I'm in jail. Would swap my leftie for a hoon on a crusty ol' kanger

Not really jail… It’s a former fort, turned prison, turned Immigration Detention Centre called The Verne IRC.
It’s as pretty as Alcatraz on a meth bender, and just as uplifting.

For my safety, and the safety of those around me, vaping is obviously banned, thank fuck.

So I’m smoking, it’s kinda weird… Like a burnt pubes / forest fire flavoured vape with fuck loads of throat hit.

The really cool part is, that it was over a month ago that I was arrested (I had no idea that my licence had been revoked, srs) … But I did know that I was over-staying in the UK, by a few months, and was making preparations to leave…

I just had to get my products through one last hurdle to have them available EU wide under the TPD.

The samples are still in the back of my car. Just down the road from Too Fuckin’ Late Now Sunshine.

The joy’s of it all.

Even just some kanthal to play with would be nice.

I do however have a litre of Castle Long tribute juice in a barrel steeping away, and all my single flavour notes on pretty much the entire INW and FLV range will be done on 2 - 3 month old batches. (sealed propa, in black glass as per)

Daytime TV is an interesting beast. Judge Judy… What a Woman.

Fuck I miss mixing, and vaping.



Holy fuck man I’m so sorry t hear that. This place looks awful. How long will they keep you there? Are they going to ship you back home or just kicking you out?

and you have the ability to post this ??? wow not sure if this is for real or not

It’s more than possible, phones go around in our prisons lol

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ya i hear ya and dont doubt it just wonder if it is true

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Just take it as is I guess…

Yeah we get 50 mins of interwhizzle per day. Cheers for the feels Fam. I’ve only got a few mins left, but will check back in tomorrow.


The internet has been classified by the UN now as a human right. So they are good for something I guess.

I have a special prayer set aside for the incarcerated as I know most people are incarcerated for substance abuse as opposed to doing anything that actually hurts society. But you already know this now.

I’m sorry you have lost your freedom and I promise you will be in my thoughts over this holiday season.

You can always go back to vaping, it’s not a huge deal. You’ll just get a crappy headache again.


wow that s cool that you get some time on the www
im sorry about your situation itsna shitty one , i do wish you happy holidays and merry christmas as well keep your head up and sorry for doubtong the sincerity of the post

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Here is a little more info about the Verne .

That sucks @YeaBoi , can you receive packages?


It has a moat? Holy Lord… a real moat? Wow! How long are you stuck in there?

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