In deep poo and nearly over my head

Been Vaping since September 2014. Got a used Sigelei ZmaxV3 variable… Quit smoking… Got into some drama… Lit up… Back to the good life for a little over a month. Bought an ameraclone fu, kanger subtank and a mad hatter RDA and some juice for both… Got a lot of questions spent nearly $200 and I am in over my head. Burnt through 7 occ tried rba mode and the Tutti Frutti tastes vile. 6mg nic max VG… Nothing like the 50-50 12mg from my kanger protank and the zmax. Tried it with the mad hatter equally vile… Get paid in the morning and I need help… Side note: problem with immediate gratification… Live in BFE lol got a long drive to buy pre-made and dropping $14 extra on postage still doesn’t get me what I want tomorrow :wink: with all that said… Gotta order some supplies and that’s the direction I need help with

Are you wanting information on what to get to begin mixing your own liquid or information on what is going on with your pre-made liquid, FU, and subtank? Or both?

Mixing my own liquid and I have a decent idea why the stuff was vile, tried a different juice and it was great, guessing that the Tutti Frutti flavor wasn’t meant for the sub ohm…

Tank issues are a concern, the kanger occ are pricey, trying to stick with the rba, its cheaper to replace the burnt flavored cotton. Not dry burning the occ… Just tastes bad after a few hours… Power puffer especially if on break at work

Yes, you’ll find this to be true with many flavors that taste great in a regular tank, just may not be so good when using subohm. This can also be true using the same equipment in reverse. More than likely the fruits are overpowering in the subohm tanks. Try things with more creaminess to them with fruits more of a accent. Perhaps this might fix you up if fruits are your thing…

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Dripped and tanked Banana But Bread from Sub Ohm Line PG 7% VG 93% 6mg nic and it was awesome. Gonna try Valgous Dragon’s Milk next if it’s sub ohm worthy. Love the sub ohm clouds… better flavor & greater satisfaction

Unicorn milk by cuttwood was my first loved juice 50/50 in my protank. For variety and spice I went with Alchemist by Drakes

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Love madtownvap A++

Have 3 of their flavors in tanks as I type.

Also love Unicorn Milk, just so dang pricey. If you can handle a 2-4 week wait because he is slow you will like Casey Jones Pink Rabbit at 6MG. Very good stuff, 28 bucks for 120ML.


Any Sub ohm suggestions…

Like to drip drip when I sit lol

Are you pre wicking the occ coils before you use them and I always do a few draws with no power until the bubbles stop on a new coil.

Also try reducing the watts/voltage as too high power will also burn the cotton especially after a few chain vapes if the wicking isn’t keeping up.

I found that my kanga mini using the rba coils couldn’t keep up so I drilled 2 holes in the side to help the wicking. Search YouTube for instructions on how to do it.