience and flavor. Great flavor and clouds with the included Claptons (fused 3.0 mm 6 wraps spaced)

Here are some of my own pics. Mod packaging and nice design elements like the domed cap, and I like the color. Anyway been enjoying it exclusively since I built …which was immediately :wink:

nice heavy Goon style driptip helps with Heat

The domed top cap? Does that make the flavor happen? …seems true

I also have the iJoy Combo and have to say this is a successful “New and Improved” model. Same concept, different vape.



Thanks for a great review :smiley:

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Nice work brother Darc :wink: im actually writing this one up as we speak :ok_hand:🖒 its nice for a bottom feeder, great flavour, pita fill hole though lol 🖒


Truue. If you’re using an eyedropper it’s a dream, but anything else is a nightmare. Chubby Gorillas work if you take off the cap.

Thank you kindly Squire Pugs


Appreciated Ms L

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Me Wants It! Come To Me My Precious!!

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Love the shiny objects! Good for you!!