I'm still excited by the vape

I made my first order of essences just over a year ago.
Throughout this year I have been learning and making the juices posted by all of you (ELR helps a lot).

I have the problem of bad taste, that’s why the tastes obtained I barely distinguished …
But I see with satisfaction little by little, along with health, a consistent improvement.

Another problem is my need for constant change. I always like to vary, I spend the day with six different mods, taking turns with three different types of juices. A real party!

Despite having made many recipes and adaptations, I did nothing worth saying:
“This is my favorite juice!”
But I don’t complain about that because I’m still happy in this delicious search.
I want to increase my choice of essence flavors.
I buy my essences at LNW and tried chefsflavours that have more options but did not accept payment by credit card (incredible)…

Someone from Brazil who could give me any tips from another company that sends here?


Nothing unusual about what you’re going through. We’ve all been through it. Just be patient and your tasting ability will get better as will your mixing skills. If you have recently stopped smoking then it is going to take some time for you taste buds to return to normal, or close to it. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about it, it’ll get better.

Btw, the word “essences” refers to oils in English. What we vape are “flavors” originally made to add into food. All flavors can be ingested and not be a problem. Vaping any type of oil can be very dangerous. Last year we had a rash of deaths and illnesses because people were vaping Vitamin E oil. That shit will kill you. Here in the US we’re fighting a battle to keep vaping legal and so we have to be very careful with the language we use in public as we don’t want to provide any ammo to the assholes of the US.


Right off the top of my head Idk but if you go to some major websites like Bull City Flavors, River Supply, etc. check out their shipping info and it will tell you if they ship internationally.


I am amazed that there aren’t any more vapers from Brazil…