Ill smoke to that!

Just being silly, dont mind me… :wink:


Hey I just try it tonight man oh man I’m kicking myself my dumb butt only made 7 mls of it ughhh been curing and shaking it daily just waiting to crack it open and then it occurred to me once I was in vape bliss … $h!t I only made a tester batch. Things that make you go hmmm.



I did a 30ml to start. After my first taste I did a 120ml. It’s a little more than a month old now.


I’m jelly !!!

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That’s one hell of a “times read” count there @Ken_O_Where! HIC has a mix dawg nipping at his heels.

That’s an awesome looking recipe, but, I might have to swap out the first three ingredients with tobaccos! ; )


Rotfl 420 hmmmm

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What’s funny is I just made your recipe public tonight in my board. Obviously I have your name in the title so your bound to get even more views ! Seriously after I eat dinner I am gunna the biggest bottle I’ve got !

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Hehe, sorry, it just struck me funny.

Glad you folks like the recipe! That and peaches & cream are all my wife vapes. Working on a Blueberry Nectarine version this evening.

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