I'm Outta VG

Hey folks. I’m currently living on a sailboat and am pretty remote. I’ve got loads of PG kicking around but no more VG. The store is far away. Any suggestions on mixing? Should I add more flavour!? Thanks in advance.


Most flavors are pg based, so more flavor would not help in a way on reducing pg.
Pure pg should be more throaty, so I would try to reduce the amount of nicotine.
And I would for sure adjust my wicking if you’re not using an RDA.


Thanks for the reply. My nicotine is PG based. 20% nic which is the max allowed in Canada. I only use coils. So basically just mix it up and see how it goes. I read that VG has some sweetness to it so maybe I can add some sweetener.


Well, that’s a bit dry but better than nothing. Gonna have to get my order in for a gallon of VG and PG so I’m prepped for the zombie apocalypse. :slight_smile:


I’m also in Canada. That nic limit is 20mg/ml which is 2% not 20%. Dashvapes has free shipping at $35 and they do sell VG in 4L size.
If you’ve never ordered from them send me a PM and I can give you my code for $10 off your first order.

VG does have a very slight hint of sweetness to it, I personally wouldn’t add any sweetener for an unflavored mix.