In and out

If you don’t see me much it’s cause my internet is down so I might not be on much between now and the 18th

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SMH , lol

Sorry @GPC2012 that ain’t good news :frowning:

I keep tapping my forehead and forging on Damn what I wouldn’t give to have one more phone company in Reedley.

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Something has been up w/ Verizon for days now Idk what the deal is but hope it all gets fixed quickly. My phone is fine but others in other area codes have had bad service.

We got sold to Frontier and are treated like the red headed step child. They don’t even want us just had to provide service to us to get another part of Verizon they bought.

Yikes so sorry !

felt like the last kid bein picked when choosing up sides for a game or something

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well gotta go get some dinner or go without. lol

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