I'm TRYING to Quit Smoking by vaping - anyone else?

I smoke (mumble, mumble) packs of Marlboro Light 100’s a day. The cost is exorbitant, the taste execrable - I no longer taste anything else, and my smeller is shot too. Did manage to nearly quit via vaping around 10 years ago, but the company up n died - couldn’t get anything replaced AND life happened… so here we go again.

I vaped nothing but coffee vapes then. Now?? All coffee vapes taste like shit - even the costlier ones! Moved right on to strawberry, which was good - if weak. Promptly dove into DIY juices. Have made utterly foul ones, but but but - I made an utterly KILLER one by simply adding the same amount of a different strawberry to a recipe! (and a good shot of sweetener right into the ole ecig.) ((Which WAS a volcano, now IS a Smok Baby Alien.)

Also tried a blue raspberry one - almost delicious, but s’welp me it tastes EGGY. No custard: just the Blue Raspberry (euro) and Peach (TPA.) It’s simple: 4-1, peach over raspberry. It really needs to be strong and sweet - what would you try in place of the peach? How about Apple? (JUST got another load of flavors lol)

Thanks for any ideas whatsoever.

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Oh man, a good idea? take a couple hours, days or weeks to browse the recipes on ELR :smiley:
There’s just so much that can be recommended… seriously!

If you just started vaping, coming from so many cigarettes a day, your taste buds and smell still need time to recuperate and they’ll get better with time… that means you’ll need less flavoring. Also, be careful using too much flavoring and vaping the same juice all the time. You’ll easily get used to it and won’t be able to taste or smell it in no time. Compare it to a smoker who doesn’t smell the smoke in his clothes or a farmer who can’t smell the dung from his animals anymore because he’s gotten so used to it. The same is true for vaping, too much of a certain flavor and you’ll get that effect. People call it vapor’s tongue, but it doesn’t have much to do with your tongue…

One thing you’ll quickly learn here is that taste is very subjective. There are recipes here that are rated by hundreds of people as the best of the best while I find them foul tasting, and some others that don’t get a lot of attention are very addictive to me.
The best way is just to read up on flavor notes, buy different flavors, try them and make notes yourself. Once you start to understand and know your flavors, it’s pretty easy to browse around for ideas, pick a flavor profile and mix something that you’re going to like.

And by the way, I have the same issue you are having with custards. I love a good custard, but so far, all flavors I’ve tried are more eggy than something that remotely resembles a nice custard. I know it exists because I’ve tried commercial juices that were nice… so yeah, taste is very subjective and no 2 people taste the exact same thing. It’s a good thing that there are so many other things out there that are really good too while I keep searching for the custard or cream that can satisfy me.

Another tip I can give is to just join the chat from time to time and pick people’s brains. There’s an overload of information and the vaper’s community is great, always willing to share and help others. These days, most people are on discord, IRC chat has pretty much been abandoned lately.


Agreed, I am still new and mostly like candy and fruit. Some bakery recipes are ok for me, but some top rated ones are yuck to me. I have found a few I like and switch off to bakery when I tired of candy and fruit. Have not stuck my toe in cereals at all yet.

Congrats on jumping back in…I have to say my 2nd and 3rd week after i stopped analog my tastes went all wacky with vape and food… Things intensified so much that a pickle was difficult to eat and forget about spicy food, but now 3 weeks later things have mellowed out i can eat spicy food again. So if you are still smoking your tastes will still be muted and after you stop things will get a bit wonky. Anyways I have been vaping on a mix of Peach, Strawberry, and Pineapple lately and fallen head over heals… but still tuning it in… BTW you where does you PG VG % stand. Not knowing your juice knowledge your PG helps carry your flavor better. If your at a 70vg/30pg .you might want to give a 50/50 more of a try. Wishing you the best of luck on finding your all day vape and ask away any questions there are so many people willing to help and share their stories and knowledge here its really a great place for info.


I think you’ll find it has quite a great deal to do with your tongue seeing as that’s where your taste buds reside.
Brushing it can help against vapers tongue as can a strong menthol vape.


I’ve had it severely, tried every trick in the book and I can assure you those tricks do not do any magic.

Search the recipes for ‘cobweb clearer’, it’s one of mine, works for me and a lot of other people swear by it too.
Im on my phone so cant copy it over


I saw menthol in your previous message … so thanks but no thanks :slight_smile:
Unless you want me hanging over the toilet puking my guts out as well.

Since I’ve been regularly switching flavors, I no longer experience vaper’s tongue so we’re all happy.

Ooooh sorry, Menthol doesn’t do it for me either! That “Koolaida” looks interesting.

Insofar as PG/VG, I was at 50/50 for about a month: then I learned the PG carries the taste! So I went to 60/40. That was great until my foray into box mods: then again it’s all gone to hell since rofl! I researched there, found that you really have to up your VG - so now I’m at 40/60 (heavy on the PG,) dropped from 12 to 6 nicotine (I don’t want to drop further: I require a =LOT= of nicotine if I’m to give the puppies up.) I smoke, uh, rather a lot. :wink:

Do you have recipes minus the menthol, per chance? TYVM for the help, truly.

Jake - you read my mind! I’ve been through tons of recipes here, then finally decided to join. Weeks later I learn there’s a chat - forums - I dropped into IRC, saw a bloody TON of nicks and not one soul spoke! (I’m an old IRC person: emphasis OLD rofl)

I’m not a fan of any peach flavours I’ve tried. TPA Juicy peach is probably my least favourite.
With that said, i do love a good fruity mix.
Depending on what you’re going for, Apple Fuji, TPA pear candy and apple candy are good.

Koolada is interesting because it gives you the cooling sensation of menthol without having any taste. Lots of people use it in ice cream recipes (among other things as well). For me personally, I don’t like that cooling feeling, it’s even worse than the mint flavor to me. I probably don’t like mint because I associate the flavor with it.

Yeah, a few weeks ago discord got introduced and people quite suddenly moved en mass to it. You can download a client but it’s also accessible via web and thee’s usually a lot of activity going on. There may be 2 or 3 people that come on IRC but hours can pass without any activity. Just follow the links on the site.

Oh can I relate to that discord business. Will do, TY TY

Rats! I have their pear, their apple - but not “candy”. Does it make a difference? (Yeah, stupid question I’m sure lol)

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I actually prefer TFAs pear, over the candy version. Theres some high rated recipes on the main site that use it too :slight_smile: Not tried their Apple so cant really comment, i assue it’d provide the same apple notes that the candy version does though.

You’re very welcome! …nice friendly attitudes are always welcome round these parts :wink: feel free to ask for help whenever you need it 🖒 some mighty knowledgeable people on ELR, and friendly too! :grin:
Menthol is pretty much a key ingredient for clearing the tubes but if you cant stand the stuff but like a nice cold ‘bite’ then Flavorart do one called ‘Polar Blast’, its very strong though so use it sparingly until you find your ideal strength :wink:


Pugs, you got me thinking. Several weeks ago, I got ‘double chocolate’ to try a choco-mint recipe - never for a minute thinking about ‘menthol’! As long as it’s not deathly mentholated… I may as well try it. If I’m reading correctly, there are ‘menthol’ vapes as well as vapes that are - or give the feeling of -physically cold? Like that “Koolaid?” THAT is fascinating for sure.

Cone, I have tried so very few flavors - but have found some just unbelievably overpowering. Raspberry is for sure, just happen to love it. Pineapple is, however, the WORST - had to change out my coil lol! Your pear - is that super strong? Just got honeydew melon (TPA) and that’s going to be my next vic-ah, ejuice :wink: Wish me luck!

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Yeah for that cold feel Polar Blast is perfect, its not menthol its just cold a lot like Koolada only it tastes a bit better. Very strong though :wink:🖒

So your taste buds are developing towards vaping. Great. There are differences in brands and flavors. A suggestion is to blend 4 different brands of a certain flavor to get that right flavor. For example:FLV, INW, INW SHISHA, & FW Natural Mango flavors all add to one damn good mango. I have found this through my mixing adventures.
Menthol can be good if you add it in low doses. I enjoy a good menthol fruit mix every now and then. My go to is NETS. I live a natural pipe tobacco. Goid luck in your adventures.


you have a very nice device to work with… but for recipes? heh…
that’s a tricky one… you have to figure out yourself what you like mostly and what not… taste is a very personal thing… to keep vaping you need to find a juice that is pleasant to you and doesn’t make you tired of it ( how else you would keep vaping if you couldn’t enjoy it?)

try by searching for high rated recipes with the flavors you like mostly… if you don’t have the time or whatever to do it… then find some ready made juices in a vape shop (you will be able to taste them too in most cases) and search if you could find a clone recipe here to make it DIY…
getting a big bottle in front of you and trying to add this with a little bit of that and something else isn’t the best way to DIY… most of us have tried that in the past but until you learn how to use flavors more effectively this might cost you money by failures or whatever unfortunately… :confused:

gl and hf :slight_smile:

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