Im getting a bit miffed with this recipe suggestion tool

What am i doing wrong here? ive put all of my flavours in and just added some more and i click the find recipe thing in the hope it shows aload of flavours and all it gives me if cheesecake cheesecake and more soddin’ cheesecake.

please help. im desperate to get mixing

Really only two possible problems…flavors not entered correctly and with highest number choices…
or not enough flavors.


i have around 16 flavours mate. ive entered them correctly because i selected them from the drop down list when i typed them in. hmmm. i just dont know what to do. has no recipes in ELR (check the name). has 3 recipes (check the name) has no recipes (and no brand on it)

I renamed your Sugar Cookie v2 to the correct name.

Other than that, it looks OK - you should check that you’re using the correct names (the flavor details should have a bunch of recipes)…


You can use the flavor list to check: - sort by number of recipes :slight_smile:


Go to your flavor stash…click each flavor to read about them individually.
Scroll the page to see all the tools…percentages, ratings, notes, recipes, etc.


Are you using the what can i make button? That will give you recipes based on your stash. You can also search by stash and pick one or two flavors to search for recipes that you can try to adapt and replace a flavor here and there.


RESPECT!!! really appreciate it. ive just realised bloody Esauce have not sent my keylime and bavarian cream. im proper pissed off now. iuve had to reorder them at a cost of nearly a tenner. who said stopping smoking would save us money hey? lol

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yeah but all it offeres is bloody cheesecake x 50! and other blatantly obvious flavours. like strawberry cheesecake. it only suggests the really popular flavours i have and doesnt reall incorporate any of the others.

I can assure you, it was none of us, lol

If you pick one flavor you want to use so go the @ozo-way and read about it, and notice that you can open receipes with that flavor a little furter down that same page.


This the challenge of diy. Cheesecake is a popular flavor.

  1. Remove cheesecake from your stash and see what you get. :see_no_evil:

  2. Kindly understand diy is a sickness and it’s hard to start out. You will quickly realize that you may need to get another blueberry flavor to add to the one you already have. Or that your not using the most popular strwawberry and so on. 16 flavors is a challenge to mix with. The more flavors you add the easier it gets. :hear_no_evil:

  3. Adapt adapt adapt. Untill you get more flavors you will have to look at recipies that have most of the flavors you have but not all…you will need to adapt and be creative. Take time to learn about the profiles of your flavors to do this. You willl need to experiment. You will have moments you fall flat on your face. But the more you learn the better your mixes will be. :speak_no_evil:


Then you need to buy more flavors to get more results for recipes that don’t have custards. I have close to 100 flavors in my stash (many of which are actually empty in real life now) but I only have 2 custards among all those flavors and I get lots of recipes in my results that dont have any custard.

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Hahahaha. Cheers mate.