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They are based out of Oklahoma, it is the nicotine that is sourced out of the UK. Im in Wisconsin, my last order took 3 days from order to delivery but that was before USPS decided to delivery the mail on the backs of tortoises.

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Thanks for the heads-up! Question: how would one go about testing nicotine (aside from making a small batch of familiar flavor and vaping it to see if the nic is ‘off’). Thanks!

You can get a test kit for around 10.00…Wizard labs did have them but I think their out of stock. You can still buy the individual components to test with. ECF has a thread that tells how to do your test. I’ll go over there and get the instructions and post them back here.


The Kit:
.12N Sulfuric Acid
Bromothymol Blue
Distilled Water
10mL Graduated Cylinder, .1mL markings is optimum
A paper towel

The Test:

  1. Pour some distilled water in the cylinder, swirl it, dump it out.
  2. Repeat step 1.
  3. Repeat step 1.
  4. Dry cylinder with a sliver of paper towel.
  5. Put 1mL of eLiquid in the cylinder
  6. Add 2 drops blue
  7. Fill cylinder to the 3mL mark with distilled water
  8. Swirl to mix
  9. Add a drop of acid
  10. Swirl to mix
  11. If the color of the solution didn’t turn pale yellow, repeat 8-9
  12. Measure the final volume
  13. Subtract 3 from the number you read in step 12
  14. Multiply the result of step 13 by 19.4712
  15. The resulting number is the mg/mL
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Excellent! Thanks so much! I KNEW these forums were going to be a great idea! I actually live ~3 miles from a Wizard Labs B&M - I’ll stop in tomorrow and see if they have the kits.

I tried to do as much research as i could before starting my diy journey and im glad i saw that reddit thread. Someone very new like me would have no idea how to test nic. Thanks for the info:)

Excellent. I formatted the test-part of your post a little nicer :wink:

Just an FYI, test kits are now back in stock at WL.

Thanks Daath… I just cut and paste

I should get in the nicotine test kit business! But seriously this is some dangerous stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

Is this another instance with Nude? Because something to this effect happened last year, fortunately my batch # didn’t match what they had to recall. I opted then to use another vendor, which happened to be Vaperstek. Their service and product are amazing, and their “throat hit” nic is only $25 per liter. I’ve used quite a bit of it and to me it’s as smooth as their premium. I’m also partial to the NicSelect from Nicotine River.

Nope that’s the one from last year. I think the date stamp Mar '15 indicates March 2015, not March 15, 2016. Just a hunch. That and the fact it says one year later above your post. :wink:

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Well now, that makes sense, doesn’t it? Lol! And here I was thinking it was a couple weeks ago…:wink: