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I have a brother-in-law that is 40 years old wife is also 40 years old they are expecting their first child so it’s somewhat of a risk as it is he is desperately trying to quit smoking if anybody would like to pay it forward with a very simple mouth to lung set up it could be used it could be new it doesn’t matter as long as it has replacement coils that are still available to get or that I can teach him how to clean the replacement coils that are in it I will take care of all his juices nicotine the whole shebang as far as that goes I just needed device with a mouth to lung tank on it it could be 25 watts 30 Watts anything if you do decide you’d like to pay one forward let me know in a private message and I will send you his name and address it would be greatly appreciated he needs to stop smoking for number one his health and number 2 he’s also disabled and needs to be able to have money to take care of his baby by giving up the cigarettes which will free up about$6 a day$42 a week just need something to get him started the rest I’ll take care of like I said just PM me and I will send you all information and thank you I really appreciate it and he will really appreciate it too I know the sounds like a strange request but who else to ask but ex-smokers that have been in probably the same boat


Thanks very much,
Just to let y’all know all’s good.