iJoy RDTA Box Mod Question

I have one of these and really like it so far. In fact it is the first mod that I have been able to use temp control successfully. My question is this. You can only use the IMC decks on this and I am enjoying the velocity style IMC-3 that it came with but I want to know is there an adapter to make the connection 510 so that I can put any tank or dripper I want on it? the connection is bigger than a 510… does anyone know?

dont think so thats the all in one type where u have seperate fill tank not convention, but perhaps theres a connector out there but then the atty would sit atop the whole mod ,not inside like it does now unless u cut the crap outta the top

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Yea I know it wouldn’t be pretty, I don’t intend to destroy the mod I like it the way it is just was thinking if I could use other tanks on it at home lol no worries I have a couple other mods to play with and a sqonker on the way :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply

I believe it’s possible…

A 510 connector screws on their 510 connector just fine, I took mine apart but haven’t actually tried it

There is no adapter to use a regular rda or rta on the rdta box. Is the rdta box your only mod?

No sir. I still have an old itaste MVP pro I also have the sigelei fuchai… Ordered my first squonker which should should be arriving Saturday… Kanger dripbox 160 and a IPV 8 since I still had store credit to use with VAPENW… So I am pretty set on mods for a couple months lol Still want a few more though lol

No cutting needed, you can disassemble the tank and screw a 510 connector to their 510 “tube”

Nope doesn’t work for me brother the connection on mines is bigger than a 510 connection I tried with a couple tanks and drippers

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I should be clearer in my answers…

These Fit it…

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Ah Ha!! There is an adapter lol thanks bro

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You’ll need one with an adjustable / longer pin as the ones I have dont reach the contact, you could always tap it out to make it sit lower if you want…

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If you can get it drop low enough you can use the “beauty ring” to hide the gap :wink:

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Failing that, if your feeling confident, remove their 510 and replace it with your own :smile:

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Lol no won’t be doing that lol I was just looking to make it a bit more versatile lol but with vape mail on the way I will leave it as is its a nice looking piece

You can buy an RDA adapter to use your deck as a plain old RDA instead of using the tank…

Still requires the IMC deck…


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Oh wow! I was told such a thing did not exist. I’m gonna have to pick that up.

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