Important message please read!

**** I just recieved this from Facebook. I have no idea how true it is but don’t want to take a chance****

Ok guys this is a Heads up and yall need to Read this. There was a batch of Nicotine that was sent out to DIYers from Nude Nicotine that was approximately Double the strength as what it was suppose to be. I watch Plumes of Hazard every week and this was what they call a Crucifixion but what it really is is usually a warning to customers. I guess it is all over Reddit I will post a link to the thread on Reddit below. Also you can Pick up a DIY Nicotine strength test kit here. Get a test guys and Test your supply! I will also post the length below for that as well. Apparently Nude Nicotine is aware of the situation and did not handle it as good as they could have. But I guess they are finally attempting to fix the situation. I guess the batch in question went out sometime in January. PLease be careful guys and test you Nicotine!!


We’ve talked a bit about it in this thread :smile:

I guess it’s a good idea to buy a titration kit, and make a habit of testing the nic when you get it…
NN also sells this.

You should also be able to find it wherever you are separately. Ask for “Bromthymol Blue” (as a liquid, or ask how to dissolve it) - and HCL (hydrochloric acid) (aqueous). The guide for how to work with it is readily available on the net :smile:

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Well good. … I guess I’m a little behind but I just wanted to make sure people here was informed just in case.

Hahaha. … He posted that 5 days ago. … I’m further behind than I thought!

No worries :slight_smile: It’s better that we all know, so a bit of reposting doesn’t hurt! :smile:


Jake told me he would email me in 15 minutes, that was nearly 30 hours ago and nothing. At least he finally admitted there was an issue. That is all i wanted, to know that i, and others, arent going insane. The sad part is the lack of intelligent discourse, many just chose to insult or downvote, going so far as to downvote every post i have made in the last month or so. The whole fanboi thing is getting ridiculous over there.

I have never had this type of issue with any other nic company which is why i never bought a test kit. I have ordered everything from WL and will be testing every batch i get from here on out.


I have the same batch #s as the questioned nicotine but 36 mg 30/70 and a batch of VG I personally don’t taste any harshness but what was in question and erroneous was the 100mg batches … This still gets me thinking I have only gotten 2 batches from them everything has always been thru WL or ECX I will be picking up a test kit that’s for sure and most defiantly sure prior to buying from them again. I am only being safe human errors happen but if I can lessen the variables I certainly will. Someone made a very important thought …how many retailers bought that batch and now have those juices in their line up in their stores being sold as whatever % they claim to be ? this doesn’t look good for us and with all the FDA regs constant threats it sux. Hoping this will be addressed rather than smoothed over as it seems it’s being done at present. If I have a pt. 100mg of morphine instead of 1.00 ml of morphine I’d be writen up had to call the MD to notify , notify the Patient , treat the patient with narcan and eventually would have to go before the board of nursing in a court setting explaining the situation . just saying Nicotine is a potent drug I thought and hoped NN was elite that is what made me think they had their Sh*t together. Kinda freaks me out.
Enuf said. Buying a test kit

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One DIYer who has gotten into sales had an issue. He spoke to Jake a couple weeks ago and they had something worked out but he never heard from him again. He is small time compared to large retail stores.

Ive still heard nothing. At this point im just going to write this whole thing off and start ordering from Vaperstek if and when i need more nic. I really like Jake, he seems like a pretty decent guy but with the issues he posted about, construction, lack of employees, etc i think it is best to walk away for now.

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vaperstek ? Have you ordered from them in the past ? If so how is the Nic quality. I will admit NN is perfect for my taste but dang I’m not so crazy about the current issues.

Have you ordered from them vapertek?

I have, great stuff too. A little more expensive but just as good.

Kewl ! Sux on the $ part but you get what u pay for !

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I think its about 2 bucks more.

Who has a simple Nic test ? WL I seen has one as well as NN how ironic. But WL is behind on back order I don’t have time b4 I move to wait for them. Any ideas ? I’m sure I can just buy one when I get to Washington I’ll be moving about an hour away from ECX !

I ordered mine from WL, as you said they are out of stock but each component is in stock so i ordered it all separate for a few bucks more. It was still under ten dollars before shipping. I think i looked on ECX and didnt see one?

True I haven’t seen one there either. Hmm

Sad but absolutely true. This incident is just fuel for the fire so they can get what they want. Shut us all down. Ya think Big Tobacco paid them to screw up? This incident seems so unreal and the timing couldn’t be any worst, could it!

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I wouldn’t go that far lol but dang it does scream Dangerous and that’s all they need more ammunition huhhh sigh !

Yeah I know, I really don’t think that would be true. Just seems as I said, Soooo unreal…

Ken is vapers tek located in the U.K. ?