Im looking for ideas for my diy ejuices

Hey guys. Ive been vaping for about 6 months now and ive just started gettin serious!! Ive just received my diy kit from make my vape and ive orderd some extras too. Im going for max VG. The only PG going into my liquids will be in the flavours. Should i add distilled water?
The flavours i have are…
Apple (TFA)
Citrus punch (TFA)
lemon (TFA)
Lime (TFCC)
Garden Mint (TFCC)
Cotton Candy (TFA)
I got the cotton candy as a sweetner as i read in other forums it was aparently a good idea. Im curntly vaping Lemonade that i buy from a local shop and its made by valley juices here in North Wales and id like to create something similer as £10 for 30ml is beginning to make its mark on my bank account. Any ideas for recipes with the flavours i have would be greatly appreciated. As im new to DIY juices i have no idea on percentages of flavours etc. Thanks and i look forward to your replys.

Welcome to wonderland! Although I’m pretty new, only been mixing from scratch about six weeks, I can tell you what’s helped me and what has tripped me up. None of this is the “right way” since we all have different ways of learning and different tastes.

On the calculator side of the site, enter all of your flavors in the flavor stash tab. It might take a bit of poking around to find it but that’s how you learn where things are. Then click “What can I make” and you should get a few recipes. Enter your TFA both as TPA and TFA because it’s the same company that most people will call TPA and a lot of people call it TFA. You’ll get the widest range of recipes like that.

Another thing you can do or maybe what you can ALSO do is look up each flavor in the calculator. TFA is usually listed more often as TPA although it’s the same flavor, that will give you the largest number of recipes and notes. Once you find your flavor in a recipe, click the name. This will lead you to a page dedicated to that particular flavor. Here you will find recommendations for how much to use in a mix or as a single flavor. Scroll down past the “where to buy” and you’ll see bars for Notes, ratings, most often used with and all the recipes containing that flavor. Click the bars and they expand. The notes are especially helpful to start trying your flavor as a stand alone.

Another thing I do, which may not work for you is make a batch of unflavored liquid. You may want to try just vaping straight VG, just to see if you like it. I really do! Anyway, this is good to have in case you get a flavor that tastes bitter or perfumy. That usually means it’s too strong so if you cut it in half with unflavored, it might calm down or you might decide the flavor is just horrid, lol.

If you find a flavor that’s really nice but too weak, increase the % .5 at a time because too much will just be dreadful and can also taint your coil forever. My way of doing this is tedious and only works with tanks so I’m sure the veteran mixers have better ideas about it than I do. :slight_smile:

When using cotton candy, start slow and add very small amounts because it can mute the other flavors after sitting in the mix for a week or two.

There are dozens of veterans here who can probably advise you better but these are the things that helped me the most. Once you get a few mixes that are vapable -They don’t have to be stellar, just good enough for now - You’ll save enough money to buy a few more flavors and become more versatile.


EDIT for P.S. Write down everything you do! Every % and if you add a few drops of this and a mil of that. Write down if the flavor or combo was too tart, sweet, weak, bitter etc so you can decide which direction to go with things,


Marshmallow is a better sweetener than cotton candy and I suggest you get some support flavours like some creams and/or custards, caramel etc, to go with your fruits. It can make a world of difference. Look up some high rated recipes and see what other people are doing with their flavours, there’s a ton of info there :grinning:


To answer your question about Distilled Water (DW). If you search here and the internet, you’ll find a variety of opinions. Some say up to 2% is fine, others say it mutes flavor or causes pops and splatters. I use it in almost all of mine, because 20% PG is more than enough for my tastes, but sometimes it doesn’t wick the best in my tanks. I use 1 or 2% DW. One note, if you put the DW in the calculator, it bundles it with your VG. As long as you keep it to 1-2% and include it in your calculations, I don’t think muting is much of an issue. If you only use RDAs, then there’s not much reason to use it. Try it with and without, see what works for you.


im not a fan of cotton candy as a sweetner , but welcome to elr and im not a fan of disilled water or saline have you tried the what can you make option on the elr home page ?? and instead of being repetiitive what @Josephine_van_Rijn says


G’day Red, welcome![quote=“Josephine_van_Rijn, post:3, topic:85165”]
I suggest you get some support flavours like some creams and/or custards, caramel etc, to go with your fruits.

I fully agree with @Josephine_van_Rijn. To expand on that, here is a very informative thread by one of our resident guru’s that I believe will be helpful…

Also, I dont mind being repetitive… steer clear of the cotton candy (or EM - Ethyl Maltol) as it mutes flavors - unless of course you actually want to mute your flavors. Marshmallow (I use TPA) @ .5 - 2% is a much better option.


you could also look into things like pyure but i would even use sucralose over EM unless i need to tone down some flaves

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Hey all. Thanks for all your replies. I certainly have much to think about. I found the calculator side of the website just after posting my questions but only found 4 single flavour recipes. Ive been writing everything down in detail in my note book from percentages to flavours prominence in my taste tests. Im using a MELO 2 tank as my all day tank and i have an Royal Hunter RDA which i bought primarily for taste testing but i quite like using it in the evening when im slouched on the sofa. I fluff out the cotton on the wicking holes for my melo to so i have no problems with wicking at 90%VG. I have tried vaping things like custard and tart and donut cream flavours and i find they are really not for me. I really am just a fruity kinda guy :grin: Ill order a bunch more fruity and berry flavours today and include some marshmallow. I think ill order a bottle of PG too rather than adding DW. Ive been experimenting with some of the flavours i have. Last night i mixed 6%apple 2%citrus punch and 2%cotton candy and it actually tasted really good straight off the grill but ill leave it steap for several days and see how it tasts then. Also ive read good things about ultrasonic cleaners to help speed up the steeping time. Do any of you nice folks have any experience with that?
Again thank you all for your replies. I will take everything on board. Happy vaping.

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I believe is based in Wales and has loads of flavours and the PG VG price isn’t too bad, make my vape is expensive and where I started, I still buy my nic from there as it comes from an ISO lab not far from me.

Also check out “the e cig shop” their prices on PG VG are very low, £4 - 500ml

Enjoy your journey but try not to get lost down there!

Happy vaping

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Thanks grubby ill be sure to check them out. Ill be ordering a bunch of flavours and some PG tonight so ill check those sites first. I thought make my vape was ok on price because all the others ive found have more exspensive. Also im not sure what brands to go for with flavours. The yellow vape road is certainly long but im sure ill find my way. Thanks again.

FA fresh cream works great with marshmallow and fruit. Just fiy! 1.5% fresh cream and 1% tpa marshmallow added to strong fruits softens them and add a really nice mouth feel without making it actually taste creamy or milky. (Credit goes to @Grubby for that tip!)

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There are almost as many single flavor recipes as there are flavorings…just to be sure.
I believe your best bet is to focus on 2 flavor recipes…but you must learn to let your concoctions age or you will never have the satisfaction that you seek.
I will post this so I can retrieve a link for you, or else this will negate. Edit is on the way soon.

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