IMF introduces....Sweet Woodruff

So I was going through my Island of Misfit Flavors :copyright: and I came across a flavoring I have yet to even touch…Sweet Woodruff

Originally I bought this because I love a challenge and I have been able to work some magic with the other “rare” flavors that are out there…ie Taro, Ylang, Flora, etc

This one though…STUMPED!

I have been trying to figure out what this familiar smell is I get from it and I just figured it out…Windex. Yep, glass cleaner! Doesn’t that just sound tasty! I’m not going to give up that easily though and if anything I need to make at least 1 juice with it.

Certain smells can be deceiving and for all I know it could smell like windex but taste like a Greek Goddess…although I doubt it.

Does anyone know anything about this S woodruff? Suggestions are very much needed!



in moderation, giving a sweet fragrance and taste to our white wine. The champagne makes it festive and spreads out the flavor. Germans also use Woodruff to flavor beer (Berliner Weisse), brandy, sausages, jelly, a vodka-based jam, ice cream, and herbal teas.

I like the thought of the white wine being spiked with the sweet woodruff I can imagine big bright lemon slices floating in the wine and maybe a lil bubbly in there too like a champagne. (vape wise )

White champagne FA 1-2% ( If you have TFA 4-5% )
Lemon Sicily FA 1%
Sweet woodruff 0.3%

then work from there …maybe make it a spritzy punch and add some of those fruits we talked about !
I saw another thread but as seen you’d look at it in the past on here. I’ll read up some more in between the day.

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Welp I got this flavor but of course for some reason I went with Jungle Flavors I haven’t ever tried the TFA version although I seen HIC gave it much props…Well I went another route and bought the German Flavor , Sweet Woodruff is commonly used in a few Germany Inspired recipes I came across and was taken aback by the combinations of what they typically pair it with like Strawberries and watermelons so you know I went ahead and made like 5 or 6 different juices with those flavor parings and some odd ball ones as well. I would like to be pleasantly surprised by this flavor it has an intriguing aroma to it and since I like floral I believe I will like it. Here’s hoping !

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