I'm confused, a little help please

hello everyone!

i have a situation that confused the hell out of me
I started vaping which leaded me to quit cigarettes and shisha, bought some Eliquids then i found that i can make my own E juice, my problem is that whatever recipe i make it always week on the flavour side, i tried many recipes that was recommended by +500 person, and it is still weak.

i bought my flavours from https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/ and got a bottle of PG
i bought a bottle of VG from a local shop that sells VG for bakery
my Ejuice is weak and has that cough medicine if i vape it for a while, i made a max VG juice and it still have that weird taste

my questions is that:

  1. is it possible that my VG is killing the flavours?
  2. does some kinds of VG have that weird taste?
  3. many recommended recipes have Dragonfruit (TPA) this flavour is strong and taste weird as hell i cant vape it at all and it leaves this taste in my mouth that doesnt go, is something wrong with my patch ??
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Ok, first off congrats.

I assume your in the U.K, if so, lubrisolve is an excellent place to get VG / PG.

What kinds of vapes are you into?
Did you shake and leave your liquid to steep?
What Nic strength are you using?


I can’t get on with this flavour at all if that helps any?


@Ali13 Beware, I’m a beginner too so it’s the blind leading the blind!

  1. Yes. I find too much VG mutes flavours badly; doesn’t kill them outright just makes them less defined and much less enjoyable. 60pg/40vg is my preference. Any more vg and the taste is like laundry and sickly also. Any more pg and I get vaper’s tongue. (Others report taste of old socks. Nice! ) :cheese:

  2. Yes and no. I dripped pure vg from three manufacturers; Boots, Lubrisolve and one I’ve forgotten. All three were the same. Sickly, flowery laundry. Yuck! The thing is, for me, they were all the same not one particular brand. The trick for me is adding enough % flavour to just overcome the laundry without getting an overdose “chemical” taste from the concentrates which is where steeping plays a part also.

  3. Patch? Assume palate? If so, no, nothing wrong. I have real sensitivity/aversion to some flavours/chemicals and just learn to avoid them.

Chefs sell loads of flavours, some are very weak some take your head off. I taste 1 drop at a time mixed in 10ml of water to get a rough idea, although this doesn’t always translate to what you’d taste in a vape.

Suggest white bread to cleanse your palate, otherwise menthol or tea. There was a finished juice from Vampire Vape (in UK) called “Winter Nips” - that used to take a scrubbing brush to my palate.

Good luck.

@Grubby - Lubrisolve - £18 for 5L each PG/VG. Pretty good deal.:smiley:


Could you type in acouple of the recipes your working with?

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thank you very much
im not in UK but i can buy from anywhere if they ship internationally

im into every thing actually i love tobacco caramel, fruits, fruity deserts, you can say i can vape everything as long it doesnt have dragonfruit ( i love the real fruit but this flavour is not even close to the real deal) 1% can ruin a whole combination of flavours IMO of course

if its a fruit juice i steep it 3 days
tobacco 1~2 weeks
deserts 7~10 days

I’m a noob but i think i have read and watched every single thing i found about mixing and steeping

i dont use nicotine at the moment in my mixes im trying to reach the real deal then i will start mixing nicotine (i tried once but it was a fail i think i bought a bad nicotine :stuck_out_tongue:

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My first advice is to cut your VG with 5% Distilled Water and 1% Vodka to break down the VG. When you add your flavors to a broken down VG they will permeate the VG faster. (The alcohol in there helps more than you know)

Don’t try to vape it for at least 3 days. Once you mix put the lid on loose so the gasses from mixing can escape overnight.

If a flavor taste funny to you, throw it out, you don’t want to vape anything that makes you not like vaping or you could end up back on those … (you know whats)


VG is reported to not be as good of a flavor carrier as PG. If you’re just coming off retail juice I’d suggest adding a sucralose based sweetener (if the recipe doesn’t already call for one). Most retail juices are pretty strong and overly sweetened. Sweetener seems to be the top missing ingredient when people say their juices are lacking something. Over time as your sense of taste comes back and you mix more you will likely find you don’t need as much (or any) sweetener.

How long have you been vaping and not smoking? Smoking kills your sense of smell and taste and that can have a huge effect on how you taste what you vape. Smell is a large part of taste and that goes double for vaping since we aren’t really ‘tasting’ anything.

There’s a list of vendors at http://e-liquid-recipes.com/resources#shops and I’m sure wherever you’re located someone around here can make suggestions about where to get what you need.


For me it’s the opposite, the higher the VG the tastier my e-liquid is to me.


What methodology are you using to mix? Weight/drops/column?

As for dragon fruit tpa. Hmmm yeah 14%. That would kill me. But I typicallly mix dragon fruit to change up a watermellon or strawberry at 0.5% to 2%.

As for the top recipies. Most don’t work for me. I find many over flavored it have weird after taste when mixing with all cap/tpa. My preferance is more towards the FA/inw side.
…that said…maybe start simple to learn your flavors. Pick 1 fruit, 1 cream, and a dash of marshmallow. You may be happier. Then when the one fruit hits one note and you want a second add only one more fruit…then see how they play.


OMG i really hoped you reply to this, thank you
i havent been smoking for over a year after smoking for 13 years
i have tried mixing at 60/40 same issue (funny weird after taste)
chefs flavours ships internationally for lowest cost i found
i think im gonna try their VG
and im gonna order LB nicotine which will cost me $50 for shipping only
i hope i dont regret the choice of making my own juice

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You wont regret it, you just have to be patient with the process. Before you spend the money on any flavors make sure you are buying them for existing recipes at first. Then… once you get the hang of it, get more creative.

this exactly what i did i bought flavors for recipes that i found

Well, to your point… my personal journey was very frustrating. Liquid you buy from vendors “now” is cheaper than it was when I started vaping 4-5 years ago. If you were using a sub ohm tank 10-15 ml might not get you through 2 days and that was a lot more than cost than smoking. Now you can get liquid cheaper, in some cases I’m seeing it’s 1/2 to 1/3 the old cost of buying liquid depending on where you get it.

I wont lie, you do have to commit to this process and be ready for some failures.


dude if i lived in USA or EU i wont be talking about prices but in my country premium juices are sold for double the price because it is illegal to vape or sell vape products, im paying for shipping only double or triple the price of the flavours im buying, for example i want to buy nicotine 100mg/ml from LB which will cost me $15 for the 125ml bottle but i have to pay $52 for shipping

I’ve got a question. In calculation on e liquid with a juice…Of a concentrate said VG on it does that need to be accounted for when I add the flavor in the calculation?

I sped read this so if I missed something… @Ali13 if you recently quit smoking you may have problems tasting anything. It can be a mistake to boost flavor %s so you can taste. Some flavors at higher %s can also numb your taster. I believe that when you can juuust taste something yummy is when you want more. In your face flavors build to a lack of desire. It is possible to get bad VG/PG/flavorings, but isolated single product testing is quick and easy… if in doubt re-order from another Vendor and compare before tossing in the trash or asking for a replacement.



If the concentrate is vg based then when you enter the flavour over on the recipe side, check the box for vg (there’s the option to pick pg/vg/other) :+1:

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Thank you Lolly. And so that will change my original VG or PG amount? Like I already put in the recipe and saved it so when I got my order in I would be good to go…So what your saying is if the flavor is pg or VG based I should go back and recalculate before I mix?

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